Luca and Zootopia missed opportunities?


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Would Disney hit it big with Luca based ride? Zootopia Land at AK? Glad they are including Moana at the least in the parks!

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The big issues here is appropriate usage. I see you are somewhat new - and there are a LOT of discussions about Moana's addition. Not adding Moana - rather how and what they are doing with it. Currently Disney leadership seems to focus on putting a currently popular IP in wherever they want. They do that at the expense of current attractions, the overarching story of a park or land, etc. So, that really upsets people who have enjoyed what the Parks formerly offered. You will see (from myself included) an extreme push back on including the movie characters (IP). And, I'll admit that was my first reaction to your post, even. But, the underlying reality is people are actually saying: (1) Disney is overusing IP since they have said they basically will not do projects unless they have a movie character tie in, and (2) Disney is destroying the theme of various areas to shoehorn the IP into an area, often in a lackluster or at least overpriced attraction.

In short, either of those films' characters could be a great addition. If done well and done in an appropriate way that fits the overarching theme of the area they choose. The vision of Disney Parks differs among fans, and Disney used to have a decent balance. A lot of negativity you'll see comes from people who simply want that balance and appreciation of legacy to return.


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Would Disney hit it big with Luca based ride? Zootopia Land at AK? Glad they are including Moana at the least in the parks!
A cruise on a Vespa around Italy? I mean...if they're shoehorning characters into Epcot, at least Luca was based in Italy...and Italy doesn't currently have a ride.
They could really make this great if they did it along the lines of a sightseeing Vespa ride showcasing Italy's unique landscapes as you cruise along with the characters on their Vespas. What would happen though is that "something would go wrong" and they'd turn into sea creatures and we'd go on some zany ride that steers away from "Italy."


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Yeah, I think a Luca ride in Italy would be a nice addition. I would love to see the seamonster to human transformation in person, and that movie was so beautiful, I'm sure there are plenty of visuals they could do a lot with.

But I fully agree that there are much more deserving IPs out there for rides across the parks. I wouldn't mind this addition if Luca stands the test of time.


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i can see zootopia as more of a possibility vs luca. zootopia was a much better movie & has more potential. luca was kind of so so for me.


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I like seeing different parks get excusive lands. Keep Zootopia in Shanghai, giving me more reason to book a trip to diff parks (the treasure cove area in Shanghai alone looks incredible enough for a visit imo)


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A Luca themed splash pad at the Italy pavilion would be aces. Nice way to cool you down, easy to theme, cheap to run, fun for kiddos. I'm sure they could even do some cool color changing paint where things get scales when they get wet.

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