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News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment


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That would require eliminating the Riverboat.

Personally, I would be okay with eliminating the Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island because they are things I never do. I probably did them as a child (have no memory of it), but haven't been on the boat or over to the island in any of my recent trips. Fill in the river and that's a huge plot of land that could be used for multiple attractions, restaurants, etc.

With that said, though, just because I personally don't care about that area isn't a good reason to eliminate it (I'm also personally in favor of eliminating Jungle Cruise and using that whole area for multiple new attractions). Other people do enjoy it -- it's a bit like Carousel of Progress for me, which I absolutely adore and would be furious if it was removed but plenty of other people would be happy to see it bulldozed and replaced.
Depends how high you build the bridges, but I imagine them being much too high to allow the riverboat to pass under. You could always dock the riverboat and turn it into Tiana’s across from Splash.

Totally agree with you. There’s no sense removing the entire island just because we don’t enjoy it when others clearly do. My point was that there are options available to both expand and retain some of TSI to appease both crowds. Nobody would be thrilled, which might make it a good compromise.


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That’s fine if you think it adds value, I won’t toss aside your opinion. However, I’m of the opinion that TSI is outdated.

To try and compromise (shocking these days), what if Disney built a couple bridges that connected TSI to Liberty Square and Frontierland? That way the island remains and acts as a bottleneck opener for Splash/Thunder Mountain. Then they could use the back half of the island to expand. Whatcha think?

Honestly, a huge draw for us is the lack of throughput on the island. Were there a passageway across, it would just be another thing to walk by, but as it is, going there has to be intentional.

I continue to be surprised that the caves exist as they seem to be a huge liability concern. I love it that WDW is taking that risk, but again, someone has to very intentionally go to the caves as it stands. Were there a crowd passing by and 10% decided to pop in, it would be a huge mess: people tripping over other people, people "bumping into" other people. Also, were the fort more crowded than it is, it would lose much of it's appeal as well. It's an opportunity for kids to explore on their own terms. Were it a thoroughfare, kids would be less safe to run around either.

Whenever I have patients who are visiting WDW with their young children, I routinely recommend that they visit - as a chance to get a breath of fresh air within the hectic runaround that can be MK. They get to relax and the kids get to run. It's great.


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It really isn't that much land...When you put in the water setbacks and new ordinances for construction and ADA Compliance, there isn't enough room for a hundred seat restaurant let alone another attraction.

When people talk about using Tom Sawyer Island, I just assume they also mean that the Rivers of America would be filled in and incorporated into the new area (although sometimes it's clear that's not what they mean). Then it's a giant plot of land with room for multiple restaurants and/or attractions.

But as Martin said, they have other expansion land available they should use first before they close anything else.


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Tomorrowland Speedway, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, all of Storybook Circus...
While I believe Buzz Lightyear would have been better at DHS, Midway Mania makes that two shooting games with the same franchise...so, Buzz is best left where it is, and it's a super popular ride. I agree heartily with the Speedway even if it is a close and rebuild to a far better version of itself...Tron theming, Indoor section, lots of set dressing, electric cars...YES!
Double Dumbo is cute... The rest is out of place and not so great... it should all be rebuilt as Neverland with a brand new PPF where the circus tents are and a giant Captain Hooks Ship play area where the splash zone is...
To me, that would make Fantasyland truly spectacular... Stepping off the train into a technicolor Neverland would be amazing and make our fantasyland completely unique for the good reasons...

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