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News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

Brer Oswald

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While I believe Buzz Lightyear would have been better at DHS, Midway Mania makes that two shooting games with the same franchise...so, Buzz is best left where it is, and it's a super popular ride. I agree heartily with the Speedway even if it is a close and rebuild to a far better version of itself...Tron theming, Indoor section, lots of set dressing, electric cars...YES!
Double Dumbo is cute... The rest is out of place and not so great... it should all be rebuilt as Neverland with a brand new PPF where the circus tents are and a giant Captain Hooks Ship play area where the splash zone is...
To me, that would make Fantasyland truly spectacular... Stepping off the train into a technicolor Neverland would be amazing and make our fantasyland completely unique for the good reasons...
Never thought of Neverland. I quite like that idea.


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While the Liberty Belle is down for the count, does an insider know if her old deep throated whistle will return? The current whistle seems like it belongs on the steam train, not a riverboat.


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"Disney has recently updated their refurbishment calendar to reflect that the Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island will remain closed for refurbishment through the end of February, reopening to guests on March 1, 2021. It should be noted that the March 1st reopening date is tentative at this point."



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I am glad they are getting this done now when attendance is down. I hope work does not get stopped by COVID, but I would not be surprised. Any time they stop work, they save money.


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The river is drained and there are crews working back behind Thunder Mountain.

lots of fish in the remaining water.
Doesn’t smell great.
You mean it looks like this??


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You mean it looks like this??

my bad. Did a quick look and didn’t see it.


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I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of maintenance like this occurring around the parks/transportation. It's a great time to complete the job plans that are only needed after so many years... just my 2 cents. I don't think this was scheduled before the pandemic either?


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Disney should make a cartoon short that tells a story of some villain who drained the river and post the conclusion of it after they fill it back up! (same for attractions if there is any long-term down times)

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