Let the speculation begin - Will 7DMT be another TSMM?

Will 7dMT be another TSMM?

  • Yes, lines will always be long and fastpasses will always run out quickly.

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  • No, I think for a while it will be that way, but will eventually taper off.

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Even today, the rush to and average wait time for Toy Story Midway Mania is absurd and the passage of time since its opening hasn't made much of a difference there. Thinking about that, and then thinking about when the 7 Dwarves Mine Trail finally opens in 2014 (and knowing what we know at present about the ride)......would you say the odds are good that it will become another long wait time/rush for fastpasses kind of attraction?


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I'm sure at 1st the fastpasses will be needed. I'm not sure if it will become the attraction that everyone hopes it'll be, but here's to 2014 and finding out!:)


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Part of me says yes because I expect the themeing to be spectacular and the ride a lot of family fun. However, I think TSMM fastpasses go so quickly because there is not a lot for younger families to do in DHS. This is most certainly not the case in the Magic Kingdom. So I am very torn to commit to one of your answers.


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At first I think it will be, but at MK there is so much else to do and get fastpasses for, unlike HS.

However, I do hope it becomes one because it might make shorter waits for other MK rides.


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I think it will be VERY popular, both at first and for a long while. But MK has so many family attractions spread around the Park that it won't be as bad and ridiculous of wait times as TSMM. TSMM will be like that until a true new family attraction comes to DHS.


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It will have to be very good to draw people away from Space, Splash, Dumbo, Peter Pan, etc. And I hope it is that good!!

Everything is popular when it first opens, of course. Even Stitch was a draw, lol. But people check it out and then go back to the other stuff.


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By the time that 7DMT opens, the "Next-Gen FP" should be fully rolled out so I think for those who choose to use that system, getting their FP won't be a big deal. Guests who choose "the old fashion FP" might have a challenge the first year.


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I don't think so. It will be popular but there's still so much else to do in the MK with a family. For this reason alone I don't think you'll ever see the same problem at the MK. TSMM is popular because it's the only thing to do with small kids!!! It's the only ride my kids like and the only reason they even ask to go to DHS, seriously! They don't particularly enjoy Star Tours or The Great Movie Ride (they can take 'em or leave 'em) and everything else is shows which we don't feel the need to see every trip. That puts TSMM on the top of our list.


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I think Toy Story Midway Mania has long lines because besides Star Tours there aren't any other rides for the family. And here it will be Magic Kingdom with all the family fun so it'll be more spread out with less lines, but for the first 1/2 year the line will be EXTREMELY long


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Toy Story has long lines becausef of its terribly low hourly capacity, coupled with the lack of family attractions at DHS. Assuming the Mine Coaster has a better capacity, it shouldn't be as bad (after the initial rush dies down) since there's much more to do in MK to begin with.

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I've been to WDW twice, once in 2008, and once in 2011, and neither time did I get to ride TSMM because the lines are just ridiculous. To be fair, I wasn't completely disheartened by this, but I would like to experience it at least once.

I'm hoping that the mine train will be popular at first, but then sort of become like the majority of the other attractions. Decent wait time, but nothing horrendous. Here's hoping.


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TSMM is the only ride at DHS for kids so that's why their is such a huge line all the time. MK has so many things to do for kids at MK that won't happen.

Even though I agree that there are more things to do, as a family, in MK, I would be hard pressed to explain why there are still massive lines at Winnie and Peter Pan. I can understand Dumbo because of it's low capacity, but not the others. I would be hesitant to make a prediction about the Mine ride because I think that for smaller kids and their families it will be very popular, but there will also be the competition from another equally new ride close by with Ariel.


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I doubt it. If you think about it the only reason TSMM is so insanely busy is that MGM (DHS) is so devoid of any real "thrill" rides other than RnR so of course it is a total mob scene all day. In a desert the most crowded place is an oasis right? That having been said I think there are too many other attractions at MK to have the new ride offer the same "cracker to a starving man" effect. I think initially of course there will be crowds and long lines but my expectation is that after the first 10-12 months everything in MK will balance back out.


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It'll be busy at first but will eventually taper down. I would expect waits upwards of 90 minutes or more at first, but eventually will make its way down to what we see at BTMRR and SM (40-60 minutes during busy seasons).

The reason why Toy Story Mania has such long lines is while yes it is the only real "family" attraction at DHS, it also has TERRIBLE capacity. Think about it on a per vehicle basis. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster holds 24 riders per vehicle. Star Tours, 40. Tower of Terror, 22? (someone feel free to correct me but it's definitely over 20)

Toy Story Mania, 8

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