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Just curious to hear from others... what do you bring into the parks and what do you bring it in? crossbody, backapck, pockets?


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I carry the backpack that has a few bottles of water, ponchos, my wife's sun hat, first aid stuff, dish towel, pens, a few packs of lemon (my wife doesn't like the taste of the local water), usually some buttons, snacks., and if its cool a jacket or sweatshirt. If we are going in the late afternoon/evening, I will leave the backpack.


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My magic band and whatever I can get my husband to carry in his cargo shorts pocket. We're all for the No Bags Line!!


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I have a cell phone sleeve that carries my phone, a few cards (credit, AP & ID), and has a spot I can slip my magic band in keychain form to. My sunglasses are on my head when not in use. If we need ponchos, my spouse can fit those in shorts pockets. That's it. Less is more to us. Not having to do bag check is worth it!


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Add to my list... a small flashlight. Some of the restaurants are just dark enough that its hard to read the menus. A small flashlight comes in handy.


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A crossbody bag now, I have downsized. Hand sanitizer, ID, extra contacts, bandaids, lip gloss, face powder, a small deodorant, cigs and a lighter for designated smoking break a couple of times a day. Phone and a fuel rod. And a few straws.


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Here's what I bring in my bag...
-small wallet with ID, CC, insurance card, and cash.
-portable charger
-chap stick
-tiny body spray
-folding travel hair brush
-little pill container with things like advil, immodium...
-glasses strap (for RNRC)
-bottle of water

I apply sunscreen before I leave the resort and do not seem to need to reapply so I don't take it to the parks

I wear a hat and have enough room to shove it in my bag while on rides like BTMRR.
. Yeah I carry a wallet
- yeah I carry my phone. I charge beforehand and do t like to spend my time looking at a screen so never use that much of it (besides photos and MDE)
- not a gum chewer
- my 👄 do t have a chapping issue
- I deodorize post shower in the morning. If I sweat and smell gamey (not an issue) too bad for others 😜
- I’m bald 👩‍🦲
- might take IBUPROFEN if I think my back will act up
- rain doesn’t scare me, I wear same clothes all year long here in Florida (shirts and T-shirt)
- sunglasses gee rally don’t fall off my dsce
- we are a family of 4 so I bring anywhere from 6-8 bottles of water with me in my backpack 🎒
- I always forgot and too lazy to sunscreen, I’ll survive
- Bald = 🧢 so never leave him without it (theme parks only)



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Usually a backpack because we mostly travel in March or October and it can get cool in the evening always have sweatshirt or rain jacket. Phone charger, small first aid kit since I have issues with my feet and blisters, Ibuprofen, wallet and sunglasses are in the pack. I can shove everything in my sweatshirt pockets including the backpack and go thru the no bag line. This also gives me someplace to put anything I purchase if it’s too late in our stay to send it back to the resort


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A small backpack mainly to carry 2 Hydroflask water bottles, a small jacket for my wife, assorted pills for aches and pains, a hat, a pack of wet hand wipes, extra sunglasses, and an extra pair of eyeglasses for when I lose mine . (Hasn’t Happened yet) ahhhhh and ponchos!

I used to traditionally do the first and last day backpack free, but the price of water in the parks...@ 3.50 a bottle , twice a day for us both is 14$. ....so, I carry hydroflasks

And for those who don’t know...hydroflasks (or most insulated water bottles) are great! I fill with ice and water in the morning, and usually have a little ice left in the morning


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One backpack for the family of four.

- 8 diapers
- Baby wipes
- Baby powder (travel size)
- Diaper cream
- Water bottles (some frozen)
- Dry socks and ponchos if rain is in the forecast

We each carry our phone, and I have a wallet with my ID, one credit card, one ATM card, and my wife's ID.


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Over the years I've tried many different types of bags. I think I finally nailed it this year.
I carried a Kipling cross body bag. I got it because it's nylon and therefore water resistant.
It fit my wallet, phone, point and shoot camera, compact, lip gloss and advil. It helps that DH is the pack mule and brings a big backpack.


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Add to my list... a small flashlight. Some of the restaurants are just dark enough that its hard to read the menus. A small flashlight comes in handy.
Doesn't the light from your cell phone (either from the screen or from the 'flash') work well enough, or do you not have one?


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My husband has always described himself as a pack mule with a check book!
That was how we traveled till about 5 years ago, when my adult daughter forgot her park bag and we asked my husband and son if we could use their cargo short pockets, and go bagless.
We all carry our own phone. In my husbands pockets are his wallet, my ID's (drivers/dvc/medical), a lip balm and our (park tin). It is one of those tiny mint tins with mints, and an anti-inflammatory type med. My son carries a lip balm for my daughter. We use our bands for all purchases.
It is glorious! No bag check line, on rides no fumbling with what to do with the bag, etc.

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A small purse with: cellphone, charger, kindle (for fast passes), wallet, pen, small notebook to jot things down, a travel pack of wet wipes, camera with extra batteries, umbrellas if it looks rainy, and glasses cleaners. And sanitary supplies.

My least used thing is the cellphone. It's only with me in case of emergency.

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We quit carrying anything years ago. Credit card and maybe some cash in one pocket, and a small point and shoot camera in the other. This minimalist approach works great for us.
I'm with you. My husband wears cargo pants and we put all the above in them, including cheap ponchos. I have an Ipod touch which takes great pictures, so in it goes. Also our small pill case, one credit card, ID. That's it.
It's wonderful not to have to fool with a purse or bag, and we never need anything else!
Almost forgot to add, a very small pocket pair of reader glasses. They fold up into a 3 inch case!


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I have a small Vera Bradley crossbody purse and a small coin purse. Big enough to hold:

AP/DVC card
Visa Rewards card
Some bills & coins
Small tube of sunscreen
disposable poncho
Reading glasses
Lip balm
Lipstick size Recharger
Hand sanitizer packets
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