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Just curious to hear from others... what do you bring into the parks and what do you bring it in? crossbody, backapck, pockets?


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We only go to the parks for a few hours maximum at a time so take nothing but our passports if we want an adult beverage and then we hard back to our hotel and relax/refresh ready for our evening adventure.


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I carry quite a bit of stuff in my backpack. If we're not going back to the hotel at all during the day, I carry a pair of pants, a sweatshirt, ID, debit card, AP, TIW card, a little cash, my camera plus 2-3 lenses, my glasses / sunglass case, sunscreen, hand sanitizer... My sister and Mom also carry a backpack but theirs are much lighter since they don't have to carry camera gear. Sometimes the backpack hurts my shoulders or back, but the higher I carry it on my back, the less sore my back is. Sometimes I'll even swing it around and wear it on the front like a baby carrier :joyfull:


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I can not stand things in my pockets and I can not stand and bag that touches my shoulder in any way so I carry a purse with cellphone, charger/power bank, wallet with ID credit card and cash, autograph book, pen and rain poncho, small brush and extra hair band.


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My planned "Loadout"
-cooler backback with soda and water bottles, will probably locker that 1/2 the time.
-AP/DVC cards for me and DW
-Magic Band
-Disney rewards Chase card
-cell phones ( normally just mine be enough, but the Play App has been funny on my phone for a while now so DW will have hers as well.
-Large USB battery re-charger. Only thing with enough juice and charge to recharge our phones properly, learned the hard way that Fuel Rods arn't enough.
-small sunscreen bottle
-large hat
-rain ponchos ( Aug always gonna get some rain so might as well have them ready to go)
-some cash
-small hand sanitizer
-sun glasses
-My normal IFAK
-My normal everyday vest, it's my "purse" for holding stuff.
-Go Pro on the shoulder some days. (Might leave my "cameragroot" behind. He's magnetic and some attractions he can flop around. But it's pretty cool to watch people look at my shoulder with Groot behind the camera :p)
-Probably holding the DW's ID, and cash and phone as well.

I'm gonna have to deal with security no matter what with the backpack and IFAK, heck the IFAK will set off a metal detector all by itself, but I can move that and anything else with enough metal, from my vest to my backpack before security checkpoints. ;)

EDIT: forgot I'm gonna have to pack some extra dry clothing and water shoes for Splash mountain. I'm determined to go on that at least once for my first time.
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Care to share a link to the skirt you wear? I seem to only find ones that have a pocket in the undershirt for a phone and one sc mall zip pocket not big enough or sturdy enough for even my portable charger
https://sparkleskirts.com/products/mouseinthemix-swingtall-longstyle-2-1?variant=53137523460 I love sparkleskirts. two deep leg pockets, one big zippered pocket on the waist. (lots of cut Disney themed ones, too). A little pricey, but handmade in the U.S.
another one I love to wear in the parks:
it's super quick drying, doesn't wrinkle, lots of secure (zipped) pockets. it's sort of a cargo skirt.


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Good grief, the amount of stuff we carry in is crazy. I generally carry the load in a big Disney back pack.

Typical items:
Sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, portable charger, all purpose wipes, various medicines, popcorn bucket (although I'm thinking about a way to attach this to the outside of the backpack), my little girl's ear protectors (for the fireworks), wife's sunglasses case, pin trading bag, and then whatever souvenirs we pick up along the way.

If we know there's a good chance its going to rain, then we'll add ponchos as well.

Bag check really doesn't take that long, and we're used to it by now.


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Put me in with the crowd that wears cargo shorts. We used to take a small back pack but no longer. In my pockets will be cell phone, ID, little cash, a couple of ziplocks and my magic band on wrist. If I need advil or something we just stop by first aid, same for band aids or suck. I will make an exception during food and wine. Then I carry a small backpack with some foam serving trays.


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I have a cross-body backpack. It's great. on the top of the strap by my shoulder is a little pocket that fits my phone perfectly so I can keep it in there but I can also hear it or feel it when it's ringing/vibrating since it's right by my ear. I also keep a bit of cash, one credit card and my ID in that little pocket so I don't run the risk of a pick pocket or anything and I can easily get to it. In the top pocket of the bag itself I keep a roll of quarters and pennies for my kids for the penny press. In the main bag I keep the penny press collection book, the autograph books and pens, and at least my sunglasses (and by the end of the day, everyone's sunglasses). Usually the pin lanyards end up in there. I always have a packet of wet ones to use to wipe sticky hands after ice cream or other treats and/or to wipe dirty tables in restaurants if a CM hasn't cleared a table yet. I also always have adult and kid advil, pepto, and dramamine, and bandaids and neosporin. Every trip, mom's backpack pharmacy gets its use ;) I bring in our block charger so any phones can charge in the backpack. And, I usually start the trip off with high aspirations that we will regularly apply sunscreen and so I put a sunscreen stick that in there for shoulders, checks, tops of ears, etc. But, we are terrible about applying sunscreen so I hardly ever use it.
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