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Just curious to hear from others... what do you bring into the parks and what do you bring it in? crossbody, backapck, pockets?


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Cargo pants pockets. Phone, little charger, money, small sunscreen and car keys if I drive there. DW carries a small purse that I fold up and put in 1 pocket.


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I wear jeans with a cellphone wallet attached to my belt. The wallet has my cards, money, and phone, my pockets have my chapstick, ibuprofen supply, & battery packs. I have a little carabiner attached to my hat by the tag, so I can pull it off and hang it off a belt loop inside the buildings, and I keep a carabiner with a bottle holder attached to another belt loop just in case. I sometimes like to carry a small stuffed friend on visits (they make all the photos better ^_^), and they usually get a belt loop carabiner of their own attached with a hair elastic.


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Other than a wallet and handkerchief the only things I carry are sunscreen and a small medical kit. I keep kit in one of the pockets of my cargo shorts. It is mostly for blisters and headaches and has band aids, ointment, and some Tylenol. It might sound funny, but it used at least once per trip.


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MagicBand on my wrist, iPhone in pocket. Everything else stays in the hotel room. As the other half says "we can just buy it at the park"!


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We try to be as minimal as possible! It depends on the trip and time of year/weather for us though. Sometimes, I have only carried my MagicBand and iPhone, and other times a small fannypack. However on our most recent trip in June, I carried a mini JanSport backpack that contained our raincoats, portable charger, sunglasses, fan, cooling towel, and a water bottle. The weather forecast was HOT and there were chances of rain, so we wanted to be prepared for anything!
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I have always wanted to stop and ask someone what they have in their bag, especially the huge backpacks:)

I bring a water bottle, phone, magic band, and chapstick. Sometimes I forgo the phone because of my apple watch.

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I have always wanted to stop and ask someone what they have in their bag, especially the huge backpacks:)
Yeah, when we were there in November we saw ginormous backpacks that you could use to hitchhike the world with. We were dying to know what on earth was in them. My father thought a tent and sleeping bag for camping out in the parking lot. I'm not sure he was wrong.


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I always bring my phone and wallet, small zip lock bag for water rides, magic band. Most is put into my fannypack.


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I have a wallet and cell phone in my pants, and sunglasses on my face.

My wife carries a small purse and if I need to remove the sunglasses she puts them in there :)

If it does really look like rain, I will take a small backpack to carry ponchos in.


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Cheap drawstring bag that I’ve had for years... Usually contains a small wallet with ID and credit card, just in case the band fritzes out, a small make up bag with a small brush, an external phone charger/cable, blister band-aids and Tylenol/ibuprofen, and my Minnie ears, if I’ve decided not to wear them at that moment.

My mom likes to bring a bag with clothing options, as we’ve traveled in the winter months since I graduated high school. So we use the lockers at each park for storage, if needed. Pretty cheap and underutilized!


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I wish I couuld go bagless, but I can't. It's like a security thing. Plus I bring too much little stuff.

I usually take one of those drawstring back packs with me. I ordered a cloth Mickey one off of Etsy before my last trip and that's been my go to bag for any theme park or the zoo. In it I typically carry my wristlet with cash, debit card, ID etc..., small pill case with Advil or Tylenol, phone, external charger and cable, some lip balm or gloss, glasses (for distance, so sometimes need to switch to them to view some of the shows) poncho (if rain is predicted),and my cooling towel. I usually carry extra hair ties and sometimes an extra bottle of water as well. I think that's basically it lol
I brought a whole backpack with just stuff (sunscreen, sweaters since we were there in December, phone, ID, snacks, etc.) because I planned on having to tote souvenirs. Now I know about Merchandise Pickup so this year I am bringing a small belt/crossbody bag with my charger, ID, lip stuff, some cash and a credit card as well as a Cooler backpack with frozen water, some Uncrustables, peanut butter and crackers or some other snacks because my 4 year old is a SUPER picky eater. I SO wish I could be minimalist, but this will be light enough for me. I may just find a centrally located locker for the backpack, but we will see!
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