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I think it looks awesome.

I'm still a little peed off at the girl from the last one for letting them out. But it makes for a better sequel and storyline. It's like when the two girls respectively on "Fear the Walking Dead" killed my favorite characters John Dorie and Nick Clark.
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I'm completely jacked for this. Dinosaurs, crazy action, Dinosaurs, Alan freaking Grant! Sign me up!!! I really like the cinematography with the dinosaurs. I don't expect or want Shawshank, just give me a mostly coherent story with great looking dinosaurs, with some fun action and I'm a happy camper.


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I don't really understand what this film will be. It just looks like dinosaurs attacking people. With some ally dinosaurs. It's not like they can have a peace treaty with the dinosaurs. That would be dumb. So dumb infact I think that's what they'll do. They won't end on a solution of killing them all. What else can they do but, "we have to learn to live together"?

Wendy Pleakley

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The first Jurassic World I thought was pretty bad, and didn't do enough with the premise. We finally got a movie where Jurassic Park is fully open for business and so much of it still took place in the woods and rehashed the original. Missed opportunity but was still a crowd pleaser even if relied on nostalgia.

The second one was just bad.

Is anyone surprised the third is getting mediocre reviews? Just the way it's becoming a Fast & Furious type action movie complete with motorcycle chases is ludicrous.

The good news is, from the review I read, is that the presence of the original cast makes sense from a story point, and I imagine that is what will ultimately make people happy, seeing them back. Beyond that, there's no reason to think this movie would ever be anything more than a dumb, but moderately fun, way to kill a few hours.


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JP1: Classic
TLW: okay until they went to San Diego
JP3: Horrible
JW: Very good and fun
FK: ***???

If this movie is just dinosaur fun then it will at least be better than Fallen Kingdom and TONS better than JP3.

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