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Jurassic World

erasure fan1

Well-Known Member
I really want to like this movie. I love the original Jurassic Park, I like Lost World, and I love Pratt. But this movie is such a disappointment I don't even know where to start.
The first jurassic park was just so good, I don't see anything in the series ever coming close to it. I would put jurassic world squarely in the 2nd place spot. The problem with all the jurassic movies after the first, is they become overly predictable in my opinion. Sure jurassic world wasn't all that revolutionary. But it had some cool moments and some nice call backs to the original.

Wendy Pleakley

Well-Known Member
Am I in the minority that thinks they didnt need to delay the movie by a year if it's essentially finished?

The big summer movies opening right now (Fast & Furious, Black Widow) are doing maybe half the business they would have under normal conditions.

Delaying a movie to next summer makes financial sense.


Horror Movie Guru
Interesting to note that this isnt the full one....the one that showed in IMAX had an alternate look at the Allosaurus from Battle at Big Rock and a Mosasaurus attacking a fishing boat.


Active Member
I just wish they didn't go full stupid with this franchise.
Full Stupid was coming to this franchise whether we wanted it or not. Thankfully, the Jurassic World reboot prolonged it for a tad longer. Let us not forget the Humanoid-Dino Soldiers once planned for a Jurassic Park 4 which was fortunately shelved. (More like given a mercy kill.)


New Member
I hope this one is better than the last one, because it was kind of all over the place. I love a good Chris Pratt movie, but sometimes even a good actor can't save a movie.

erasure fan1

Well-Known Member
It's good to read that the legacy characters will get the same screen time as the new ones. I just wish they would get the first trailer out already.


Well-Known Member
Freakin' drooling right now! Fallen Kingdom was AWFUL but this looks beyond epic! A hot mess, but epic! And seeing everyone together! Geez!

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