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Jurassic World


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I'm not as excited as the first Jurassic World but I'm sure going to see it. I can't really tell what type of story the movie is trying to tell from the trailers so that's kind of messing with me a bit.

erasure fan1

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Fallen kingdom was just OK. We finally saw it and I was expecting to really not like it after everything I've read. It was a bit predictable. I called the Maisie story very early. It had a lot of the same beats as lost world but I liked this one a lot better. I would have liked them to stay on the island a bit longer because that's more interesting than a house. I liked the nods to the original like the island escape with the dinos jumping over the fallen tree. Or Maisie trying to shut the laundry elevator door. I am looking forward to how 3 concludes this trilogy.


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Laura Dern Open to Returning to ‘Jurassic Park’ Role in Next ‘World’ Sequel
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