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Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining


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Yawn. Hopefully this dies and fast, but knowing the love Disney has for destroying their classic attractions I have no doubt this will materialize
I get the feeling Jungle Cruise won't be hit as hard by its franchise transformation as Pirates was. The ride taken by itself is a pretty sturdy base for embellishing into a comedy/action-adventure film.
Pirates of the Caribbean on the other hand was a gumbo of classical Pirate tropes and supernatural elements that could be sprinkled throughout a film, but not really be turned directly into one itself. It was about taking the idea of cursed treasure and spooky skeleton caves and making something new out of it.


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Capture+_2017-04-29-16-51-42.png Capture+_2017-04-29-16-52-27.png


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Thinking more on this, they could have done a WHOLE lot worse with Pirates of the Caribbean. The additions, while not great, were moderately respectful. I feel they might do something similar with JC. Not my preference, but better than a full overhaul.


I think an update would be great so long as it didn't change the overall ride too much. I feel like they could make some pretty cool updates to the cave section with some new and improved technology as well.


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I just wonder if Bob Chapek has ever ridden the Jungle Cruise. Or the Tower of Terror.

I'll reserve judgement until we get the specifics. If they add The Rock in one or two places, kind of like they did for Pirates of the Caribbean, I'll be fine. Anymore more falls beyond the line.

"Re-engineer and re-design" sounds like it could mean "destroy what makes the Jungle Cruise a classic, unique attraction."


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They sure are banking on this Jungle Cruise movie to be a hit if they are already talking about "re-engineering" it as The Rock said. Let's hope it's not another John Carter or Tomorrowland.


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I love the rock......rocky!

I don't dislike him but we all have our own likes and dislikes. I don't consider him a national treasure ... but others do and that's fine. I'd rather not see the Jungle Cruise ruined. The movie could be great, I'm sure he wants to honor the ride, and the updates, if the ride gets any, could be great, but it's probably going to be another of "Where's The Rock" "Where's The Rock" like "Where's Jack Sparrow" so .... no thanks. A refresh of the Cruise wouldn't be awful if done right but do we really trust them to do it right? I'm sure his fans, like Depp's, will eat up the Animatronic he gets, if he gets one at all. We shall see. I actually do have an open mind about the updates, again if they happen, but I don't know that the movie is going to be a hit like Pirates was. I'm not often wrong with my gut when it comes to Disney movies. But, it's The Rock so ... I know people flock to his movies.

Again, I like him, just cautious ...


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This doesn't atuomatically mean that The Rock would be added to the ride. It could be a different kind of update to tie it with the movie, or not.

...or they could just be adding The Rock.

My gut says it very much could be another "Where's Jack Sparrow" type addition but we'll see. The ride may never even be touched. WDI draws up lots of plans that never happen. I'm sure he'd love it and his fans would too but will it be good for the ride? Will he pop up underneath the rhino on the pole? Will he dance with the natives? Will be appear on the ride and surprise guests like Depp? You know he wants what Depp has gotten from Pirates.

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