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Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?


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It's actually still very much on the table. Iger is betting that he can make Indy a big thing again. Plus, Animal Kingdom needs something desperately on the other side of the park to balance out Pandora. This project actually has a very good chance of moving forward now.

Hm interesting. I’m thrilled that they have faith in Indy, but don’t they think they could put him into the park that needs him more? DHS?


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Not sure what FEA is (I'm sure it's obvious and I'll kick myself when someone tells me.)

As for E ticket dark rides - Mansion, Pirates, Small World, GMR (RIP), Tower (depending on definition, and I'd include it), Spaceship Earth, World of Motion (RIP), Horizons (RIP), Journey Into Imagination (RIP). That list gives a pretty good idea of why I think WDW is moving in the wrong direction - they're removing the great dark rides a lot faster than they're building them.
Frozen Ever After :)


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Tower of Terror opened in 1994. Splash Mountain and Great Movie Ride in 1989. The Epcot dark rides in 82/83. Pirates and Haunted Mansion in the 70s. Nothing much in the way of dark rides in the 90s other than Tower of Terror and Winnie the Pooh, and nothing at all in the 00's. This decade we had Little Mermaid, Frozen, and Navi. But none of those are really E tickets. In reality since Splash/GMR opened the dark ride has really declined in Disney Imagineering.
But what about Dinosaur? That attraction combines multi-motion, strobe lighting, fog, Story, darkness, loud/intense audio, an epic climax, a lunging carnotaurous, and a backstory of something grand hidden within :)

Mark Dunne

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Avatar made for a better land than movie. I don't think the property is "lousy" so to speak but to each their own. It just feels like some people stubbornly ignore something well done because they don't like it. You can dislike the property but still think they did a good job with the land, which they did. The rides, yeah, I suppose YMMV.

Like many things, I imagine if Pandora were thought up by Imagineers and not an acquired property (gotta stick with the spiel that IP's are bad, right?) that some would be singing a different tune about it. (Some, not everyone). But then on the other hand, there are people who completely dismiss AK as is, regardless of the nice theming it has, so .... I really do think some stubbornly won't admit a job (mostly) well done because of some intense dislike for certain things. Look at Ford, he's made himself so disgusted by Disney that he refuses to like or acknowledge anything they do. I can separate the two. I can separate emotion from what I perceive something to be well done. (The Pandora boat ride IS well done, it's just short and slightly lacking. What's there is immersive and IMO, well done. Sorry some of you need a story spelled out for you). Just like arguing against Toy Story and it's scale. Sometimes it's really NOT that serious but that's what we do, debate and pick apart everything because we're superfans. (And while no, Toy Story doesn't necessarily lend itself to immersion, but why let yourself dislike it because of some other issue you have? It's harmless. I can understand some gripes but I just don't get the hate. Would I prefer something else? Would I do other things? Sure. But it doesn't make me hate what's coming).
Boat ride is way to short for the 1-2 hr queuing time, they go from creating imo the greatest ride ever in FOP, to one of the most anticipated boat rides in all of Disney to be such a let down,


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All of it.

Wow. So Dinosaur is potentially on the chopping block......I’m a little disappointed in that. Dinosaurs are an important part of DAK.
Not that Chester & Hester’s has any substantive function towards that, but still. Id hope Dinosaur is kept to a degree and a separate and truly new Indy attraction is built. Give us that Shanghai tech.


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I love the Indy ride in Disneyland but would be surprised if they retheme Dinosaur to it since it opened in 1995. Would more guests flock to it since it's themed to Indy? The rides are pretty similar (although I love Indy more than Dinosaur). I feel like Indy is a much more limited theme than dinosaurs unless they are just going to clone rides in other parks....


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this^ DHS is going to be a NIGHTMARE when star wars opens the park just does not have the capacity for it..

Not to mention everything left at DHS, not counting ToT, is extremely outdated / redundant and should go.
VoTLM, BatB, Launch Bay, DIsney Junior, Frozen, Star Tours, Indy
IMO, these should all be replaced with something new.

While DAK, I'd argue that only Dinorama needs to go


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Would Dinosaur be rethemed to Indy or would it be demo’d and become something else completely?
Almost definitely the former. One of the appeals to Disney of putting Indy in this area is the ability to transform Dinosaur to Indy relatively easily. I would have a tough time seeing them replacing Dinoland, U.S.A. with an Indy-themed land and not taking advantage of Dinosaur and IJA’s identical track layouts and ride vehicles


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Those projects could always get killed and there’s still a 20 year deficit that needs to be filled.
They won't be canceled and TLM and NFL have more than made up for the skyway, subs, canoes and keelboats. Each notoriously had low capacities. If they're better is subjective but the point is MK has made up for lost capacity. TLM has 2000 people ish per hour. SDMT has about 1500. Then there's ETWB and the shops, restaurants, and walkways. 20K had about 1200 I think, the skyway was low, as were the stuff lost on the RoA.


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MK hasn’t seen both an E Ticket and net capacity gain in over twenty years.
MK is arguably the only park that feels complete right now. The other 3 parks need a ton more work

Epcot is a mess of outdated / abandoned / lost capacity / lack of vision

DHS is grossly under capacity, even after SWL, and extremely outdated on its entertainment

DAK is great, but still needs more attractions / people eaters
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