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Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?


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Would this be any greater of a thematic leap than Indy in TDS? I think much like Pandora in DAK, there's a treatment here that would be appropriate for the park. Now, if they go the Frozen Ever After route then it's a problem.

Yes, it would be a huge difference. TDS was planned with Lost River Delta and Indy as cornerstones. It fits just fine -- there. There is no way to tie this to DAK. It has no place and destroys one major facet (animals that once lived) of the park's mission statement. I would hope that Joe Rohde would fight this since he doesn't have many more years in him anyway. But Joe caved very quickly when Pandora, which does sorta fit, and Guardians Tower were dumped in his lap.


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I didn't say it was safe. Just that I don't believe this will happen for quite a few years IF it does happen. ... The only thing preventing me saying this won't happen is this sounds like exactly the type of thing Chappie would do -- he already has if you look at GotG Tower (that was all his doing). The major attraction I have heard replacing Dinorama has a theme that woud befit Dinoland.

This seems like a stupid question, and I understand if you can't say, but is it based on a movie IP?

I would assume, under Iger and Chappie rules, it'd have to be. But I can't think of any franchise that'd work.


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Let me begin by stating that I am not a Disney insider. I do not have the knowledge of members like @WDW1974 , @marni1971 , and @Magic Feather . I am a research psychologist that regularly attends and presents at conferences and meetings that are attended by animal scientists and comparative psychologists that work at Disney's Animal Kingdom and The Seas with Nemo and Friends (which is still referred to as The Living Seas at professional conferences). Over the past several years, I have studied play, including its purpose, how it is measured, and how it is comparable between humans and non-human animals. Because of this research program, I have had the opportunity to meet with two scientists and one imagineer.

These individuals have described Disney's Animal Kingdom as being "the red headed stepchild" of Disney Parks. Disney's Animal Kingdom is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Beyond animal care and management, accredited zoos and aquariums are to engage in rigorous conservation, research, and education programs. Although Disney has Disneynature and the Disney Conservation Fund, there is a significant disconnect between these arms of the company and Disney's Animal Kingdom park. Specifically, the animal scientists and conservation biologists are not heard.

Take Kilimanjaro Safaris for example. Zebras tend not to be aggressive. However, on the safari, they began displaying pack-like behavior and hunted other animals. Giraffes commonly fell because of the terrain. These are serious issues that do not have to be addressed on The Jungle Cruise. When Pandora was announced, significant concerns were raised regarding how lighting and noise could cause the animals stress. I am told that individuals outside of the animal science program neither understand these issues nor want to deal with them.

As recent as November 2016, I was told that animal programs would not be expanded at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Instead, over time, they would be reduced as the parked shifts from an AZA zoo to a jungle theme park. Instead of an Australia with kangaroos and koalas or South America with an Amazon rainforest, the direction is to use IPs like The Jungle Book, Indiana Jones, and Zootopia. Animals will continue to have a presence in the park, but the focus will not be inspiring through live animals.

The Oasis has several animal habitats, which continue to remain empty. Also, it is not always common to be met by someone from the animal science team that is showcasing an animal in that area. The reason for this, again from the people that I know, is because animal programming is not valued. Like Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom is going to change. However, unless you are entering the park seeking scientific discovery, you may not even notice what slowly disappears.

Great post and I have been hearing stuff like this for over a decade now.
Animals are living creatures and require specialized and pricey care.
And DAK was built in a different era. Now, it really is all about whatever IP gets Bob in the mood. That is what it is all about. ... And I will go to the ends of the earth yelling that Thor and Spidey and Rey and Chewie don't get me all hot and bothered.
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This seems like a stupid question, and I understand if you can't say, but is it based on a movie IP?

I would assume, under Iger and Chappie rules, it'd have to be. But I can't think of any franchise that'd work.

I would imagine The Good Dinosaur? It kinda flopped but its really the only option they have.

Mike S

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I was stuck back on page 9 due to other priorities today. Any big developements I missed that I can't see quoted on this page?


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The original idea of Animal Kingdom is still there, even with Pandora- Animals that are real (Africa/Asia/Discovery Island), Animals that are extinct (Dinosaur), and animals that never really existed (Avatar which replaced Beastly Kingdom).

Indiana Jones, while it had snakes and bugs in several movies, was never an animal-centric series and I don't think it fits the conservation theme. This sounds like a blue sky theory to me.


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Interesting that this is bringing up that Disney might be moving away from Animals...

Signs that that is the case:
  • Less animal encounters in some areas of the park
  • Introduction of Pandora, which wasn't mainly about animals
  • Disney's seeming obsession with jungle animals... to the exclusion of Australian, North American, Arctic animals... could it be that Animal Kingdom might become Jungle Kingdom?
  • Harambe and the streetmosphere music is not really about animals, but human culture in jungle environs
  • it's Natazu

Signs that this isn't the case:
  • Pandora could have been about the human-Na'vi conflict, but it instead it focused on conservation and restoration of natural habitat
  • Lack of IP for Rivers of Light
  • there still is a regular updating and care for the animal section of the park: new birds theater; new animals in the back section of Tree of Life; etc...


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Right... couple of things.
  1. If true, they better keep the dinosaurs, or find a new home for them. Removing dinosaurs entirely from the park would be, to me, a damnable shame. I guess Disney's never made a successful dinosaur-driven IP but that's no excuse for removing the presence of dinosaurs from a property with FOUR WHOLE THEME PARKS entirely. At least bring Lucky back out or something at Epcot or Magic Kingdom if AK is to go dino-less. Sheesh.
  2. Dinoland is not merely Chester & Hester's, you know? In fact there used to be a museum of sorts where Dinorama once was. It's easy enough to just remove C&H and put in a new themed area... preferably while somehow making the Theatre of the Wild separate from Dinoland. So people calling for Dinoland as a whole to be put on the chopping block is saddening. It's well themed throughout the Boneyard and the area near Dinosaur, and while C&H is tacky, you can tell a lot of thought went into it, even if I can understand wanting to remove it for something themed just as well that doesn't clash as much with the rest of the park's aesthetic.
  3. I noticed a lot of people calling Indy superior to Dinosaur and I... am not really sure I agree. My mother and sister thought it was underwhelming compared to Dinosaur during our trip to Disneyland, and while I still rather liked it myself, it did feel.... a bit dated. The snake animatronic was obviously fake (I mean, all AAs are, but at least with a goodly number they look real), it took me until after I rode past to realize the dart wall section was meant to be dart walls, and the boulder didn't run on time either time I rode. Dinosaur, to me, is more timeless, and seems like it should get top billing at AK along with EE, KS, and now FoW, while Indy is still secondary to stuff like Splash, Pirates, iasm, BTM, the Matterhorn, and Space Mountain in its park.
  4. I kind of feel like Zootopia would fit better than Indy unless, as suggested, the Indy ride is something like "Indiana Jones and the Primeval World". Zootopia is, while not about the environment, still about coexistence, and involves animals heavily. I'd rather it not show up in AK, though, except maybe with a Meet and Greet, like with Pooh and friends.


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I must say that when i walk into Animal Kingdom I'd imagine the Animals to be very happpy (or the happiest one can be in a zoo). They have big, pretty looking natural environments in there exhibits, and seem pretty active. But this might just be the pixie dust they blow on you on your way into the entrance.

As far as I know, many/most of the animals spend the nights in very large indoor areas, not outside in those natural environments. But I definitely don't know enough about wild animals (or how your average zoo would be run in this respect) to say if that's inherently an unusual practice or one that would have negative effects on the animals!


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Oh yeah, since I forgot to add it earlier... Hm, if it's true that Disney, rather than wanting to up the ante on their animal care, wishes to instead ditch live animals as much as they can... that's disappointing. One of the best things about AK IS the animals. Very few zoos have such extravagant, wonderful themeing. I know Disney has for years been trying to dispel the idea it's a zoo (why, I don't know, just emphasize the rides and other non-animal attractions), but I don't think ditching the animals is the way to go.

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