Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

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...and then you ignored it, and went back to being sarcastic... you know ever nonsense response to this thread just keeps it at the top of the "News and Rumors" board? which if this "is" a nefarious plot to miss inform you all... you're playing right into their hands smart guy
Woah...I don’t think you know what kind of a graveyard your tip toeing into, pilgrim...

Have we met?
Other than the - I’ll admit amusing - kinda cheap punch to Marty’s stones...I tend to agree with most of the rest of your rant.

You want to continue the lecture? I’ll grab a seat and a sandwich first...


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Im still here just super busy lately. Unfortuately ill never find my stopping place again so i will answer questions from this point forward.


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Disnerd I was wondering a few things about AK- Will there be both an update to Dinosaur and the building of a new ride? Starting soon or in a couple years? Will the new ride be in Pandora? Would you say it's geology or archeology related, or neither?

Thank you and certainly have a magical week!


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My priorities are out of whack, so one big thing I'm wondering is if the Railroad will be up and running before Tron is fully up and functioning?
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