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News Improvements coming to the entrances of all four Walt Disney World theme parks


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Security check construction at DAK from this morning:



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Photo update as of Tuesday, March 10, 2020. A close-up view of the new bag check / security area under construction at the entrance to Animal Kingdom. The wood has been stained a dark brown to match other structures at the entrance. New copper gutters have been installed. The view under the structure is towards the bus transportation area. Entrance to Animal Kingdom is to the right in this photo.



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Where is the new MK security structure and who will it be for? It looks too big to be just for people coming from resort boats.
It’s the security structure for the center boat dock, just for people coming from resort boats. Don’t forget about Reflections. Visible in the plans here:
When searching for updates to this project, it seemed that there's been a few tangentially related threads with disjointed information. I'm hoping to consolidate the updates for the Magic Kingdom entrance and TTC to this thread, as opposed to the entrance improvement super-thread, or the parking lot drainage thread, or the World Drive interchange thread. Epcot has its own thread.

MK Security/Turnstiles:
I cant seem to find a WDWMAGIC News story with the plans, so I'm embedding a Blog Mickey overlay here:


TTC Redesign:
If you have other info/graphics of the proposed work, please post it so I can add it to this post.

Parking Lot Expansion:
Via WDWMAGIC news article

Via @danlb_2000

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The aerial of TTC makes me sad as a designer. The shapes of the original TTC are nicely organized and make sense. Then these new roofs added in the front are all haphazard and relate to nothing. :(

I wish, while they're re-working it anyway, that they'd make it like a grand transportation hub. Everything is undercover so you get off the trams under a large, arched roof and walk your way to the ferries or the Monorail. A Victorian train station look.

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