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Imagination! Being Replaced w. Dr. Doof?


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One of my friends is a Disney Ambassador, and he said top-execs were walking around Imagination! in Epcot the other day. He told me there is the potential for the Imagination! pavilion being re-vamped/re-done again to reflect Heinz Doofenschmirtz as the central figure of the ride- using both his elaborately bad "inators" and real education to provide a new ride opportunity for guests. At the end would be not only the hands-on area for people to try out his "inators" in a 3-d environment (think Toy Story Mania), but there would also be his Lab where you can purchase all different flavors of the drinks they are currently testing around World Showcase.

Anyone else have any more on this? I think It's brilliant if it is true. If I hear more from my friend, I'll be sure to send updates.

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I have no idea if it is true, but I would love to see a Phineas and Ferb take over of the Imagination pavilion. The theme of the show embodies everything that the Imagination pavilion is supposed to represent. The only thing I would fear is the implementation. I would much rather see them demo the entire building and start with a clean slate vs trying to shoehorn an attraction into the existing space.


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I could probably go along with a P&F ride but I think P&F need to be the central characters, not Doof. That wouldn't make sense. Sure he's got some "imaginative" inators but they're all eeeeevil and designed to help him take over the Tri-State area.

P&F's creations are for having fun and would fit better if they kept the Imagination Pavilion name. I could see the Tokyo DL pooh ride technology being used for it.


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Imagination has been getting some looks lately...

But personally....a big No Thanks to Phineas and Ferb. (Whoever they are. I couldn't pick them out of a line-up.)

I refuse to support any non-original toons in Epcot. Massive fail of an idea.

Ya know what I wouldn't mind for Imagination, Wallace and Grommit, at least they are about well using the imagination ... I would support that concept ... that would make a lot more sense than talking fish in The Living Seas at least...

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Okay, first of all, are we really buying in to a lasting franchise is the only thing that can create a lasting attraction?


Listen, this wouldn't be my first choice to re-do imagination, but Imagination desperately needs attention, the show is great for Imagination, for encouraging creativity, and playing, and all sorts of great messages for kids while actually being funny and witty.

I have no idea if this is true or not, but like someone else said, the Imagination pavilion right now, is terrible, it needs attention. This idea doesn't make me want to gag, so at this point I'd say go for it.


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Honestly? I can live with that. Nemo in the Seas? Definitely not. Who knows, they could actually make something awesome in there. And this is coming from someone who despises franchises in Epcot.

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