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IBM's THINK and Test the Limits exhibits to close in early January


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another facet of all this is likely that in modern day most major citys have a science museum...among others...why do i want to pay disney prices for that? i mean honestly.
I don't see that happening with WoL, but something else could go in there and even have a way to utilize the now empty simulator bays. But it will not ever be able to be the original again. Now for East & West that certainly can be done, not cheaply, but it can be recreated with updated technology.
looks like they'll need to tale a page from Sum of all Thrills.

But Pixars inside out is coming out soon. And the plot is almost beat for beat something that was done with cranium command, if it ends up being a success who knows.
Yes, it could go in there, but, it will be a slightly different concept if it does. The general health theme will be thrown out and a more technical experience type of study of basic body and mind concepts might be addressed. I'm not sure how they would flesh out the "Inside Out" concept to fill the pavilion.
I hope Buzzy is prepared to welcome new guests for an all out new body crew.


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Why not create a ride which shows off new upcoming technology in some way. Can use screens with 3D type stuff that can more easily be altered as technology changes.


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THINK needed to go. It was a sad monolithic exhibit. Frankly, I'd rather they do something that, I dunno, actually talks about how technology works, instead of vague marketing crud.

But, hey, what do I know. It will probably be replaced with IBM's "Adventures in the Cloud", a wild romp through Apps, hashtags and vines.


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It's waaay to early to tell...Let it close down first...There's other spaces that haven't had anything in them for a few years now...
that's not what I would call "right", I was just wondering if there was just going to be another vacant hole in future world. Your comment seems encouraging though thanks!
Edit* ah I see no hope*
Does anyone know the reason why Innoventions and EPCOT in general has trouble finding/maintain sponsors? ON the surface, it feels like an ideal partnership for technology companies and corporation to get in on, which was exemplified when EPCOT first opened.