I Think It's Time For A New Parade At MK?

S.I.R. the Robot

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The Celebrate a Dream Come True parade needs to return, solely for the villain float where they talked about their dreams coming true. Only this time, add Chernabog, and when it's his turn, he says the most Satanic crap ever. Truly, that will get Karens' lederhosen in a bunch.

Mark Dunne

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You are so right, it’s needed desperately , the parade used to be apart from the fireworks,a must do , but this is new Disney , and the leadership team simply doesn’t have what it takes to make the magic happen ! They’d rather build a land costing hundreds of millions, and miss the point of what makes Magic kingdom , magic! This is another reason bobs not the man , he’s a buyer not a doer , and his team is weak ! Otherwise you wouldn’t have had those posts in Epcot covered up , as the bases became trip hazzards! es me off actually , sorry , back to earth, yes it needs changing 👍, passion can make you 🥴, sorry

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