How far do you live from WDW ?


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Half hour away from Walt Disney World. Just go straight down Apopka-Vineland Road until it turns into 535, then take a right at the intersection with Crossroads shopping/dining center.


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Half hour drive for me in a good day. With I4 traffic though it could take up to an hour.


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2 1/2 hours by plane to Orlando. On the ground would only be if I'm moving there!

Disneyland is almost as close, but WDW keeps drawing me east

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About a 6 1/2 hour drive with no traffic delays on I-95. Sucks-- no direct flights from Charleston SC to Orlando and cost way more than the cost of driving.
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4 hours from driveway to gate on Western Way. I visit so frequently I know all the landmarks along the way. "Rest stop 15 minutes after that overgrown overpass." "After this curve, intersection with I-75 and Turnpike in 5 minutes".


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Currently I live 759 Miles away.. BUT my parents who I visit a handful of times every year are just under 1.5 miles from Magic Kingdom.. so even when I am "visiting family for the holidays" I am close enough to see the fireworks every night.. and it is GLORIOUS

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