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Happy birthday to you;)


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thank you for whoever said happy birthday and gave me a green square :D

i have pictures and stories from my trip to rockafeller plaza, but i have class first!


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ok. so here's my funny story. if anyone would like to see pictures, PM me your email address and i'll invite you to view them on ofoto

We decided to wait till later to go see the tree becasue of the gridlock on the roads and on the sidewalks...there were more people there than i have ever seen! When we had parked the car, it was around 11 and we walked 4 blocks or so to rockafeller plaza where i got right up to the railing and had my camera all set and ready and i was pushing down on the shutter button when they cut the power to the tree for the night. :lol: some luck huh? some timing!! oh well, we got to drive by it a few times and i got some pictures from the car :)

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