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Guide to DLR for WDW Veterans!


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If you are going solo, I'd recommend staying on property, if you can afford to do so, or staying off site and renting a car to park in the Disney parking structure.

A hardcore, do everything Disney parks fan needs 4 - 5 days for a first time trip. I did 5 last year. A not so hardcore person, or those that don't do the more intense rides, would probably only need 2 - 3.

Someone else here could speak better about when to go, but I would imagine a non-holiday weekday when school is in session is probably a more optimum time to go if you want to avoid crowds. That or any day it is raining 😀
The DTD area is much smaller than the one in Florida. I'm not sure you'd need much time at all, maybe after park closing to look around.


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How many days do you need for both parks and DTD?
2 days minimum. Anything more than that just depends on your pace. As others have said, DTD at Disneyland is basically just an outdoor shopping center similar to the hundreds of others across Southern California.

Disney Irish

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Do you really need Max Pass at DL?
No, but it makes life easier. Its digital FP and allows you to get a FP for anywhere in the park. Regular FP is still available, you scan the barcode on your park ticket at the attraction and it gives you a paper with a return time now. The actual FP is in the system tied to the barcode on your park ticket.

Or you can go real old school and do standby instead of using FP/MaxPass.
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