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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

Hatbox Ghostbuster

Well-Known Member
I cannot convey just how indignant I would be if I was running WDPR and WDI came to me with a $200 million+ indoor coaster with no scenes. For pete's sake, the queue building already exists!

It's incredible. It's been I don't know how long since this much money has been spent on WDW, and not a bit of it interests me in the slightest (I live down the street from DLR and have been to DLP/SDL so Star Wars, Rat, and TRON are not selling points for me).
Does any of that budget account for paying the actors for their on-screen presence?


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I'm still struggling with how a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster replacing Universe of Energy is "relevant" to Epcot. Maybe we just don't understand the modern Disney corporate-babble of Bob Chapek, kind of like the scene in "Goldmember" where Austin and Nigel Powers start speaking "English English".
The theme of the pavilion is energy, so for this ride to be "relevant," it must relate to energy. The fact that the GotG IP is incorporated into the attraction doesn't determine whether that goal will be met. In fact, given that we have very few details about the actual content of the ride, there is currently no way for us to fairly assess whether that goal will be met. The article by the site that shall not be named did predict, based off internal documents, that the first pre-show will center around Infinity Stones, which are apparently a source of energy (I'm not familiar with the GotG movie plots FWIW), so that's at least a minor indication that energy will be referenced, though, again, it's too early to draw conclusions.

[DISCLAIMER: I know the following point has been made on here 1,000 times, but that pales in comparison the number of times the "GotG has no place in Epcot" argument has been made, so I feel no remorse repeating it.]
GotG has no less to do with energy than Ellen Degeneres does (in fact, it actually appears to have more to do with energy). Disney will hopefully use the GotG IP to tell a story about energy, the same way they did with Ellen. This attraction should be less pedantic than its predecessor, which some may view as a downgrade, though I think the low popularity of EEA and its reputation as a nap-inducer would indicate that such people would be in the minority.


Well-Known Member
I just don't see how this could possibly connect to Epcot's themes. Makes me very annoyed that James Gunn would even go so far as to say it perfectly encapsulates Walt's vision......
Peter is visiting Epcot as a place that he remembered fondly as a kid. He's using an infinity stone as an endless supply of power. It's mediocre but based on what we know so far that sounds like it's on par with what to expect.

An approach I would prefer would be to abandon the energy theme all together and have the coaster part be a pseudo love letter to Classic EPCOT Center. They could take the Time Stone from Dr. Strange and visit old pavilions on the coaster.


Well-Known Member
Me too.

But the cost for both is waaaay more.
So, the height of the building is 133 ft, we don't know the dimensions. We had heard the cost of this attraction could be in the $300-350 million range. Figure in $50 million for the coaster track. Let's say hypothetically that they wanted to do floor to ceiling screens on some parts of the building. They could make a 200 ft stretch of wall, 133 feet high out of iPhone X's for $242.7 million if they pay full retail.

I should note that this does not include 242,992 cell phone plans. I assume they could get a couple of family plans to cover some of the additional costs.


Active Member
A few pages back people were arguing that it was a bad choice to add another thrill ride to that side of the park and now you're all up in arms because it's family friendly? Both HP rides over at Uni are family friendly but they're still some of my favourites in Orlando. Having n inversions and a slower pace doesn't immediately ruin the appeal. Can we wait until we actually have concrete details and know what to expect before we freak out?

999th Happy Haunt

Well-Known Member
Are we sure there’s not going to be any animatronics in the pre-show rooms? I doubt they could get away with just having flat projections in a room that guest would be in for a while and where the characters would be seen from all angles, especially when mission breakout has an animatronic in it’s pre-show rooms.


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On one hand I hope to have an original soundtrack for this ride. On the other I expect "1980s greatest hits".
It'll probably be a bit of both. I'd expect Giaccino to score it, as it'd be his third (I think, maybe more) disney coaster soundtrack. On top of that, they'd probably mix in the 80s stuff a la Mission Breakout.

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