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News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot


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I keep seeing people upset that the Guardians ride is going to be a coaster, but I doubt this is going to be just a "coaster". I'm thinking it will have plenty of themeing and more than likely have some sort of Dark ride elements either before or during the actual "coaster" ride starts or finishes. I'm thinking/hoping this is going to be themed similar to Gringots at UNI or have Dark ride elements like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. I highly doubt we end up getting a Slinky Dog coaster with this ride. Or at least I hope not, this ride won't even open until what, 2021 I've heard, that's insane if it takes them 3+ year for 1 roller coaster that is strictly an indoor coaster with no other added elements.

And if we do just get a RnRC style ride with nothing else, seriously someone should be fired if it takes that long, if thats what we get that thing should be ready by spring 2019 the latest.

A combination dark ride/ coaster that didn't skimp on either element would be amazing. Is there any chance that GotG might fit this description?
Nope. It's a coaster. It'll have show, but dark ride is stretching it.
That's disappointing but not at all unexpected. Can you tell us if there will be inversions at least?
I can't say yet. You'd assume with the target demographic no.
So are we looking at something akin to Rock n' Roller as regards show elements? (I fully understand if you don't want to say)
It's looking possible.
So, painted flats?

You've got to be kidding.
The post load and launch area could be interesting.
I could care less that the attraction has cool queue, pre and post show elements. What people wait for is the ride itself. Everything else should be supplementary to the experience. Cardboard cutouts? 4 year construction time frame? Yikes. If I moved at that pace in my business it'd be a goner!

Edit: I'm talking about GotG
Like I said, it should be interesting around the load to launch area. I can't go into specifics about inride visuals but I'm not overly excited.

It'll have a nice queue that's going to be the atypical fifteen miles long and well themed.

It's just in the wrong place.


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Sorry for getting us college football fans stirred up. Hahaha. Back to the regularly scheduled thread.
Yep! As to the thread, I did post above that Bill Nye the Science Guy is suing Disney. Didn't know he had a show in the 90s. Makes sense why he was in Ellen's Energy Adventure. Considering the suit, not surprised the Disney closed the attraction.


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Shanghai's Tomorrowland always felt too communist to me. That works in a park that's distinctly Chinese, but not sure how I'd feel about it in the Magic Kingdom.
I worry that is the route in appearance they will go for here, I hope not.


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Personally? Rat and Mickey will be fun rides. The runaway choo choo may have the edge. But I can't say that without saying (again) it's in the wrong place and built there for the wrong reasons.
So Guardians in your opinion is currently below Rat?:cry: Obviously having a ride tied to the land is ideal and adds to the experience, but I was hoping it would pull a Splash.:D


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I think it'll be subjective and down to personal preference. For that I'll stay none commital. But I was spoilt and did ride Mission One in Paris.
Not to continue badgering you, but is this project worth the money? I.E. are we looking at New Fantasyland and Toy Story or Star Wars and Pandora? Obviously that's subjective, but I guess my question is do you think people will come off saying, "Wow, that was great", or "That was it?"
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