Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Energy Pavilion at Epcot

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"Fixing the park" should also reduce the reliance on festivals.
In another post Spirit heavily hinted that Epcot's name will once become "Epcot Center". The big question on everyone's mind is... will it be styleized as "Epcot Center", or the more flashy "EPCOT Center"?


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In another post Spirit heavily hinted that Epcot's name will once become "Epcot Center". The big question on everyone's mind is... will it be styleized as "Epcot Center", or the more flashy "EPCOT Center"?
I would rather them just drop the Epcot name altogether if what they are planning is true. Because to me what they are planning is neither Epcot or EPCOT Center nor is it even worthy of the name and if the last year has taught me anything. It is that the kind of world Epcot once promised is as dead as it can possibly be.
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This is a salty rumor but I have heard an announcement may well occur October 1 laying out some ( not all) of the EPCOT plans

Interesting that they'd hold off on announcing this at D23. That may be a good thing. Hopefully they announce more on what's happening at DHS (GMR replacement?) and MK (whatever's happening in TL I've lost track of all the rumors there). Then they can announce this on the 35th anniversary.


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Even so that seems like a tight timeline if they go at average Disney speed. Still though, interesting that this leaped over GOTG in terms of timeline. Imo FW, especially energy, is in much more need of help than WS is.

People are free to disagree, but I would argue that WS is in more desperate need for a new attraction/ride than FW. Yes, FW is a mess and a number of pavilions would benefit from updates or wholesale changes but there's at least a decent amount of "stuff" there to do. WS is popular during festivals but greatly needs more attractions to spread crowds around and entice new and returning guests.

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Lol. And yes. Rat will have to start this year to open 2019.
I am now way too excited about this (if it actually happens). :joyfull:
World Showcase really needs a ride (or 3) on that side of the park to offset the Frozen (and probably Coco) crowds. We could argue until the cows come home about IP in Epcot, but out of the films to choose from, Rat makes the most sense. Throw in a few more physical pieces to the original ride, and I will be a very happy person.
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I just purchased this book:

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There was a considered additional element that would have had a bit of (stretched) edutainment, but that getting made is looking less likely by the datpy.

What's the rationale for omitting the (stretched) educational tie? Does management no longer care about Epcot's original vision?
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