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Grand Floridian vs. Four Seasons

That’s why I said it’s personal. I decide where to stay on vacations based on a few factors.. if I just wanted a luxury hotel in Florida then I wouldn’t be at Disney.. I’d be in SoFla.
When I’m at Disney, my first preference is the monorail and a view of the MK.

There is nothing that compares to waking up, standing on my balcony, and seeing the castle.. hearing the boats, train, etc. having breakfast in the room with said castle as the backdrop. Then hopping on a launch or monorail for a short few minutes to arrive at the front gate. That’s my perfect way to do Disney. It brings me back to my childhood, and words can’t describe the feelings when there. No other resort could do that for me, luxury or otherwise.

Someone else may not care about any of that, which is ok too.
Fair on all points... We are doing 4 days at Four and 4 days at the boardwalk... Best of both worlds for us...
I think it’s just personal preference. For me, nothing feels as “Disney” as the monorail resorts. The sights and sounds when waking up in the morning, throughout the day, and ending in the EWP and fireworks.

I haven’t stayed at the Four Seasons at Disney, but I’ve stayed at other locations..I wouldn’t rule it out for a future trip, but I’d choose Poly or GF is available every time, given the choice.
Our favorite is Wilderness Lodge, but we have been fortunate enough to have stayed at almost all onsite resorts and many offsite that we like just as well, if not better than anything onsite. Theme park view and monorail don't really have any significance in reasons we choose a place to stay. For others, it is a main reason.
This one is easy , the market dictates the higher GF price and worth. I personally would rather stay at GF since it's a Disney trip , you stay in the bubble and you get onsite privedges like Fastpass and dining priority. Plus the location advantage which is obvious. You can find a 4 seasons in just about any major metro area