News Gelateria Toscana - Construction between Italy and American Adventure pavilions


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Yes, this is a half-sized pad with a narrow width.

I'm guessing it will be a patio for more outdoor seating.

I've advocated for every unused pad to be fronted by a festival booth and/or seating to get them away from the lakeside in order that they don't take away the view from the lagoon/fireworks and stop being chokepoints.

When Dan was VP of epcot this was also his mandate. He hated the clutter on the promenade and wanted as many things along the waterfront moved into the pavilions. I feel the worst culprit right now is China, their waterfront is almost entirely taken up by kiosks. Also having all these kiosks (im talking the non festival ones now) along the promenade starts to discourage guests from actually going into the showcases to explore them leading to the "there’s nothing to do here" complaint.


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It's a new retail experience coming from the creators of the world famous turkey leg...
Vito Corleone's Horse Head on a Stick
Perfect location to marry the unity of Italy and America!
Never tried it but marinated grilled horse on a stick sold in Sicily is a favorite of locals.


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Looks like they are removing or modifying this garden area...



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Others can comment for sure, but I don't think the areas right next to the American Adventure are full sized plots for new pavilions. They are quite narrow.

Brazil was rumored to be going between Italy and Germany FWIW.
Correct and correct.

The two plots either side of AmAd were designed to grow and hide the scale of the theatre building. Although nowerdays I wouldn’t put it past them to ignore / be ignorant of that too.


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I'm going to take a wild guess: gelato.... unless that's just a reference to an old ice cream cart.

View attachment 510647

I liked the gelato cart outside Italy better than the ice cream in the France pavilion (the ice cream is good, just not as good). I'd actually be happy to see them put in a more permanent gelato offering (presumably with additional flavors). Let Il Vivoli Gelato run it; they have the best gelato/ice cream anywhere at WDW.

I'd rather it be actually inside the Italy pavilion instead of just built along the walkway, of course.

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