News Gelateria Toscana - Construction between Italy and American Adventure pavilions


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This has been mentioned by @WDWtraveler in one of the others threads, and I thought it would be worthwhile having a dedicated thread for this just incase.



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Personally, I’m guessing a new Wine/Beer Stand/Garden.

The area just to the left of the construction walls usually hosts a temporary looking alcohol cart to supplement the wine being sold inside that building. When available, lines in both are usually pretty bad, so I could see this being Italy’s Choza de Margarita.


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Based on the access doors visible in the short ends of the walls, I'd have to agree that it looks like the construction is limited to the WS sidewalk area. Doesn't look like any major transformation to the woods behind it.


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Looks like that plot is too slim to put anything substantial, aside from a small structure as others have mentioned above. If anything, aren’t there restrooms right there? Could be a future sitting area and rearrangement of the bathrooms.


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This is a very narrow plot of land that contained changing/warmup areas for candlelight choirs. This also housed the Disney youth program music area and was moved a few years ago. Choirs were sent to the living with the land theater stage before the updated movie. With no candlelight this year, great time to clear


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Yes, this is a half-sized pad with a narrow width.

I'm guessing it will be a patio for more outdoor seating.

I've advocated for every unused pad to be fronted by a festival booth and/or seating to get them away from the lakeside in order that they don't take away the view from the lagoon/fireworks and stop being chokepoints.

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