Free and secret Disney Transportation Trading Cards


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Here is the checklist for the 1st series of the Transportation cards:

1. The Gillig - Mickey Mouse
2. The Nova - Minnie Mouse
3. The RTS - Pluto
4. Ferryboat - Woody
5. Motor cruiser - Tinker Bell
6. Motor Launch -Chip
7. Mark VI Monorail - Buzz Lightyear
8. Mark VI Monorail - Figment
9. Mark VI Monorail - Jasmine
10. Mark VI Monorail - Jiminy cricket
11. Mark VI Monorail - Sulley
12. Mark VI Monorail - Simba
13. Mark VI Monorail - Donald Duck
14. Mark VI Monorail - Snow White
15. Mark VI Monorail - Mike Wazowski
16. Mark VI Monorail - Cinderella
17. Mark VI Monorail - Daisy Duck
18. Mark VI Monorail - Goofy


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In case those of you out there don't know, there have been Disney related cards produced for many years. I have thousands of Disney cards. There are cards for almost every movie and subject.


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I tried getting as many of these today (9/17) as I could. Here are some tips: (your milage may vary)

- The resort hotel Monorail Attendants and Monorail Pilots had more cards than anyone. One Pilot handed me a stack of six (!) cards at once. A guy at the Epcot station had two cards, while Magic Kingdom didn't have any.

- The Ferry Boat attendant gave me five watercraft cards, all on the Seven Seas Lagoon.

- The Bus Drivers seemed to laugh-off my attempts to get one, but the info booth outside the bus station at DHS had all three Bus cards.

- Some of the 18-set cards are still mixed in with the newer, 25-set ones. Half my Monorail cards labeled "X out of 18."

- Some of the cards are nicer than others, and they all have Hidden Mickeys on them. The Monorail cards are a little redundant, the Bus cards are nicer, and the watercraft ones actually have the best artwork. The Water Pagent card is my favorite. Still can't figure out the Hidden Mickey on that one.


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I don't know if they are still doing this but Disney's secret trading cards seem to have always existed and I just never knew!

Disney just released limited addition Newsies cards that are distributed by the cast after each performance. They actors were given 100 cards and so far I think 3 characters are already gone.


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When we were in Disneyland we took the fire truck (I think it was) from the castle down Main Street and the driver gave my son a card. This was in 2005, and I think he got one from the monorail in 2007 when we drove in the front. I still have both cards (somewhere)


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AWESOME! Will do this on my next trip. I love collecting.

Me too! :)


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They've been around all along, but most CMs don't bother to carry them because very few guests ask for them.
You have to be persistent and ask as many Transportation CMs as possible. You'll eventually find one that has them.
Here's a tip regarding the three bus cards. The RTS bus model is being retired in the near future, so that card will probably be retired as well. Get it now while they're still available.

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