Free and secret Disney Transportation Trading Cards


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I hope that my son can get one! He would love to collect them.
I started a thread about this several months ago. It can be difficult to collect them all, as CM's are not required to have them. I have seen them on e bay and Craig's list for as much as $100 for the complete set of 27. I have witnessed people badgering CM's for cards. I say badger because these people are not guest. They don't enter the parks they just roam around asking for the cards. If they happen upon a CM not savvy to their tricks they will try to talk them out of as many as they can. Their motive is to put sets together and sell them. We don't like this and won't give them cards because this is not for profit. This is for the guest experience . The kids ask me for them often and I am happy to give them out. And often I will offer them spontaneously if time allows. I have also found many folks have no idea they exist.

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My husband and I rode the ferry boat from POFQ to DS a month ago, and we talked with the captain.
When we went to leave, he handed us a transportation card, saying they have a few of them but no one seems to know to ask for one. But he gave us one anyway; maybe for the nice conversation we had with him?
It is a nice card and a neat idea!


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The current set has 25 cards.

1) The Gillig-Mickey
2) The Nova-Minnie
3) The RTS-Pluto
4) Ferry Boat-Woody
5) Motor Cruiser-Tinkerbell
6) Motor Launch-Chip
7) Sassagoula River Cruise-Flounder
8) Downtown Disney Water Taxi-Peter Pan
9) Disney Vacation Club Ferry Blue Launch-Stitch
10) Disney Vacation Club Ferry Green Launch- Merryweather
11) Magic Kingdom Boat-Dumbo
12) Grand One Yacht-Little Mermaid
13) Electrical Water Pageant-King Triton
14) Monorail Silver-Buzz Lightyear
15) Monorail Black-Figment
16) Monorail Teal-Tramp
17) Monorail Blue- Jiminy Cricket
18) Monorail Green- Sulley
19) Monorail Yellow/Orange- Simba
20) Monorail Gold-Goofy
21) Monorail Coral -Snow White
22) Monorail Lime-Mike Wazowski
23) Monorail Yellow-Cinderella
24) Monorail Red-Daisy Duck
25) Monorail Peach - Sebastian

There's also a different version of the 25th monorail version. They released it with a picture of all 11 monorails, but ther reverse said that there were 12. This was after the monorail crash in 2009, but before they had put the peach monorail together. That one is obviously the hardest to get hold of, but there may be a few still out there.

If anyone has any tips on getting either the DVC Ferry cards, the Water Pageant Card, of the GRand One card, I'd really appreciate it. They are the ones giving me the most difficulty, since I rarely take watercraft and I don't belong to the DVC. I also don't know who to ask about the Electric Pageant. Any and all help will definitely be appreciated!
I think I have the electric pageant one I could see for you...
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