Free and secret Disney Transportation Trading Cards


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I have a handful of these a bus driver gave my 2 kids during our last trip. We acted like it was a huge deal because it was so nice of him and he was so sweet but we really didn't know what to do with them. I saved them for a while but now don't know if I still have them - I didn't realize you could collect a set! My kids are 6 & 9 now and would love to try to collect all the cards, man I hope I still have them.


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I used to have cards from Pocahontas that we handed out at the Disney Store in Cleveland when they did a meet & greet at tower city. I miss the great Disney Stores we used to have.


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Are you someone that has taken your family to Walt Disney World a few times and are looking for something different to do on your next visit? Or perhaps you are looking for a souvenir that doesn’t break the bank.

Well, I have four words for you: Disney Transportation Trading Cards.

Disney World has created a set of 18 trading cards that are based upon the various modes of transportation at the Walt Disney World Resort.

There are three bus related cards, three watercraft (Ferryboat, Motor Cruiser, & Motor Launch) related cards, and twelve monorail based cards. The best thing about them is that they are FREE! They are not for sale (eBay aside), they have to be collected, usually one at a time.

Collecting an entire set is not easy, but what worthwhile challenges ever are? The cards are given out the by cast members operating the various forms of transportation.

To obtain a card, you need to politely ask the driver/operator if they have any Transportation Trading Cards. They are given limited numbers to distribute, so they may not have any on hand at all times. The key is to be polite and remember to thank them if you do receive cards.

The bus drivers will only have the bus related cards, and the monorail operators will only have monorail related cards, etc. So you will have the fun of exploring the various transportation modes if you wish to collect all 18.

The cards themselves depict the mode of transportation on the front and have interesting facts about it on the reverse side. These are nice trading cards and make fine items to keep and collect.

Don’t expect to be able to collect the entire set during one trip, unless you plan to spend a large portion of your vacation riding the Disney Transportation System(although some of you may really enjoy it.).

I would recommend that if you want to collect all of them to expect that it will take more than one visit and try to pick up the missing cards during future vacations.

This is yet another form of unadvertised Magic that can be found at Walt Disney World!
I. Want. IN.

This is amazing news.


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This is awesome! I collected all the bus and boat cards this afternoon. The key is to be polite. Monorail are extremely hard as the cast members don't have them. I collected 1 last evening. Today, I politely asked our bus driver and he gave me all three explaining they will be collector items very soon when they roll out new ones. On the way to the Yachtmans Steakhouse I collected all of the boat cards. Our captain, Mel, gave me a pile of 11 cards paper clipped together. This is an awesome and free experience/challenge. On my 8 day vacation, I only heard 1 person ask for them. If you have kids, this would be an awesome challenge for them. It also will teach them to be courteous and appreciative when talking to adults too. It's fun for adults too. I just turned 25 and had a blast. Happy collecting!


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The current set has 25 cards.

1) The Gillig-Mickey
2) The Nova-Minnie
3) The RTS-Pluto
4) Ferry Boat-Woody
5) Motor Cruiser-Tinkerbell
6) Motor Launch-Chip
7) Sassagoula River Cruise-Flounder
8) Downtown Disney Water Taxi-Peter Pan
9) Disney Vacation Club Ferry Blue Launch-Stitch
10) Disney Vacation Club Ferry Green Launch- Merryweather
11) Magic Kingdom Boat-Dumbo
12) Grand One Yacht-Little Mermaid
13) Electrical Water Pageant-King Triton
14) Monorail Silver-Buzz Lightyear
15) Monorail Black-Figment
16) Monorail Teal-Tramp
17) Monorail Blue- Jiminy Cricket
18) Monorail Green- Sulley
19) Monorail Yellow/Orange- Simba
20) Monorail Gold-Goofy
21) Monorail Coral -Snow White
22) Monorail Lime-Mike Wazowski
23) Monorail Yellow-Cinderella
24) Monorail Red-Daisy Duck
25) Monorail Peach - Sebastian

There's also a different version of the 25th monorail version. They released it with a picture of all 11 monorails, but ther reverse said that there were 12. This was after the monorail crash in 2009, but before they had put the peach monorail together. That one is obviously the hardest to get hold of, but there may be a few still out there.

If anyone has any tips on getting either the DVC Ferry cards, the Water Pageant Card, of the GRand One card, I'd really appreciate it. They are the ones giving me the most difficulty, since I rarely take watercraft and I don't belong to the DVC. I also don't know who to ask about the Electric Pageant. Any and all help will definitely be appreciated!


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You know you're answering a post from three years ago, right?
Yes I know. We were still able to get alot of trading cards in December. It was funny though cause when some of the drivers didnt have them they had other trinkets and have them to my daughter. It was really neat.


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We were there 2 weeks ago and got 9 of the 25 cards! It was so fun talking to the CM's and getting the cards. :)


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Our little boy was crying as we were leaving the magic kingdom on our last day of our vacation last year, and as we approached the monorail waiting to be let in, 2 monorail pilots who were hanging out noticed my son crying and asked what was wrong. We told them why he was upset and he told my son that if he agreed to stop crying he would hav a special treat for him!

He of course stops immediately and one of the pilots reaches in his pocket and hands my son a complete set unopened pack of those transportation cards! My son was thrilled!

We couldn't believe we had a complete set! They must give all these cms several packs of these to pass out throughout the day!

It was a great final Disney Magic Moment to our vacation!


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I remember they once gave me cards without even asking. It was a while ago so I can't remember how it happened.


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Sometimes when I ask the bus drivers they have to dig and find them. I usually feel pretty bad and strange when people on the bus are staring at me with some annoyance.


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Yes they are still available for the bus and monorail ask 1st thing in the morning as they are normally out by mid-afternoon. We picked up 12 on our trip last month (boats and bus)
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