Footwear of Choice?


I always got blisters until i bought a pair of new balance walking shoes......I even went back and bought a 2nd pair so I would have 2. I only wear them when I'm in disney and bought them at jc Penney about 3 years ago, since then no blisters or sore feet.


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For me and my foot problems, alternating two pairs, one in the morning and one in the evening, is a big help. So is swimming. Nothing like swimming to fix your tootsies. :)
Anyway...for those of you who do wear tennis shoes- do you just tolerate the wet shoe or do you have any secrets for tennis shoes getting wet?
Well, I do try to stay out of the rain, but have had shoes soaked in those ankle-deep "puddles" brought on by hard rain. I always have an extra pair to wear the next day, so the wet ones can dry.

I leave immediately after riding Kali, so its not a huge issue.

I am actually happier with soggy tennis shoes than slippery crocs. My feet slide around inside the crocs when they're wet. Hard to walk! :)


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Hubby and I wear Reef Flip Flops.. They are cushiony and comfortable.. I wore fit flops once and the bottoms of my feet never hurt once but the dang shoes cut up the top of my feet pretty badly..


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Good thread, I need to come back and read this. I'm concerned about having shoes that can take the water this year, since we are going during the rainy season.


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That's a great shoe, I forgot about those. Is the waterproof version too hot you think?
For summer in WDW, yes. I used non-Gortex ones last October and they worked great. Definitely want to pair them with a lightweight breathable sock. While they do say Ventilator in the name, they're still going to be less breatheable than a running/athletic shoe. But as far as all day comfort is concerned, you can't beat them.

I think you'd have the best luck with the Gore-tex version from late-Nov to March.


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I was a New Balance guy for years, but got a pair of Brooks Adrenaline before our last trip and I love them. I have flat feet, so anything other than running shoes with good arch support would cripple me. I made the mistake of wearing a very old pair of worn out shoes to the parks a couple of years ago and my feet were killing me after 2 days :eek:
Thank you SO MUCH- my DS has flat feet and has foot/back pain all of the time -he's only 10- just bought him a pair and he LOVES THEM!!!!!!! we have all kinds of orthotics, arches etc. but now-No more pain and they look good too!


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I know I'm digging up an old thread, but I was going to go and post something very similar to this until I found this thread. The last time I was in WDW. which was 18 years ago, I wore a sandal that strapped across the top, if I remember correctly. I know I didn't wear a shoe as I don't remember any problems with wet socks. I now have problems with my feet, plantar fasciitis, so I'm looking for a good sandal that I can wear all day that's comfortable and had good support and cushion for the feet.
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