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Footwear of Choice?

Club Cooloholic

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What footwear do you guys pack for your Disney trips?
Right now I am breaking in a new pair of Sperry Topsiders for my trip next week. I am also planning to pack Teva Sport Sandals or flip flops.
Where I am torn is sneakers. My super light pumas, or my cushy soled Target Brand sneakers.


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Just got myself a pair of Sperry Topsiders! They will be coming with me on my next trip! I most likely will only wear them in the evenings to dinner or DTD or something. I usually wear a nice broken in pair of Nikes. In September I wore these flip flops that are made out of yoga mat.. They are made from a company called Sanuk and OMG am I glad I bought those! They were like walking on clouds the whole day and I NEVER wear anything but sneakers to the parks! These are amazing!


Smitty Werben JagerManJensen
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2 pairs of broken-in tennis shoes and flip-flops for the pool. I couldn't wear flip-flops or sandals in the parks, but lots of people do.

My wife wears those Keen sport sandals and loves them. Not the most attractive footwear, but comfy!


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Just bought a pair of Nike AirMax Livestrong shoes. Expensive but holy cow are they a great pair of shoes. Plus they are cool looking too.

Not a fan of Nike shoes (just don't work for me, not opposed to the company or anything), but Livestrong is a wonderful site and does so much good for so many people. Thanks for supporting it!!

I always wore the same Reebok tennis shoes to Disney that I wore every day. I'd just get a new pair. Crocs, though very ugly, are also really comfortable for me. I'd alternate - tennis shoes in the morning, Crocs in the evening. :)


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Plain old sneakers if I am walking around the parks, if I am doing a little shopping, a cute pair of sperry's or sandals. Just depends but I need more support when I am doing some major walking....Either way, its all about the comfort.


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Our "touring style" is to have fairly commando mornings, hitting attractions from rope drop to noon, and then heading back to our resort for an afternoon break. In the evening, we adopt a much more leisurely pace, with a nice table service dinner, and more of an emphasis on shows and scenery.

To this end, we wear good sneakers (with moisture-wicking socks) in the morning, and slip into our Tevas or other supportive sandals for evening. We also find that varying our footwear this way keeps us from getting blisters.


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I love Adidas fitfoam slides! They are so comfortable, wet or dry, that I won't wear anything else in the parks. I wear the mens version because they have a thicker foam bed that the womens.

Bowler Hat Girl

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I started wearing crocs a few years ago, and I won't wear anything else! With any other shoes, my feet really hurt after a full day in the parks, but with the crocs, I don't even realize I've been walking all day.
This goes for me too. They may not be pretty, but even sneakers stopped working for me. I bring a couple pairs of Crocs sandals, and I usually end up in the clogs by the end of the trip.


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As I say time and time again, something that fits your feet that you are comfortable with, and is broken in well in advance of your trip.

Beyond that, I personally usually live in my Birkenstocks or my FiveFingers.


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My best advice is to go to the shoe store and try everything on! When you find a pair you think will work walk around the store until until people look at you funny! That way you have a better chance of finding what works for you!
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