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Flip Flop recommendations?


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Thanks, everyone. I'm actually 5 days out from my third Disney trip since originally posting this (WDW, DLP, and back to WDW), and have since fallen in love with Crocs Capri sandals and Tevas. Wish me continued luck!
I know its not what anyone want to hear but i'll be traveling with an array of Crocs this year, we did Disneyland Paris in the summer 2017, like full on 10 hour walking days and its still close enough in my memory that i can remember the pain! haha

Ive had a look on the website and the crocs flip flops/slider style shoes are really okay, much more subtle than they used to be and so light/comfy and airy.

Florida is unfortunately not about the fashion! ha
If you aren’t looking for fashion, I would give Oofos brand sandals a try. They are so comfortable! I’ve never tried a more comfy flip flop in my life. They are meant as athletic recovery shoes and they mimic the natural gait of your foot while absorbing all of the shock. They are made out of a material kind of like crocs but it’s much softer and more cushion-y than crocs.
I have Teva flip flops and Keen waterproof sandals. I pack them both and sneakers. I wear my sneakers daily in the park, but do pack the flip flops in my day bag as sometimes, a little break from shoes can make your feet feel much more comfortable and go further! Glad you found something that works!
I like Teva Mush flip flops. I have always worn them to Disney World! Super comfy. I am not a tennis shoe person at all.
THANK YOU!! I have a brand of Teva's and couldn't figure out how to ever find them again! After reading this and searching Amazon, I realized it's the same style I have been looking for!:geek::geek::geek:

I always wear tennis shoes in the parks, unless we are going to a nice restaurant (BOG or CG) but I carry flip flops because it's amazing how good your feet feel with just a little break from the tennis shoes. Once, we got stuck in an all-day downpour at WDW (Nov 2014) and flip flops would have been great to have that day. So now I carry a pair with me just in case!