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Flip Flop recommendations?

I actually prefer wearing flip flops, because they keep my feet from getting too hot. I have a pair of beloved Reef flip flops that are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. They have special padding near the soles, and they are just so comfy! I don't know if they still sell them anymore, but a nice pair of Reefs are a good way to go.


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I have a horrible time with my feet (wearing both my sneakers and sandals--Merrells and Dansko). Since I'm diabetic and can't really feel my feet, I end up rubbing a blister on the bottom of my foot from the walking and I just can't feel that a blister's starting until it's gotten to be too big (I've done the marathon races in years past and no problems...something about the standing and walking that does it). I think I'll try the method of bringing both sneakers and sandals into the park and trade off part way through the day. I've had to really think about function over fashion these days o_O :)
I have been to Disney numerous times and prefer flip flops over sneakers. Most of my trips, I've only brought flip flops, the longer ones, I have brought sneakers, too. But I mainly wear flip flops. Last time I brought my broken-in sneakers and my toes were killing me....and they actually turned black. You know what you like and if you absolutely hate sneakers, I would bring what you're most comfortable and maybe sneakers as a back up.

To answer the actual question....I have Nike flip flops and love them! I'm going to look at croc flip flops for my next trip
About to go on our 23rd trip with our 2 daughters in the past 10 years. We started off with tennis shoes, but found they didnt work, my girls both wear flip flops any kind and never complain. My youngest actually wore the traditional crocs forever. We then switched to wearing Teva sandals and never went back. We walk 15+ miles in them and have no problems, but within the last year I have been diagnosed with plantar fascitis and switched over to chakos. they are more expensive but definately worth the money
I have plantar fasciitis, I buy a nice new pair of shoes ahead of time and make sure they are broken in before I step foot on WDW property. But when they get wet it's not fun at all.
I second the Nike comfort memory foam flip flops! They're soooo comfy to walk around all day in. Me and my mum both wear them and my mum struggles with her feet quite a bit but loves them too. I know they're not necessarily flip flops, but I take a couple of pairs of JuJu jellies as well. They're fine to get wet and I've never got blisters from them either. I'd only ever go for proper JuJus though, not just plastic jellies from anywhere because the rubber isn't always great and they can cause terrible blisters. Perfect as well because you can buckle them up so you don't have to take them off if you're on floorless coasters :D


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Any recommendations for slides? I had a pair of Merrell Terran sandals that did okay for the first day but by the 2nd day, I rubbed a blister under the metatarsal head of my big toe (I always seems to run a blister there no matter the shoe :confused:). I just can't fathom "toting" a large tote with a change in footwear around the park--my family, who already thinks I have a shoe fetish, will never lets hear the end of that! :joyfull:


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I have owned two amazing pairs of Reef flip flops that I found in Tren-D over the years. They were very thin, black foam with a slight support at the arch and slim sort of snakeskin-print straps. I broke both and Reef no longer sells them online but they were very similar to these - plus the arch support. I'd recommend them SO highly if you ever see them in a store. I broke mine on a beach in Panama and regret it to this day.

Someone else already mentioned it but I also love Toms for walking in the park as I find them much more lightweight than sneakers. That said they don't do well in rain and they give you weird tan lines.
I have been on the search for the best slippers and I have found my holy grail in Olu Kai Slippers! Seriously, I have plantar fasciitis and have tried everything from $120 asics reccomended by my doctor and Teva sandals and every slipper with cushioned heels. They feel good but I love my Olu Kai slippers the best. I have bought 3 pairs for myself and I bought my husband a pair and he agrees. Like a cozy hug for your feet. I will take a pair of sneakers and my Tevas just in case for my 18 day vacation but try Olu Kai's they are wonderful!


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What about Sperrys? I hate sneakers too but love my Sperrys. Also, try OkaB sandals. They are cute and they have a rubber sole so they are perfect if you get caught in the rain


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Have you ever tried running flats? Thin light zero rise running shoes, about as close to barefoot as you can get.
Dry super fast, pack tight (easy to take couple of pairs). I spend many hours a day in bare feet so anything as clunky as flip flops would drive me crazy.
I really do recommend wearing Sneakers, even if you aren't used to it as it will provide support for your feet and help protect them from strollers if someone accidentally rolls one into you. If you do get new sneakers I do recommend wearing them for a couple of weeks before hand to make sure they are broken in so they are more comfortable and less likely to cause foot pain like blisters and etc. If you feel you must wear flip flops or sandals to the parks. I would suggest a closed toed Sandal like the Keen Newport H2, I haven't worn them but from what I can tell they are highly recommended. They will be like sandals but also help protect your toes from strollers/carts and anything else that could run over your feet.