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Finally at Single Digits!


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We go from 11/19-11/26. There are 3 adults: Hubby, Mom, and myself. We will be staying at POFQ. We have never stayed there and never been during this time of year. Thanksgiving Dinner will be at Trail's End Buffet and we have booked a CP package on 11/25 for dinner at Coral Reef and the 8:15 pm show. We are also going to visit US/IOA, SW, and KSC. I can't wait for this amazing trip!


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We are right behind you, have fun! We stayed in PO in 06 and LOVED it...wish I had taken pics of the grounds as my wife and I walked around and explored. I loved the bridges, try if you have time a carriage ride. Please, save some Mickey Ice Cream treats for us!
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What a great time to go! I hope you have a very happy holiday down there. I can't believe Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! I have personally never been down there this time of year but hear its fabulous.

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