Festival of Fantasy Parade coming to Magic Kingdom in 2014


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Do you know a video of FoF that have a good quality of sound? I want to hear better the music and all the crowd screem and it doesn't hear so good.


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Do you know a video of FoF that have a good quality of sound? I want to hear better the music and all the crowd screem and it doesn't hear so good.
look above in this thread


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I think the parade needs more dialog, would just give the characters extra interaction with the crowds. Mickey speaks so why cant the other characters?!


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The face characters where talking with the audience. Rapunzel sings "I have a dream" along with the track as well.

Yeah, and thats great, but characters like Merida who are just waving I think personally could interact with the audience more by using dialog. To be honest I think all characters on the floats peter pan, wendy, rapunzel, flynn, pinnochio, ariel all need to say something at least. I just think it would be a nice touch.


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this video has very good sound quality!

Probably one of the best videos, I am glad to see the anchor in the Peter Pan float swinging, although it seems a little too mechanical!! The fairies seem to have their Segway too! :joyfull: However, the Princess Garden Float seemed to be having some issues, where the princesses weren't turning around!

Overall I highly enjoy the parade, is it perfect, no, but it's enjoyable and refreshing.

I wouldn't mind some smaller supporting floats and walking characters: Small fish and tapestry and kites surrounding the Ariel float; A boat for Mr. Smee, and the Pixie Hollow Fairies walking around; a puppet of Queen Elenor in her bear form and tapestry of the four tribes surrounding the Brave float; and spinning teacups with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum before the Pinnochio/Dumbo float (and walking Gepetto to accompany Jimminy Cricket). :geek::p
Oh wishful thinking.


Why do people keep thinking the Maleficent unit will be taken out because "it scares the kiddies"?
Look at the crowd reactions from opening day...look at all the major promo so far (and that which is surely coming)... the Maleficent Dragon unit IS the highlight of this parade, and they are clearly promoting that element as a signature part of this experience.
I can see that just from watching youtube vids.
For the few kiddies that can't handle it, 99.9% of the parade route is clearly full of people who are blown away by that unit (amazing what a little fire can do...who knew?). And now there's supposedly word from Steven himself of possibly more fire?
Yeah...it's not going anywhere.

ps. These comments never come up when darker elements are in various productions at the other Disney parks. In fact, people usually want more. When did the WDW demographic become so toddler oriented...?


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If everything is working perfect for now, I think I can be happy with that for awhile. Despite the little things, it really is a wonderful parade as it is, and can definitely stand amongst the other daytime parades at the other parks in terms of quality. As much as we feel it could use certain elements, I think for now I can be happy with it in its current form and hope that any future additions will only make it better.
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Quick and Easy (and inexpensive) addition suggestions:

-Grand Marshalls in a horse drawn medieval carriage

-Little Mermaid- Seahorses on roller-blades or scooters, fish-on-a-stick flag things from other parades
-Peter Pan- Smee in a row boat (I know I've seen this in some other parade)
-Brave- Bear Puppets after the float? Or more dancers.
-Malecifent- As longs as the fairies are floating this unit is perfect

-A big spinning Teacup with the Alice characters
-7 Dwarfs pushing a few mine carts with gems, or carrying buckets of gems.
-Goofy and the chipmunks choreography feels awkward, what else could they be doing? Could Goofy be on the
float with Pluto and have the chipmunks do something else?
-Carnival Tent Girls- Flags or Twirly things or better yet some baton tossing!


I actually prefer the fairies on their feet...rather than the segway-like rovers. I know, I know... but the more I watch footage of them on those, they're just kind of slow and lifeless...but they had much more dynamic movement on their feet doing actual choreography. But I prefer more dancing/choreography in parades, so that's just me...

Ps. I love the choreography that Jiminy Cricket and the bubble girls do, and then the rest of the characters join in together.

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