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Favorite Ride In The Magic Kingdom

Blackie Pueblo

Active Member
A lot of the same rides keep coming up. Why do you think these are rides are the favorites? Makes you wonder what Disney did right on these and wrong on the others... hmmmmmmm:drevil:


Well-Known Member
CoP. It's quaint in that idyllic, early Disney way. But I'm itching to get my hands on the out-dated final scene to revamp the wardrobe...


Well-Known Member
Splash Mountain, followed by the TTA.

The Walt Disney World Railroad has always been a sentimental favourite, though. My first ever ride in WDW at age 3, and I'll never forget it. :)


Well-Known Member
top 5

1.Haunted Mansion-was the ride Id wanted to go on for years and I finally got to!
2.Splash Mountain-really pretty scenery and has the crazy drop at the end!
3.Mickey's Philharmagic-sooo funny!
4.Big Thunder Mountain-just to see my kid sisters face!
5.The WDW Railroad-last thing I did in wdw on my first ever trip I went the whole way round at night time it was magic!


New Member
1. Mickey's Philharmagic - Hand's down. Best 3-D film, I could watch it all day.
2. Splash Mountain - First time I rode it I loved it. Nice long ride too.
3. Space Mountain - Roller Coaster, not super fast, but still good.
4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Another roller coaster. First one I ever rode. =)
5. Pirates of the Caribbean - Might move up once I see Captain Jack in it. :animwink:


New Member
Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, The Walt Disney World Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't think any of them are better than the other, just different.

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