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Favorite Ride In The Magic Kingdom

Crazy Harry

Active Member
Wow, it just so hard to pick just one cause most of them are my favorite as I'm sure is the same with most of you. I'll give a list of five, the first being the absolute winner.

1. Splash Mountain
2. Space Mountain
3. Pirates
4. Haunted Mansion
5. COP

Probally pretty standard, but what can I say?


I would have to say Hall of Presidents

I mean, I know it's a scary thrillride, but it's deff. tops.

Bear Jamboree runs a close second.


New Member

Hmmm. Pirates or Haunted Mansion. If I could only choose one, which would it be?

Probably Haunted Mansion. In thinking about it, when I ride PotC, I'm not as "active" in watching the scenes. I just sit back and enjoy the whole picture.

But when I ride HM, I'm usually leaning forward, looking at the details, looking for things I haven't noticed before.

Yep, I guess HM wins out by a nose over PotC.

Man, long time since I visited doombuggies.com. I need to hop over there. :)

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