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Favorite restaurant?


Well-Known Member
You like the Flame Tree BBQ? I've wanted to go there, but I always go to Disney with people who don't.

Does anyone else like the 50s prime time, but disslike the theme? I hate when they act like they can actually make you do something. (I know, I'm a spoilsport, but I get enough of that everywhere else)
Flame Tree is my favorite counter service restaurant in all of WDW actually. It's very tasty :slurp:

And I love 50s Prime Time for the theming, haha. But I can totally understand why some people wouldn't enjoy it. To each their own.

Aggie Mom

New Member
San Angel Inn. There is actually better food elsewhere, but I love San Angel best. When I was little I always wanted to eat there, but the people I was with didn't want to. So, on my honeymoon, my husband and I finally got to eat there--so romantic. Then last May, when we took our son for the first time, we ate there again. It's becoming a family tradition for us.
my favorite restaurant is either Seasons in EPCOT or Colombian Harbor House in Magic Kingdom but i usually just bring a sandwich in a cooler.......
MK: Liberty Tree Tavern
Epcot: Tutto Italy
Hollywood Studios: 50's Prime TIme Cafe
AK: Rainforest

Fave in all of WDW: Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club :slurp:


New Member
I honestly really liked Casey's Corner and would say its my fave

MK- Caseys Corner. Launching Pad isnt bad either. Good theme, great use of space, and diving turkey legs lol.
EPCOT- Electric Umbrella
DHS- Pizza Planet (can ya tell Im a counter service fan)
AK- Pizzafari. Would have liked to try Rainforest Cafe too
Universal- Monsters
IOA- The Marvel one. Great soundtrack with like Foo Fighters and such. (all songs related to heroes)
DowntownDisney- Didnt eat there but Planet Hollywood looked incredible.
Boardwalk- ESPN Zone
CityWalk- They all looked good, but Hard Rock or ESPN would be more my scene
Disneyland- Really liked the Golden Horseshoe Saloon.
DCA- Dont remember anything good here, best food was at the Tortilla Factory, mostly because Colin Mochrie was in the tour part lol.


Well-Known Member
Once in a lifetime but totally can't afford it - Victoria and Albert's
Room Service - Grand Floridian
Closed down and sorely missed - Adventureland Veranda
family-oriented - Liberty Tree Tavern
best burger - Grand Floridian cafe
seafood - Narcoosee's
bar - toss up between Rose & Crown and the Ale & Compass
buffet - 1900 Park Fair
Steak - Le Cellier
Quirky atmosphere - San Angel Inn
Italian - Citrico's

If I had one day in each park :

Hollywood Studios - Sci Fi
Epcot - Chefs de France
MK - Cinderella's

Though I never stayed there I feel the trip is worth it:

California Grill


Well-Known Member
Here's another vote for Boma. I love it. Gasparilla's isn't bad, I really like Earl of Sandwich, Aloha Isle, and Yakitori House. I also like The Olive Garden. I don't think I've eaten anywhere super fancy at Disney...yet, anyway. I think all of the food at Disney is pretty decent or great.

Paul G.

Love to eat

Our favorite restaurant is Le Cellier. The steaks are great and the warm bread sticks are fantastic. I'm dining there twice on my upcoming visit and i can't wait!:slurp:


Well-Known Member
MK - Liberty Tree Tavern
Epcot - Marakesh
DHS - Hollywood Brown Derby
DAK - Yak & Yeti
DTD - Raglan Road, & House of Blues
Resorts - Spoodels, & Boma

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