Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED


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This is my guess based off of measurments from google earth but it looks like 4.5 to 5 acres is what the new Belle, Cindy and Ariel ares will cover. this does not include pixie hollow or dumbo.

That pretty much fits what I got... I measured the entire area of the expansion, including Pixie Hollow and the new Dumbo area at 8 acres.

Compare that to:
Big Thunder, about 2-2.5 acres
Space Mountain's show building, just under 2 acres
Pirates' main show building, less than 1 acre.

Remember that this new expansion will also be elevated above-ground to match the elevation of the rest of the park. They have an entire level BELOW all these buildings to do whatever they want... (It's been theorized that the Little Mermaid show building will be two-level...) Based on the blueprints, some of it appears to be new loading docks under the Be Our Guest and Belle's house areas, plus a short utilidor linking the new Cinderella and Aurora area to the current entrances to the rest of the park's utilidors.



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I'd have to say this is VERY welcome news. There are several Disney animated films that have little to no presence in the parks (and were popular movies), and others that have a tad too much presence (Stitch). Fantasyland has never exactly been themed like a real storybook land, was always something of a handful of rides thrown about behind the castle. I like the illustration of this reimagined Fantasyland and look forward to checking it out once it's finally finished.


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Has anyone thought that maybe the reason Pixie Hollow has now doubled in size from the original blueprints and has been pushed back to the 2013 opening due to plans not being finalized could be because they are adding the tinker bell dark ride that Al Lutz said Tony Baxter was working on? There is entirely too much land devoted to Pixie Hollow just to be a meet and greet and childs play area. Also Pixie Hollow is the one thing already designed and completed somewhere else so the only reason I can think of to hold it back an extra year and not announce the details is because they are planning on adding the attraction and the design is not yet completed.


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How does the expansion impact my visit?

Fantasyland is a big part of my visits (even as the kids get older!) Does anyone know when work will begin where I should avoid a visit?


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Fantasyland is a big part of my visits (even as the kids get older!) Does anyone know when work will begin where I should avoid a visit?

There wont be any impact on the current Fantasyland during the construction. So no reason to avoid a visit. :)


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Can anyone clarify this?

What does it say in the area I circled in red? I was thinking it said "Belle attraction..." does it? And what is the pink castle behind cindy's castle in the concept art?



No! They cant start taking ToonTown apart until my trip right after thanksgiving. I want my one year old daughter to get the experience before it goes away forever.

I doubt Toontown would close anytime soon even if they did start.

They've got all that 20K land to deal with first.


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It really would fit well! Imagine a Midway 3d game with you shooting arrows at targets themed to Robin Hood. Talk about awesome.

:eek: omygah
I would just die over that (I love Robin even more than Figment! blasphemy, I know)

First step would have to be, I don't know, having him back in the park!

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I am really looking forward to seeing this expansion. I don't know about the rest of you, but this expansion can not be completed soon enough. I really wish they would start now and have it completed by fall 2010 when I am back in Disney on vacation

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