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Fantasmic Reopening Watch


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I don't believe DPB ever made anything public at Midnight............

If it's just Cast Schedules tonight, would some Insiders have access to that?


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In the Parks
Lately they’ve been dropping news like this on their Tik Tok. That’s become their medium of choice with a DPB post following up a bit later.
Yeah we’re probably gonna get some sort of fun little tease on social media (maybe some video of the updated effects?) with a blog post with more info.


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Totally forgot about tomorrow being a holiday! If F! Returns with G+ and Dining, might booking start tomorrow, even if it's a Holiday? If Marketing Team is off tomorrow, earliest would be Tuesday IMO.......


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My hope, other than a premier around October 26th, is that Disney fixes that double "ending" for the Princess segment. It's beautifully orchestrated and ends perfectly with the Tangled "Now that I see you" moment but then they add back in the original ending of "Beauty and the Beast". It's super unnecessary and throws the segment off for me.

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