News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous

Vinnie Mac

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Sounds pretty good!

My only real complaint is that song list -- they have a massive catalogue of songs and yet they're using two from Toy Story, two from Coco, Into the Unknown which has been all over the place for years, and songs that are already in other shows.
I agree. I will say though there are some interesting selections here like So Close from Enchanted. The section about grief and death is really intriguing too I'm shocked Disney is willing to take such a deep and dark turn for an Epcot show but I like it


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They said the second song in the show will be called “Beating Of Your Heart”, well many years ago I believe Tokyo had a song called that or at least it was in the lyrics. Unfortunately I can’t find it and I can’t remember exactly what it was from but there definitely was a song like that. They’d have to change a bit of the lyrics if that is what they’re reusing.
TDS did Season Of The Heart I know.


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Today. Very busy day after the race.
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Vinnie Mac

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I think I like it better without the scrim, they don’t stand out as much. That may just be a photo thing though, maybe it’s different in person.
I thought it looked okay without the scrim but it does add a nice touch of World Showcase theming. Also it's apparently supposed to pay homage to ROE so I love it.

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