News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous


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Looks like IP is def a big part of it:

"With the stage set, our symphony takes us to the tender love of parenthood, highlighting childhood moments where each of our journeys began and featuring a stirring, multilingual arrangement of “You’ll Be in My Heart.” The symphony then transitions to “Proud Corazón” as we find our voice in a movement dedicated to the bonds of family. Friendship follows, with classic songs like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and “Friend Like Me” taking us back to the days of recess and friendship bracelets."

Set to a sweeping arrangement of “So Close,” a personal favorite hidden gem from Disney’s “Enchanted,” the romance movement celebrates the moments when we find someone with whom our melody blends.

Inevitably in life, we experience the quiet loneliness of loss, but as “When She Loved Me” and “Remember Me” bring us “Into the Unknown,” the echoes of those around us remind us that we’re never truly alone. As we come out of the darkness, the music crescendos to “I See the Light” from “Tangled,” launching us into our finale – and our second original song, entitled “Beating of our Hearts” – where we all come together as one and find our place in the great symphony of life. "
I was excited after listening to the YouTube video, and then I read this post. IP is so much a part of all the parks and now more than ever in Epcot. At least keep some of the park's original intent by making the nighttime show all original content. It just feels so lazy to use IP for everything. If they have to use IP, then use some of the original Epcot IP in a more meaningful way instead of the kitschy homage execution of Epcot Forever.


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Going to get more hatred with this one, but I’m almost starting to take this as a “we go on” spin off from Reflections of earth. This show is all about the good times and the tears but also getting a bit of a Tomorrows Child storyline as well.


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You mean the show that ended with the lyrics "Someday life will be fairer/need will be rarer/greed will not pay (no, no, no). God speed/this bright millennium/let it come/wish upon the moon"?

I agree on that one. But at least the rest of the soundtrack was mostly upbeat.

But everyone has their own opinions and preferences especially when it comes to music.


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Is this the first appearance of "Into The Unknown" in a nighttime show on Disney property? That's a powerfully sung song, so hopefully the fireworks are equally as powerful.


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Based on the written description, I’m curious how many of the IP songs are vocal vs instrumental. If it’s 50/50, it could be quite nice and less Harmonious-y.

Either way, seems pretty promising. The nation roll call at the start is a nice nod back.

That’s what I’m wondering to is how much of those IP songs are vocal. I don’t know if @wdwmagic is able to tell us?


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What gives me hope is that the score and IP song selections are so focused on telling a universal story of the human experience; birth, family, friendship, loss, hope. Everyone experiences these and if they can do it right I think it'll be a very powerful experience. The use of "When She Loved Me" along is rather inspired and probably will have a plurality of the park in tears.


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Wouldn't be a review of a Disney spectacular without all of the couch conductors and amateur vocal critics voicing their negative opinions. Can't wait to see Billy Bob and Skeeter's critique of the show's visuals in a month.

Great job, Disney! Beautiful emotive music that fits Epcot and tells a story! Can't wait to see it!
I mean… this is a discussion board

Btw nice first post. Welcome


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Now if they’d only find a place at DAK for Toy Story, I think we’ve covered it.

Still excited for the new show though.
Dinosaur retheme confirmed!

Take an exciting adventure through Andy's back yard at night and ride along with the gang in an RC car ATV in search of Rex. Will you find him before the sprinklers come on and spray everyone with reclaimed water? Hop on and find out!

Oh, and be careful, some of Sid's personal creations may be lurking out there. Not all of them are as nice as you remember from the first movie! :eek:

Vinnie Mac

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I have a mixed opinion on the music. I for one am happy there is singing, but what I don’t like is this show sounds more on the depressing side than anything unlike Harmonious. I mean nothing wrong with emotional parts and slow music but not the whole show. This world needs happiness and the music at least parts of it should be upbeat and fun, not all sad and depressing.
Hopefully the new description of the show isn’t describing the whole show and there will be fun upbeat parts.
I don't see how this is more depressing than Harmonious. Harmonious is desperately hoping for a better future while Luminous is celebrating music through life experience

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