News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous


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Bob every time someone suggests doing something original and not tied to existing movie IP:

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Then, after seeing what Bob did, Josh reacts to the same:

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Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that not every entertainment offering needs to be targeted at 6-12 year old girls and lifestyler Disney “Adults”.

Especially in a park that most children hate and whose prime demographic is intoxicated guests.


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Based on the written description, I’m curious how many of the IP songs are vocal vs instrumental. If it’s 50/50, it could be quite nice and less Harmonious-y.

Either way, seems pretty promising. The nation roll call at the start is a nice nod back.
If the majority of the show is instrumental, that'd be an incredible win. I don't expect it though. Like I said a page ago, this is the best we could've hoped for.

The show just needs to flow. No breaks for each song. They know they have to get this right after the flop of Harmonious.


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Yall are mad but this looks and sounds great.
Being mad is a full time job for some of these folks lol!

This preview already sounds better than then entirety of Harmonious. I love the new theme for the show, the instrumentation sounds divine, as does the vocalist, and we get an additional new song? Big win. My only criticism is the inclusion of "You've Got a Friend in Me" and "I See the Light." I'd rather watch paint dry than hear another version of either of those songs. It's moments like this where I miss being a local. I'd love to be there opening night but alas I've got to wait until March.


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I have a mixed opinion on the music. I for one am happy there is singing, but what I don’t like is this show sounds more on the depressing side than anything unlike Harmonious. I mean nothing wrong with emotional parts and slow music but not the whole show. This world needs happiness and the music at least parts of it should be upbeat and fun, not all sad and depressing.
Hopefully the new description of the show isn’t describing the whole show and there will be fun upbeat parts.

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