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Oh good, another food festival and now we have all those nice tables to eat our $15 food samples in the "college campus" World Celebrations Gardens area.

Also great, we wont be distracted by lighting in the cement as they are broken ;)
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For those who enjoy those little scavenger hunt maps, just a heads up that the current prizes are leftover from the Holidays hunt (I think it was Frozen cookie cutters) - at least this was the case at Disney Traders. The CM wasn't sure when the actual prizes would be available.

The popcorn bucket mobile order process was extremely smooth, even for it being the first day. The bucket is adorable, and the CMs were eager to point out how it lights up and everything.

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It really can be infuriating from an Original Imagination Attraction fan standpoint that the character of Figment is getting more attention then ever these days with an increasing number of ‘throwabacks’ to said Original….
And YET the current version of the ride through ‘Attraction’ is still as un-imaginative as ever.
The acknowledgment is nice, but dang it Disney….
It can also be like rubbing salt in the wound reminding us how awesome things used to be in that Pavillion.

I will say however that the first AA in the ‘Sound Lab’ has received some much needed maintenance work.
Probably the best condition I have seen him in a long, long, long time when I passed through earlier this week.
Second figure?
He needs some attention….

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In the Parks
The EPCOT 40th Beacons of Magic show has also returned for the festival, it was playing last night while I was at the park.
May have been a glitch, but does this one not have World Celebration programming? The floor was lit but seemed to be random and the columns were off


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I enjoy getting a chance to see some of the art come together. Mainly talking about the mural quest can help on to the chalk art and especially the 3d art. Couple of examples from today:




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I am for some reason a little undwhelmed by the menus this year. They are just missing something. I normally really enjoy this Festival's offerings. (And I'm no stranger to higher end food and the like.). I just didn't find myself gravitating to many of the choices. But, hopefully I'll be wrong and/or it's just personal taste when the real dishes are served.
It doesn't help that this year's festival of the holidays was exceptional for food.

I think farts this year has some boring old stuff and not much exciting. They price this one higher, so if it's not great its kinda rough

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Here at Epcot now, enjoying my first Arts Festival.

Here are some works of chalk art currently on display.

First, a Mission : Space inspired work in progress…


Next, Mexico Pavillion inspired chalk art.
Love this one…!


A few more pieces….


A slightly washed away piece featuring Asha and Star from Disney’s ‘Wish’.


Another nice one…


Another work in progress…..
Will return later today to see how it’s coming along.


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