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EPCOT Center 35th Anniversary Events?


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If anyone is in the park, now is a good time to head to the pop-up shop. The line isn't too long anymore and it actually moves. Not sure what is sold out though


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Could have bought the shirt last night from the app. Now all sizes sold out unsurprisingly.


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Well, we bailed early. I’m sure illuminations will be great, but our couch and a cold drink was calling us. Managed to get a hat from a stand. I’m sure it’s not an exclusive one from the pop up shop, but I liked it because it was sans figment and I only waited 5 minutes for it. Our shirts are coming next week probably as we ordered them on the app while waiting in line at the parking entrance. That was probably a good call.

It was definitely a bloggers who’s who there today. Even Mr. Lou fresh off his tour of Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai. They were all up on the media platform, along with the real photojournalists.

Didn’t catch a glimpse of Bob or Tony, though I probably would have been just excited to stumble upon @marni1971. Saw a few tank tops, so maybe I did hehe. :D


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It’s funny. We bought one of the shirts 3 weeks ago on the app. I really don’t understand why disney doesn’t have a one per guest limit on these types of things to limit eBay scalpers
Really glad I nabbed one of the shirts on the app a few days ago too. I was a little worried the order would be cancelled, but it just shipped.


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Check out the sold prices. Damn I knew I shoulda bought the ugly hats
I didn't attend. (I was there a week earlier). I didn't buy a shirt because, well, I wasn't there. Not only that, I'm just not starting to pay off my Disney Visa from my recent trip. Also, my shirt collection is increasing anyway. The way I see it: I retire in 2032. That's Epcot's 50th anniversary. I'll purchase something then.


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This is really sad. Sorta like an anniversary celebration of a funeral for a friend that started a decade ago and was repeated five years ago. But, hey, so long as people get that crappy merch dedicated to a park that hasn't really existed since the 1990s.

I don't know what's worse really. The tone deafness of Disney management and social media (hey, let's celebrate #EPCOT35 by reminding you that Peter Quill, someone 99% of you had no idea existed in comic books, visited EPCOT in the 1980s) and the fans who will scoop up as much of this crap as they can (yet, somehow, you just know the outlet stores and Property Control will wind up with so much).

And then the bloggers 'covering' a non-event event. And crowing about who saw who and who bought and ate what.

Nah, nothing has been Walmarted here.

I've honored EPCOT. I went to the last two of these events, but couldn't in any way justify showing up today.

The park is dead and this picking at the corpse is as morbid as someone at the mortuary playing with your Aunt Lucille's body. It's really grotesque.

EPCOT Center not only made me a Disney fan for life (or thus far), but molded me both in worldview as to what was possible and inspired me to travel to all those World Showcase nations and beyond.

The 21st century may have begun October 1, 1982, but rest assured that EPCOT Center never lived to see the actual 21st century (considering all that has happened, maybe that's for the best). The thematic mess of a park that Epcot is will continue to be so and get even worse. Do you really think The Weatherman, Chappie and Co. care and are going to unify it into a cohesive place, even one much less than the one that rose out of the swamps and scrub and existed for about 15 years?

Of course not.

What you'll have is a half-assed attempt to turn this park into MK 2.0. Because every Disney park today has to be a Disney IP park. You either accept it or you don't visit.

All the BS talk that likely was recited today by folks like Tony Baxter is just that. No one cares about EPCOT Center and the vision it showed or about the people who created it and how epic it truly was.

This is today's Disney and that really means Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Mickey and the Princesses (oh, we know there are other characters ... but we'll save those for private foamhead upcharge events -- see weekend announcement at DLP).

It most certainly isn't about innovating and doing the impossible.

And that's why this whole "let's gather here around the fountain, after we have sent our buyers to the merchandise lines, and 'celebrate' the anniversary of something that was great and was killed with intent' is beyond sickening to some of us.

Not enough pixie dust in the state of Florida will ever get me to one of these again. Sad.


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Just a few shirts hats and those heinous ornaments left. Everything else of value is already on eBay.
Really? I had the ornament in my hand at one of the stands and put it back just before checking out. It’s big, but I thought it looked pretty good.
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