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Interesting how it’s always the same demographic crying and complaining about “controversial movies” simply because the films don’t fit a certain mold. But that’s none of my business 🐸☕
I find it's all demographics that do that when movies don't fit their mold. But that's everyone's business.


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I'm generally optimistic, but feels like a lot of empty promises with that article.

Yes there really isn't any substance to it. These meetings between executives and bloggers are interesting to say the least. Not really sure what it achieves. It isn't like there are going to be any tough questions and hard hitting replies - otherwise media access for those outlets will be gone.

It’s PR. They have a poster boy that they can wheel out for the fans to say “we’re listening to you“ without giving anything of merit back. Resort Parking fees? They have a hundred spreadsheets saying how much they want to give back (and where they can recoup the cost elsewhere). Fireworks? Negligible cost. Fastpass or tickets cost? Forget it.
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There have been no controversial movies, only controversial reactions.

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