News 'Encanto' and 'Indiana Jones'-themed experiences at Animal Kingdom


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There will be uh, new animal experiences in this animal theme park yes? And not just random IPs from the region.. put that in World Showcase
The sooner you come to terms with the fact that Disney literally doesn't care anymore and will just make all of their theme parks into generic IP dumping grounds no matter how unfitting for the sake of pure capitalism, the better


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I really like the idea of theming it to a region of the world and one that isn't currently represented there or, really, in World Showcase - so that part is good

Encanto, fine, we'll see how it fits, but Antonio does have the connection to animals so can play off that, and if they do a ride using the Mystic Manor ride system that would be fun

I really don't think Indy fits the parks since he went around the world and said treasurse of places belong in a museum, not with the people of the land, etc. ... but is what it is and if they retheme Dino to the Indy ride that is a vast improvement from a ride enjoyment perspective


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Assuming they plan to drop Temple of the Forbidden Eye right into Dinosaur, yes?
There must be next to no 'savings' on replicating a ride from the 1990's so you have to assume this would be a new build that may take some references from the original IJA.

Wasn't there a long rumoured Indy and dinosaurs overlay rumoured for Dinosaur many years ago?

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So excited. Infinitely better plans than shoehorning Moana and Zootopia.

An actual Central/South American land themed to fit Animal Kingdom? And it looks beautiful? Count me in!!

Plus Indy is fantastic at Disneyland and Animal Kingdom sorely lacks an indoor family dark ride ala Mystic Manor.

Win. Win. Win.

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