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It could very well be the former Kodak VIP Lounge that hugs the left side of the Magic Eye Theater. I wouldn't hold my breath for the Upstairs to open.

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The old Kodak lounge is actively used as an office. It will be interesting to see what happens. How big is Figment's old M&G space?

It was very small. I was in there twice, all you did was walk through a open door and there was Figzilla, about a 30 by 30 space, with some cheesy back drop. I must say, I liked the poses he would do with you, like the back to back arms crossed pose!
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What I am curious about is if the offerings for 2016 are more plentiful then in recent years. We went to the Beach Bash at Typhoon Lagoon in 2015 and had a great time. Is 2016 a typical year in terms of DVC opportunities or are they stepping up their game a bit?

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The Epcot one will probably be upstairs. Unless things have changed. Which would also put to rest the rumours of it being moldy and unusable.
I did not notice any glaring mold or other cleanliness issues when we were up there on the Undiscovered Future World tour a few months ago. In fact it was almost disturbingly well maintaned for something that has been sitting abandoned for 15+ years. The remains of the surprisingly-intact Coloring Book room and the Rainbow Tunnel were without any dust or cobwebs which suggests they still have someone cleaning up there regularly.


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No AAA involvement. It's office space.
The last time I was in there was for the media walkthrough of MM+/Magic Bands. It kind of looked like a show scene from COP. As if the last act was updated in the mid 2000s... but without the AAs or music or ride.

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