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Disneytopia: My Dream Resort


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Let us now take a dive into the Sea Pavilion.

5 - Sea Pavilion: Nemo & Friends SeaRider

Must be 38 in
Here at the Marine Life Institute-sponsored Sea Pavilion, the scientists and researchers have invented something incredible, a shrinking submarine. Now, they are conducting an experiment where guests board this AI submarine (meaning it has artificial intelligence and can operate without a driver) and see the nautical world through the eyes of a fish.

Guests walk up a ramp on the right side of the pavilion, walking past a mosaic of a bunch of sea creatures amidst a sea background, similar to the one seen at the entrance to the Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot. Once they go into the building, they walk past a bunch of billboards of sea life, including real-life photos of clown fish, blue tangs, spotted stingrays, and octopi. They will also see advertisements to join the Marine Life Institute inside, as well as maps and artifacts from the fictional business.

Then, guests will walk into a room with diver gear and small submarines, similar to the one seen in Magic World’s Nemo attraction. A big screen stands over the door, which guests will look up to see a video of Sigourney Weaver (who was the announcer in Finding Dory.) Weaver tells the people about the Marine Life Institute and its mission, to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sea life while trying to teach people more about it. She then tells of their newest project, where they will board a “SeaRider” submarine and shrink to the size of a fish to explore their world. After this, guests will be led back to the main ride area, where they get on numbers to see where they will be sitting. There are two theaters that they can be in, but they must go where cast members tell them. Once the doors open, they go on in and sit down in the sub, which looks a lot like the Star Tours cabin, but bigger and with a larger screen.​

Once everyone is seated and strapped in, the submarine opens its window and shows the ocean. The submarine departs from the pavilion and into the sea, going down. Just then, as the submarine descends, it shrinks to the size of a fish. Pretty soon, the submarine will arrive in the Great Barrier Reef, where it enters one of two sequences.
  1. The submarine sees a game of hide and seek with Dory and her family. Dory will curiously inspect the submarine and accept it as a fish, and then the submarine will join her. It hides behind a rock, and after Dory counts to ten (not without forgetting what she was doing and then remembering it in the process), she finds them.​
  2. The submarine will see Mr. Ray and his class swim by and follow them. They will go to the drop off, where Nemo and his friends go exploring. After going past some interesting sights (including the talking clam from Finding Dory, some treasure, and the tank gang from the original film), they will return to the class.​

After this happens, the sub will notice something going up above the reef. It goes there and gets caught in the Eastern Australian Current, where they go to one of two sequences:​

  1. The sub swims around with Nemo and Squirt, who play a game of tag around the sea turtles. After being tagged by Squirt, the sub will join in the game and tag Nemo. However, before Nemo could tag them, the sub goes out of the current and to an unknown place.​
  2. The sub will hold on to Crush’s shell. Crush will then talk to the sub as it holds on before it lets go and goes to some unknown place.​

The submarine would look around to find itself in the sea. The moonfish will appear and give them directions, which will take the sub to one of two locations:

  1. The sub will enter a school of jellyfish, where they have to bounce around with Nemo and Dory to get out. Once they do get out, the sub goes past some coral reefs, and then goes upwards.
  2. The sub will go into the kelp forest, where Dory and Marlin are having a cuddle party with some otters. After admiring this, the sub leaves and goes upwards.

Dory will catch up to the sub and ask why they are leaving. Then, they start swimming in the dark, going into one of two sequences.

  1. Dory becomes interested in some pipes, so she follows them down into a big pipe. The sub goes after her, and they get lost in the pipes. Dory ends up in the Marine Life Institute at the touch pool, where the kids try to touch them. (Darla from Finding Nemo makes a cameo as one of these kids.) Eventually, Hank will help them out, squirting the place with ink to hide them. The sub and Dory then escape through a pipe and return to the ocean.
  2. Dory will go through the shipyard and call out to people, which makes crabs come out of objects and shush her. Just then, she approaches a cargo ship, where the giant squid is hiding. The sub turns and flees from it, but then they are rescued by Destiny and Bailey, who direct them up to the surface.

At the ocean surface, the last of the random two events will happen:
  1. Becky the Loon will come with a pail and scoop them up. With Marlon and Nemo, the sub is carried back to the reef and dropped by the bird.​
  2. The sub goes back down and gets caught in the Stingray Migration, where the stingrays help them back to the reef.​

Once back in the reef, the sub will meet with the entire Nemo gang, who bid them farewell as the sub leaves and grows back to its normal size. The window closes and then the sub returns to the institute.​
Sigourney Weaver will welcome the guests back and they will grab their stuff and exit the ride. Once they leave, they will follow a hallway into the ocean exhibits.​

6 - Sea Pavilion: Turtle Talk With Crush

Any Height
The Marine Life Institute is conducting another research project, one where they can talk with sea life. Their “Turtle Talk” project sees guests asking questions to sea life to learn more about them. Luckily, the main star of the show is none other than a sea turtle volunteer named Crush, who comes in regularly to discuss things with children. They can ask him questions, and even answer some of his questions about the human world. Along the way, there may be appearances from other characters from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. This includes Nemo, Dory, Squirt, Marlon, Mr. Ray, Hank, Destiny, Bailey, and if Pixar makes a third Nemo film (I have an idea for a Finding Marlon, where they go to Japan to rescue Marlon), they would add characters from that.​

7 - Sea Pavilion: The Living Seas Exhibits

Any Height
Come to the Marine Life Institute’s new location in Future City, where they have some unique fish to come and see. Here, guests can see many kinds of fish, sharks, rays, and even some turtles up close. Not just that, but they can learn more about them, take quizzes on them, and even sit back and relax. This area would be located by the river (where a road is so that they don’t have to go all the way around the park to take fish to the hospital area if needed.) This is like the Living Seas Exhibits at Epcot, with everything except for the manatees within.

Tomorrow, we will see the Space Pavilion.​


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We shall now blast off into the Space Pavilion.​

8 - Space Pavilion: Mission: SPACE

Must be 40 in
For those who want to be an astronaut, this is where you can train. In a 1960s NASA command center, this is where you will begin the training as an astronaut, and here, guests can experience one of two missions. Orange mission is an intense mission to Mars while green mission is a gentler mission around the Earth.​

On the outside of the station is a rocket as well as some planets. The guests will walk past the planets and then go through a hallway, which shows actual rockets, space suits, and posters with actual astronauts like John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. There are also posters of other space-themed attractions, like Space Mountain.

In a room, guests will go down one of two hallways. Left goes to orange while right goes to green. Both hallways lead to separate rooms, which are full of astronaut suits as well as things from NASA.

Gina Torres hosts a video show for both missions. She explains how both missions have significant roles, such as an engineer, a pilot, a mechanic, and a navigator. The teams work together to make sure their missions are successful.

After the video, they will go into multiple simulators. They will get on and strap themselves in. The cabins house four people, each with a single role. The designs of the vehicle are based off of actual NASA test simulators.​

Orange Mission is less intense than its Epcot variant, with less unexpected situations and less violent movement to avoid the injury or death of any guests.

The rocket blasts out into space and heads around the moon. Then, it goes around Mars. There is a wind storm, but the ship is able to get out of it. They go around the planet's surface, and then they return to the earth.

Green Mission is less intense and goes around the Earth in a clockwise direction. There is a tropical storm, but they make it through.​

The guests follow a passage out of the simulator field and into the Astronaut Exhibits. There, they can learn more about space and astronauts, as well as other space organizations such as the Soviet team that launched Yuri Gagarin into orbit.​

9 - Space Pavilion: The Astronaut Exhibits

Any Height​
After your adventures in Mission: SPACE, come to this training lab to explore, learn about, and ponder the galaxy. You can also learn about astronauts and cosmonauts who changed the course of history, from the launch of Sputnik to the Moon Landing. This is also where you can view actual equipment from NASA, play space-themed games, and take some quizzes about the cosmos.

Join us next time as we see the last pavilion in Future City North, Digital.​


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Let us no rush over to the Digital Pavilion.

10 - Digital Pavilion: TRON Lightcycle Power Run

Must be 48 in
Located in the back of the Digital Pavilion, this megastructure from the future is a vision of tomorrow. Here at this pavilion, they are exploring the digital world, and guests are invited to come along. This will take you on an adrenaline-pumping journey into the world of Tron.​

After walking past several futuristic-looking gardens, the guests will enter the building. Inside, they will find advertisements for video games and other digital advancements. This includes the creation releases of Atari, VHS, and the Internet. This also features how game developers are working with scientists to go into these worlds that they had created, something that was inspired by the experiences of one man named Flynn. They stop in a room to put their belongings in a vault before going onward.

Overhead, numerous video briefings explain what will happen, with Jeff Bridges (who played Flynn in the Tron films) giving the briefing. He gives safety instructions as well as an insight on what will happen. Unlike the original Shanghai version, this is a dueling coaster where people are either on team red or team blue (although guests don’t get to choose which one they are on but are just assigned to it.)

Soon, the guests will enter the big hall, where they will board their lightcycles. All of the lightcycles are grouped in groups of ten, with two lightcycles in a row and five in a column. Guests will get on and let the bars come up to them and the back rest place them in a biking position. Soon, they will be ready to go.​

The lightcycles will go side-by-side and enter the launch zone, which glows with blue light. They will stop for a moment to build things up. They will go back while a starting light up above beeps, counting down from five to one. As soon as it gets to one, the lightcycles speed out of the launch zone and go up a hill super fast.

As they gain more speed, the lightcycles go out into the outdoors section of the ride. There, they go through many twists and turns at super speed, making it all seem so fast. This is the fastest part of the ride, where it goes so quickly that before the guests know it, they’ve covered all of the track.

After going through the outside, the lightcycles then go back inside and into the grid. There are numerous blue and red lights all around to give guests a sense that they have just entered the world of Tron. The tracks will cross over each other many times, making it look like they are trying to cut each other off. Luckily, neither of them do. After many twists, turns, drops, and even a surprise second launch that takes them up a hill (like on Universal’s Velocicoaster), they drop down and make spirals before both returning to the load station.​

After getting off their lightcycles, guests will take a passage back to Future City, going through the interior where the rest of the pavilion is. Here, they can engage in the attraction’s other activities as well as see the pictures taken of them during the ride (which were taken during the first launch.)​

11 - Digital Pavilion: Flynn’s Arcade

Any Height​
Gamers of all kinds can come into this arcade near the exit to the pavilion, where they can play classic arcade games. This includes Disney originals like Fix-it Felix, Jr. (from Wreck-It Ralph), but others too. This includes classic games like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Q-Bert, and others, as well as TRON itself, the game that inspired the movie.​

12 - The Art of Digital

Any Height​
In this exhibition, learn how the digital world is constantly changing and evolving with technology. See exhibits devoted to the creation of modern marvels such as the internet, computers, and video games, as well as VHSes. This is the place where guests can learn more about this rapidly-advancing world and how it’ll only continue to grow.

Join us next time as we look at dining and shopping in Future City North.​


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Let's look at shopping, dining, and entertainment in Future City North.


A - Electric Umbrella Cafe

Located in the plaza of the park, this fast-food restaurant offers a quick and easy lunch for those who need it. Within a futuristic-looking setting, this is where guests can sit down and relax while they eat.​

B - Sunshine Terrace

Within the Land Pavilion, have some well-harvested food for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. This greenhouse-inspired dining location is found to the left of the entrance of Soarin’, and it offers meals and snacks.​

Pulled Pork Sandwiches………………………………………………………………………..5.25
Salad (fruit, vegetarian, or chicken)............................................................................................5.10
Flatbread (pepperoni or cheese)..................................................................................................5.15
Fried Chicken…………………………………………………………………………………..5.20
Fried Salmon………………………………………………………………………………..….5.30
Fruit Cup……………………………………………………………………………………….2.30
Cinnamon Roll…………………………………………………………………………………2.30
Chocolate Mousse……………………………………………………………………………...7.55
Strawberry Shortcake…………………………………………………………………………..7.40
Bunt Cake………………………………………………………………………………………7.50
Lemon Chiffon…………………………………………………………………………………7.45

C - Coral Corral

Located at the back of the Marine Life Institute complex is a cafeteria overlooking the aquarium. Here is where delicious food is served (but not fish, for fish are friends, not food.) Here, guests can eat while they look out into the water and see the sea life swim by. (Reservation Required)​

D - Big Dipper Dining Room

Located in the Space Pavilion, this is where guests can feel like they are in space. They will sit down in a place and look out the windows to see the icy blackness of space, and maybe a few planets. There is a possibility that guests will see an astronaut or two float by, or maybe a satellite. (Reservation Required)​
Martian Menu: Salad, Turkey, Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Corn, and Ice Cream..7.99
Planetary Plate: Vegetables, Fruits, Sandwiches, healthy dessert……………………………..7.99
Astronaut Appetite: Chicken, Roast Beef, Ham, Spaghetti, Meatballs, Vegetables, and Chocolate Cake……………………………………………………………………………………………7.99
Space Savorings: Salmon, Filet, Chicken, Vegetables, Potatoes, Fruits, Meatloaf, Fries, Lemon Cake……………………………………………………………………………………………7.99

E - The Grid Grill

In the Digital Pavilion is a quick service restaurant selling food for gamers and engineers alike. This is set in a futuristic-looking setting which adds to the atmosphere, and as they eat, guests can hear the otherworldly music of the Grid from all around.​


F - The Neo World Store

Within the plaza is a large shop, the largest in the park, where you can stock up on things from all over the park, whether it be the future, education, and enchantment of Future City, the wonders of Nature in Wild Island, or the power of the Force in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you can find it all here!​

G - Living World

Want to show your support for the natural world that you live in? Stop by here and purchase an item and do so. There are mugs, clothes, and more to be found, all in this shop.​

H - Seashore Sea Store

Come to the Marine Life Institute’s official store, where things from the company are sold. This also includes a bunch of souvenirs based off of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, as well as nautical-themed things.​

I - Space Supplies

Towards the exit of the pavilion is a collection of cosmic souvenirs, whether it be NASA or astronaut stuff to just regular technology from earth, it can be found here. This also features a bunch of astronomy and astrology souvenirs as well as telescopes and science kits, all to unlock your inner astronomer.​

J - Lightcycle Power Co.

From the digital world comes a bunch of wonders, including Tron souvenirs, video games, and more, all in this small shop towards the exits of TRON Lightcycle Power Run. Also in this shop is a collection of digitally-made maps and artwork that you can buy.​


In the annex greeting center are Mickey and Minnie and occasionally other people who would stop by. Interactive screens featuring Nemo characters are in the Seas Pavilion,WALL-E and EVE meet near the Space Pavilion, and Ralph and Venelope meet in the Digital Pavilion.​
JAMitors and Eat to the Beat also play in the plaza.
Tomorrow, we shall go down to Future City South and see the pavilions thereof.​


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Before we go into Future City South, let's see some concept I made for Future City North.

This image depicts the fountain with Walt dreaming of EPCOT as well as the four pavilions. They are, from left to right, Land, Digital, Sea, and Space.

Future City South has Spaceship Earth in the center, even though this is the home of the Towers of the Earth, the icon of the park. Just to add some variety, I had this ride instead presented on this artwork. It is part of the Communications Pavilion. The other pavilions, from left to right, are Engineering, Animation, Robotics, and Force (The Starspeeder 3000 above a Jedi Temple-esque building is part of the Force Pavilion.)

Now, without further adieu, let's look at Future City South as well as one of its pavilions.

The journey of discovering the universe we live in continues as we go southward. Here, guests will look up and see the mighty Towers of the Earth, a celebration of the universe we live in. This part of Future City has more to see with the works and achievements of humanity celebrated all around.

This area features five amazing pavilions, all with attractions to entertain as well as attractions to educate. Engineering celebrates the development of vehicles and machines, which you can do yourself on Test Track, where you design and test out your own virtual car. Animation showcases the art of animation and how it has evolved from hand-drawn animation to computer-generated imagery. It is also where you can go on a wacky journey into the animated world. Communications is the most educating of the pavilions, where the progress and evolution of humanity is commemorated, whether it be a look at the technological advancements of the 20th Century, a journey through the history of mankind, or an exploration of a possible future for mankind. Robotics is a place to celebrate the development of robots and technology, but it is also where guests will join Big Hero 6 on a high-tech mission to defend San Fransokyo against some rogue robots. Last but not least, the Force pavilion is where you can explore a Galaxy Far, Far Away, from a random spaceship ride through the galaxy to a harrowing rebel mission.

You may be asking, how the heck does Star Wars fit here? Yeah, that was a tricky part to make it fit, but I hopefully was able to do it. In its pavilion, I explore the science and mythology behind the Force. I also reflected on the influences of George Lucas and how Star Wars was as big a piece of humanity as it was as a movie. There is even a place where you can explore the science and lore of the Force called the Jedi Temple, so hopefully that ties it in. If not, oh well. At least I tried.​


13 - Engineering Pavilion: Test Track

Must be 40 in
Located in a futuristic-looking garage-type place, this is like the second incarnation of the ride (the more interactive one with Chevrolet as its sponsor) where guests get to design their own car and then virtual test it out in a simulator. This uses an improved version of the track that the original Epcot version has.​

Going under the tracks of the big building, guests will enter into an auto industry where new versions of Chevrolet cars are being designed. They will be split up by a mechanic and taken down one of two hallways, both of which are lined with new designs for cars. At the end of each hallway are doors, and eventually, they will open up.

Inside is the design studio, where guests take ten minutes to design their vehicles. Unlike the Epcot version, it does not require MagicBands or special keys to access. Instead, guests can get to designing their cars right away. They can design the looks and feels of the vehicles, but they will have to note that they will be tested on Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness, and Power. When the ten minutes are up, guests will exit the studio.

Both studios connect to the driving range. The concept cars from before will be assigned to a certain vehicle, which a cast member will direct the guests to. Once guests get on the simulator car, they put their belongings in a pouch and take a seat.​

Cars will go into the darkness, where on a nearby screen, the concept cars that were previously designed are shown. The cars head into a yellow-lit area, where the Capability test begins. Logging on to OnStar, the cars speed through the rain and skid. Luckily, it gains control and turns around. Then, it speeds up again over a small length and then makes a sharp turn as a lightning bolt hits. It then makes a speedy run through a futuristic city before going into a tunnel. There, the results are shown.

The next test is the Efficiency test, where the cars go into a green-lit forest zone as screens note how environmentally-friendly their cars are. Websites and costs are shown, thus showing how expensive and how affordable these cars would be, as well as how they would run. The results are shown at the end of the tunnel.

The third test is the Responsiveness test, where the cars start speeding through a highway in a desert setting. It goes around the hairpin turns, first to the left, then the right, then the left and the right again, and then into another tunnel. In the tunnel, they encounter a semi truck, but luckily dodge it. The results are then seen afterwards.

The final test is the Power test, where they are in a purple-lit tunnel. The cars stop for a moment, and then after a countdown, they speed towards a Test Track logo on a wall. The wall opens up and sends them out into an outdoors track, where they go speeding straight for a mile, make a 270 degree turn, make a 90 degree turn, and then speed back towards the building. As it goes around the building, the vehicle slows down and goes back inside, where the results are shown. The person with the highest ranking is congratulated.

After this, the cars return to the load station, where the guests grab their belongings and exit the vehicle. They will then walk on a pathway to the educational attraction at the pavilion.​

14 - Engineering Pavilion: Chevrolet Design Studios

Any Height​
After their tests on Test Track, the guests will enter a place where cars are being displayed. Here, they can learn how engineering vehicles and machines happen, and they have the opportunity to further test their concept cars. They can print it off and send it elsewhere. They can also learn how mechanics work on cars and such.

Tomorrow, we shall look at the Animation Pavilion.​


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Let's now take a look at the Animation Pavilion.

15 - Animation Pavilion: Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival

Any Height​
Guests come inside a theater where Disney and Pixar short films are advertised, including some that will be played during the festival. They will receive a pair of 3-D glasses and then wait. Then, they will enter a large theater and take a seat. Five short films will be played, which feature “Piper,” “Birds on a Wire,” and “One Man Band” by Pixar as well as “Get a Horse” and “Us Again” by Disney Animation.​

16 - Animation Pavilion: Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Any Height
Join Mickey and Minnie on a wacky ride through the cartoon world in an eventful journey where anything can happen!
The ride is advertised in front of the animation pavilion, which recreates the original Disney Studio in Burbank, California, which depicts a greek-like building being held up by the Seven Dwarfs. Guests walk in through doors underneath a sign, and so begins the experience.

All around are images depicting Mickey Mouse throughout history, from his conception in the 1920s to his more modern appearances. Later, guests are placed into a waiting room, which is full of posters advertising Mickey Mouse cartoons of the 2013 reboot series (which the attraction is based off of.) The place is designed in 1930s architecture, giving guests the feeling that they’ve entered a big theater.

Soon enough, the doors will open and the guests will enter the theater. This is a much smaller version of the theater where the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival is, and there are no chairs. Ahead is the screen, which is pitch black and has nothing on it.​
A cast member will come out and announce that the guests are there to see the premiere of a new Mickey Mouse short, “Perfect Picnic.” They will give the synopsis of the short, explaining that the Mouse duo will be trying to have a picnic while Goofy is now a conductor of a struggling train company. After this, the cast member will kick things off and step aside, allowing the lights to dim and people to see the screen.

Once the lights are off, the cartoon will begin. In the form of a song, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will talk about their planned picnic for the day. They get in the car and drive to a park, and as they drive, Goofy comes by. He has recently been given the job of a conductor on a train for the struggling Runamuck Railway company. While singing and driving, they will go over a bump, making their picnic basket fall out. Pluto also falls out and grabs the basket, hoping to its owners. Meanwhile, a pie is flung out of the basket and lands on the smoke belcher of the train, causing smoke to get trapped. This causes the train to quickly accelerate into a station much to Goofy’s horror, and once it goes into the station, the belcher explodes, blowing up part of the station as well as the screen that the cartoon is playing on.

With a big hole in the screen as well as the wall, the cast member comes out and sees what has happened. He talks with Goofy, who explains what happened. Goofy then looks at the audience and asks if they can come along, which the cast member gives them permission to. Goofy goes back into the station to fix the train while the cast member steps aside and allows guests to go into the screen.

When going into the screen, guests are immersed in the cartoon world. Everything is designed to look like it is animated, so everything is much more colorful and not as straight as it would be in real life. In the station, guests will wait in line for the train, which will come to them. (Don’t worry, multiple trains go at a time, so wait time won’t be too long.) All trains are designed the same with a cartoon-y black steam train (with no actual steam) and four brown carts following it. All of these are linked together in the trackless system, meaning that a magnet is located beneath the floors. Once guests board their cart, they will take a seat and get ready for the wild adventure to come.​
As the train begins to move, Goofy will open the window and look at the guests, welcoming them aboard the train. He will then push a button that makes the curtain drop on him, something that severs his interactions with the audience.

The train starts by going through a sunlit valley, and then through a tunnel, where Mickey and Minnie are driving. Like the Disney’s Hollywood Studios counterpart of the ride, they are presented in a shape that blends 2-D and 3-D imagery. During their entrance into the tunnel, Goofy fiddles with the controls, which causes the carts to shake and then separate from the engine. The engine goes down a different tunnel while the carts go off into the main tunnel. Panicked about this, Mickey and Minnie put their picnic aside and decide to go after them.

The carts go through a desert, where cattle roam and the steam engine runs amok on a bridge in a nearby screen. In another screen, Mickey and Minnie are on horses and holding lassos. They try to lasso the carts, but instead, they lasso each other, spinning around and creating a tornado. In the next scene, the carts are caught in the tornado, spinning around as they see Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, the basket, the horses, cattle, and more random things fly around on screens with the twister in the center of the room. There are also a few references to the Band Orchestra cartoon where Mickey is caught in a tornado while conducting a symphony, including floating marching band members and some pigs flying around too.

After this, the carts will be thrust into an amusement park scene, where Mickey and Minnie are looking down at the guests while on balloons. Meanwhile, Donald Duck is selling hot dogs at a stand near a Merry-go-Round. The tornado shows up and moves the carts around even more, making them go backwards into a tunnel.

Somehow, the carts get stuck in a river and go through a jungle setting, where the monkey from the toon “Mickey Monkey” is seen as well as Professor Von Drake, who is examining the wildlife in the area. The carts will break up and go into one of three showrooms, where Mickey and Minnie are on a boat going down some rapids. The carts follow them off the edge of a waterfall and plummet into the ocean. With this, the screens change to an ocean setting. They exit back into the room they were in before, which now looks like the ocean with fish, seaweed, and sunken treasure. Mickey and Minnie wearing goggles are seen swimming down there. The carts go past a giant squid and then go through a sewer drain, which takes them to a city.

In the city, there is commotion. Pegleg Pete is on a jackhammer in the middle of a construction site. The carts go past some police officers trying to catch them, and then they go into a dance studio. There, Daisy Duck teaches the carts how to do the waltz, which they respond to by swaying back and forth. After that, she teaches them the conga, making them get in a line and dance out of the building.

After going through some dark alleyways, the carts end up in a canning factory. They are moved towards a giant press which crushes anything that comes beneath it. Mickey and Minnie run in to rescue the guests, and luckily, they are able to pull the lever down and turn off the machine. With this, the factory becomes the park, now at nighttime, and the carts move into the next room.

In a final scene, the carts go past Mickey and Minnie, who are having their picnic and reprising their song from earlier. Pluto has returned their basket to them and is sitting next to them as they sing, acknowledging the fact that he was able to get it there. From a tunnel comes the steam engine, which reconnects to the carts. Goofy raises the curtain and looks out, saying how he hoped that everyone stayed together and admitting that he shouldn’t touch any more buttons. Despite this saying, he touches another button and closes the window again. With this, the train returns to the station, where guests get off.​
Guests walk out of the station and walk into another theater that looks just like the last one that they were in, creating the illusion that it is the same theater. Despite this, they actually exit through a different hallway and go into the inner pavilion, where there is a gift shop, restaurant, and an exhibition.​

17 - Animation Pavilion: The Animation Gallery

Any Height​
Within the pavilion is a showcase on how animation is made. In there, guests can experiment with animation from stop-motion to drawing, and even learn how animation has evolved from its introduction in the early 20th Century to its advancements of today. This includes notes from significant moments in animation history, from the introduction of sound in Steamboat Willie, to the first full-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, to the introduction of full CGI films in Toy Story.

Tomorrow, we shall see the most ambitious and most educational pavilion in Future City South, Communications.​


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We shall now see the most educational pavilion (and the most Epcot-like one), the Communications Pavilion.

18 - Communications Pavilion: Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Any Height

Located at the foot of the Towers of the Earth, this classic rotating show makes an appearance here at the Communications Pavilion. Although mostly a clone of the Magic Kingdom show, this has some edits to its final scene as well as a different exterior that evokes a futuristic moving theater. When seeing all of the technological advancements throughout the early 20th Century, guests will soon see that there really is a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.​
When entering the main area, guests will see a futuristic-looking building with gears making the title sign. They will go behind them and up a ramp. They will wait outside the doors, which are carved into moving walls with drawings of technological achievements throughout time, such as discovering electricity, the invention of the automobile, and the introduction of the telegram. There are television screens hanging from the ceiling, which show Walt Disney and the Sherman brothers talking about the attraction as well as singing its theme song, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”

When their turn comes, guests will be loaded into the theater. This is a darkened, 1960s-style theater with a bunch of chairs facing a curtain. There are six theaters like this that move around the six stages throughout the show. Once guests are all seated, the show will begin.​
The curtains raise to show a sign for the ride, and as it does, a voice from overhead talks about the history of the show. Walt always had a passion for progress, and when the idea of showing progress in a show came, he couldn’t resist it. The attraction first debuted at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, and it was a smash hit. It was later moved to Disneyland in 1966, and then to the Magic Kingdom in 1975, where it became the longest-running stage show in theme park history. Guests are now invited to see the educational attraction here at Neo World (this would not be where the Magic Kingdom version is relocated, but a second incarnation of it.) The theme song then plays and transitions to the next scene, the theater moving to see the second stage.

The first act is set on Valentine’s Day around the turn of the century (early 1900s). The father of a family, John, is sitting on a wooden rocking chair and his dog, Rover, is lying on the floor. He brings up multiple things going on, such as moving pictures, the Wright Brothers (whom he doubts will be successful with their flying machine), the creation of automobiles and the Transcontinental Railroad, and a bunch of new appliances, like a telephone, icebox, and a cast iron stove. He then calls to his wife, Sarah, who is ironing in the room to his left. They discuss how Thomas Edison is working on electric lights to replace gas lamps, which Sarah is optimistic about. She talks about her new washing machine, which shortens her usual two-day laundry job to just five hours. She is reminded by this to get the laundry before it starts raining, and although John denies that it is going to rain, he is immediately proven wrong. Shortly after, his son, James, begins to talk, and he is caught watching Little Egypt dance the “Hoochie-Coochie” with his father’s stereoscope. Initially, John is upset, but then he lets James get away with it as long as he makes sure his mother doesn’t find it. John then brings up the new talking machines, showing his mother in the room on his left, fast asleep while listening to a phonograph. John’s attention is taken back to the room on the right, where his daughter, Patricia, is getting ready to go to a dance. He tells everyone how she will be taking a horseless trolley and then tells her to be back by nine o’clock. At the end of the act, John says how he’ll be going to the city on one of the said trolleys to get a root beer, which he says is just a sasparilla with a new name.

The song comes and the theater rotates into the third stage, where the second act is. This time, it is the Fourth of July amidst the Roaring Twenties. John (perhaps an older version of James as the family would’ve had to have aged within the last twenty years) is sitting in a small chair with Rover (a different one than the one in the previous act but still the same breed) on the side, lying sleepily on the floor. John points out wires and electric machines all over the room, and admits how a lot has changed over the last twenty years. He brings up numerous events from the era, including the flight of Charles Lindenberg over the Atlantic, the construction of sports stadiums (during which he admits that Babe Ruth is the country’s best baseball player), and the advertisement for a new movie where Al Jolston will talk and sing (which is actually the first “talkie,” 1927’s The Jazz Singer.) Aside from this, he brings up how electric starters are replacing cranks in automobiles and how travel from New York to California has been shortened to three days with the invention of passenger planes. John reveals how Thomas Edison was successful in bringing electricity to their home, after which all of the electric appliances turn on. This causes a fuse that takes power out of the whole neighborhood. John tells his son, Jimmy, to fix the fuse and then power is restored. In the right room, Sarah is sitting with a sewing machine, making a George Washington costume for John to wear in the Independence Day Parade, as her Ladies Club is in charge of the festivities. John reveals that the whole family will be in the parade and how he and his wife will be going as George and Martha Washington. Sarah is happy that electric lights are on the porch, and then she says how Jimmy has been assigned to pick the music for the parade. In the room on the left, Jimmy is seen with his grandfather (who must be the John from the first act) and they are listening to a radio playing patriotic music. John says how they can get music and news from all over the country and that radio makes this possible. The radios announce that crowds are getting ready for the parade, which makes John rush his daughter, who is also named Patricia, to get ready. Patricia appears in the room on the right wearing a Statue of Liberty costume, worrying that her boyfriend would be scared off if he saw her dressed like that. John tells her that things will be okay and then switches topics to how plumbing has made it better for everyone on cold days, especially Uncle Orville, who is shown in the bathtub on the room to the left. He is there while a fan blows cold air from a block of ice nearby, which John is revealed to have set up.

With the song, the theaters rotate to the fourth stage, where the third act takes place. Set during post-WWII 1940s on Halloween, John (supposedly an adult Jimmy) is seen sitting at a booth table while a third dog named Rover, still the same breed as the previous Rovers, is lying on the floor. John goes on to explain new technology, such as a refrigerator and an automatic dishwasher. He also introduces television, when it works at least, that gives them the news every night. In the room on the right, the grandparents are asleep while watching television. The grandmother wakes up and changes the channel to wrestling. In the room on the left, John’s son Jim, a teenage boy with a jack-o-lantern, asks his father’s opinion, which John replies by saying how it’s scary. Jim claims to have used his sister Patty as an example, and then in the room on the right, there is Patty, using an old exercise machine from the 20s while on the phone, talking about a date for that night. Afterwards, John tells the audience how they’ve been caught in the “Do-it-yourself” craze and how they are remodeling their basement into a rumpus room. In the left room, Sarah is seen using a paint mixer that John made out of a food mixer that Sarah is less than thrilled using. While putting up wallpaper, the paint mixer goes berserk and shoots paint everywhere. John then seeks to cheer her up with their song, thus transitioning to the next scene.

The final act takes place on the fifth stage, where it is Christmas day around the year 2000 (do note that this is not how the year 2000 really looked like, but how it was seen in the 1970s-1990s by some.) The family is gathered in a living room and kitchen to celebrate the holiday, showing off new technologies. John is working on dinner while Sarah is typing on her computer. Meanwhile, an adult child (also named Jim) and his grandmother play a virtual reality game while Trish, the daughter of the current John, is sitting by the Christmas tree with her grandfather, who is supposedly the John in the previous act. Sarah and John show off some voice-automated technology, including Christmas lights and their new conventional oven. John cooks their turkey in the oven at Sarah’s suggestion, having no problem getting it to his temperature. Grandma reaches a score of 550 points on the video game, making John say it out loud in awe. The oven mistakes this and turns the heat up, but nobody notices this. Trish and her grandfather discuss the new technology that day, such as high-def TVs, laser discs, car phones, as well as automated plumbing. Grandma reaches 975 in the video game, making John say it out loud once more. The oven takes this in and blares warning signs, making John rush to the oven. Unfortunately, the turkey has been overcooked and is blackened. John hopes that in the next century, ovens will learn to read minds.

With the song coming one more time, the theater rotates into the final scene, which shows a picture of EPCOT on a billboard as well as a picture of Walt Disney with it. The voice explains how Walt’s fascination with progress led him to design a city based off of it, one known as the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The voice also admits how his vision was never fully realized and his dream was never built, but a theme park inspired by this concept, Epcot Center, opened in 1982, nearly two decades after Walt conceived the idea. The voice hoped that one day, people will come together and make EPCOT a reality, creating the utopian world that Walt hoped for. After this, the lights come on and guests exit the theater.​

19 - Communications Pavilion: Spaceship Earth

Any Height
By greatness, this popular Epcot attraction is here at Neo World. Located at the back of the park, this version of the ride is slightly larger in size and has a different approach. Instead of focusing on the history of communication, it underlines fourteen great time periods and the evolutions that came through them, as well as a possible view of the future.

Guests walk into the ride through the back leg of the geosphere, which shows a mural of evolution. On the top are Space Age astronauts while on the bottom are Stone Age cavemen. Guests will soon go behind the mural and into a silver room designed to look like a spaceship. Guests will go around the bowels of the ship and then board their omnimover vehicle, a time machine, which is designed with a camera, a screen, and a lap bar that comes down.​
The time machines begin to rise through a glittering outer space scene. As they do, adventurous music plays all around and the voice of your host (Jeffrey Wright) greets the guests.

Wright: “Greetings, time travelers, and welcome to Spaceship Earth. Together, we’ll embark on an adventure through human history, discovering amazing events that forever changed the face of mankind. We shall view the progress of humanity through the ages, seeing how they grew, and together, we shall see how the future can be built. You shall now have a photo taken of you that will be used later.”

Guests look at the camera, which has a screen to show their reflection in. The camera counts down from five, giving them the chance to prepare, and then it shoots the photo of their faces.

Wright: “Good. Now it is time to tell us about yourself so we can further see your future.”

Guests will then type some information into their touchscreens, including their hometown and their language.

Wright: “Now that we have that out of the way, we shall begin our voyage through time. We shall start our story millions of years ago, where our ancestors were a long way from where we are now.”

The time machines turn and pass through a screen, going through the first era, the Stone Age. This shows a bunch of early humans during the Ice Age, trying to hunt a wooly mammoth.

Wright: “A long time ago, we were in darkness. Our communication was limited, our resources were few. We fought to survive, but it wasn’t enough. We had to put up with coldness, wild animals, starvation, and the unforgiving world of the uncivilized. But some simple inventions would spark a light in this darkness.”

The time machines pass through a cave, where the early humans, a man and a woman, are seen telling stories in prehistoric languages with others watching. The cave art moves with life as they speak. While one man crafts a spear out of wood, another pets a wolf. Although no English is used here, Wright narrates what is going on.

Wright: “Communication flourishes as a way to survive, allowing the people to share emotions, thoughts, and information. The early humans draw on the walls, showing their feelings and inventing their storytelling. With this, they invent weapons out of resources for the hunt, preserve their legacy in the cavern walls, and make a ferocious predator man’s best friend.”

The time machines continue forward, going into the second era. The music becomes ancient music as they go through Mesopotamia. People are seen trading in a marketplace, a woman and her children say goodbye to a fatherly figure, there is a farmer selling wheat at the stand, and a ziggurat is seen being built in the background.

Wright: “Many years later in the valley of Ur, civilization flourishes. Here in Mesopotamia, towns and governments are created. With it comes many things, such as trade, family roles, farming, and religion.”

Later on, the time machines pass into an Egyptian setting, the third era. Here, there are soldiers training in the desert as well as statues of the god Anubis, which guards the entrance to a temple. In the distance, the Pyramids of Giza are being built.

Wright: “Later on in the age of the Ancient Egyptians, humanity progresses. They train in warfare and build structures to astonish, fit for the kings.”

The time machines pass through the temple and see many things. Writings are on the wall, all in hieroglyphics. Nearby, a sarcophagus is resting on a stand with jars nearby it.

Wright: “Within this, they develop papyrus. These things could be transported while the cave paintings could not, thus being able to share ideas and information with the world. As well as inventing this, the Egyptians also honored their kings by giving them the power of gods, removing all of their human organs and mummifying them. The pyramids are pointed to the sky so that their spirit may dwell with the gods.”

The time machine then goes into the fourth era, the Ancient Greek era. In the first scene, the first Olympics are being held. In a scene depicting philosophy, Plato is seen expressing ideas to young men. In another scene depicting Athens, men are seen placing rocks in bowls.

Wright: “Up north, the Greeks strive with greatness. They invent competitions in honor of their gods. They help spread wisdom in an age of knowledge. They create democracy, a government governed by a people rather than a single ruler. With all of this, humanity is making lots of progress.”

The scene then transitions to a fifth era, Ancient Rome. The city is designed with ancient architecture. A soldier in a chariot delivers news, and as he does, there is trading and music all around. Some gladiators are seen in the area, sharpening their swords with a blacksmith.

Wright: “As time goes on, empires grow. One such empire was the Roman Empire, a mighty empire who was connected by a million roads, all leading to Rome. During the height of their power, Rome is a center of trade, culture, and power.”

The scene suddenly takes a dark turn when fires are in the place. Barbarians are running around while the buildings are in ruin.

Wright: “But with power comes enemies. Rome is sacked by barbarians, and with it, Europe plunges into a dark age.”

The time machines progress into the sixth era, which shows a dark and murky European village in the Middle Ages. The music suddenly becomes recorder music while people are out on the streets, while monks are chanting in the distance.

Wright: “Indeed, a dark time for Europe. The people are suffering, hungry, poor, and ignorant. It is a difficult time to live in, but not all nations have darkness upon them.”

The time machines proceed into an Arabian marketplace, the seventh era. Here, middle eastern music plays as scholars are holding scrolls in texts. In another place, traders are giving away exotic goods.

Wright: “During this dark age of Europe, other nations are growing rich in knowledge. One such people were the Arabs, flourished by the religion of Islam. They share knowledge, educate young men, and trade exotic goods.”

Following this is the eighth era, which shows a Chinese marketplace. Inside the house is the Red Turban Rebellion, a group of Chinese individuals hoping to overthrow the Mongol rule in China. Nearby, Islamic and European traders are seen.

Wright: “In the east, things flourish as well. New ideas, new systems, and new hopes. The ancient Silk Road is revived, bringing things from Europe all the way to China. Within the Chinese homeland, a rebellion sparks, one that will bring down their Mongol overlords and restore order to the land. So with all of the good things coming to the Arabs and the Asians, why not the Europeans? It seemed like the dark ages would never end, but even in the darkest of times, there is light.”

The time machines move forward into the ninth era. This depicts the European Renaissance, where the Dark Ages ended. While passing through a room, Gutenberg is working on the printing press while in another room, Italian speakers are discussing knowledge, handing out money, and painting pictures.

Wright: “The Dark Ages ended with the Renaissance, a great and mighty booming of knowledge and communications. Here, inventions were created, universities were born, economies were created, and art was greatly expressed.”

In a continuation of the scene, a chorus is being conducted while Leonardo is painting the Mona Lisa with images of machines in the workplace as well.

Wright: “Many great philosophers lived in this time. One of them was Leonardo da Vinci, a visionary, artist, and inventor whose works would go on to inspire many. It was like he knew the world he lived in, but beyond the seas was another world that was crumbling under the new.”

In the tenth era (which overlaps with the ninth), the time machines enter an Aztec city, where children are playing, musicians are blowing through their flutes, and statues are being carved.

Wright: “Across the seas in another land, there are a great people. There, they are in order under the mighty Aztec Empire. These peoples in the Americas were unknown about until the discovery by vikings about five hundred years earlier, but it would be the Europeans that would spell their doom.”

In a nighttime scene, the Aztec city is set aflame. On a horse is Hernan Cortez. Spanish Conquistadors are seen, looting the city of its gold.

Wright: “Indeed, not all great things last forever. When Europeans arrived, they took the New World for themselves. Over the next centuries, the Europeans would begin to flourish and grow in power, but with power comes conflicts.”

The time machines go into the eleventh era, the Age of Revolution. They pass through a room where the Declaration of Independence is being signed.

Wright: “In early America, there is outrage over taxes and oppression, leading the people to take charge. A group of brave individuals led a revolution against the British government and successfully became a free nation, and that would inspire more revolutions to come, some which were more violent than others.”

The time machines view two more revolutions going on. The first is the Storming of the Bastille, representing the French Revolution. The second is a jungle raid by freed slaves, representing the Hatian Revolution.

Wright: “In Europe, the Kingdom of France is destroyed by its people, and after many years of turmoil and government change, it becomes a free land. In Haiti, meanwhile, the enslaved people take the island back from their oppressors, aided by the Africans who were brought there.”

The time machines then head into the twelfth era, which is the United States after the Civil War. A young boy is on the streets, holding newspapers announcing the end of the war. The machines pass by protestors ordering better working conditions. Later, they pass by Thomas Edison experimenting with machinery, a small cinema displaying one of the first films, and later, a field scene where the Wright Brothers are about to fly their airplane.

Wright: “Aside from political revolutions, there was also an age of social and industrial revolutions as well. There were racial revolutions that freed slaves from bondage, social revolutions that took away strict labor laws, and industrial revolutions that saw the creations of great machines, from motion pictures to lights and even great vehicles.”

The time machines then go into the thirteenth era, which is the late twentieth century. Going through a city, there are newspapers announcing the decolonization of many countries, while on the streets are the Civil Rights Movement. At the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr. gives his “I Have a Dream” speech. The machines then go past a television, which shows the Moon Landing as well as Neil Armstrong with his famous line: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Wright: “More great achievements would come. Following two great wars, empires would dissolve and freedom would be given to the peoples of colonized areas. Racial discrimination would be removed from the law by those who stood for a better world. Humanity, also, would take the leap to go beyond their planet and to the final frontier.”

The final era is the modern age. Time machines go through a garage where a man is working on a computer. In the living room, cell phones are plugged into the wall as well as an echo dot. Outside, it is nighttime.

Wright: “And now here we are in our world today, where technology is rapidly advancing. We’ve gone a long way from hunters on a field. We’ve traveled very far, indeed, on our spaceship.”

The time machines then exit through a wormhole and go into space. There, they can see the entire earth.

Wright: “It is our spaceship, our Spaceship Earth. For many years, we have built our future. Now, it is time to decide what kind of future you will have.”

The time machines begin to descend downward through a field of stars. As they do, guests answer questions about their futures (they only get ten seconds to answer each question to make sure that everyone gets it, and if they fail to answer, the machine will randomly choose something for them). At the end, it plays a video showing their futures (using their facial pictures taken from earlier) and how they will live. After this, they will return to the spaceship from earlier.

Wright: “And so there is your future. This brings our story to a close, and here is where we depart. I hope you have enjoyed this journey through space and time and encourage you to seek out your future, and remember, you’ve come a long way from where you started.”​
Guests will exit into the Project: Tomorrow exhibits, where they can further explore how their future can be,

20 - Communications Pavilion: Project Tomorrow

Any Height
After their time-traveling adventure on Spaceship Earth, guests will come to a center where innovations and ideas are shared. They can further build their future by rewatching their videos from the ride, designing new technologies, playing educational games, and even seeing historical exhibits based on what was seen on the ride, for the past can help inspire the future.

Tomorrow, we shall continue our tour of the Communications Pavilion by seeing the park's icon, the Towers of the Earth.​


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Let us now look at the park's most ambitious attraction and the icon of the park, Towers of the Earth.​

21 - Communications Pavilion: Towers of the Earth

Any Height

This is an interesting new experience that takes place within the icon of the park. The Towers of the Earth are big, identical, futuristic towers that reach into the sky at ten stories high. On the top of both towers are pointy spires. The fact that they are pointing upwards symbolizes humanity’s forward-progressing nature of reaching for the stars. On this journey, a supposed sequel to the former Horizons attraction at Epcot, guests will board the “Wonders of Tomorrow” and see a possible future and how to achieve it.​
Between the towers is a building, which guests go inside. As they walk through the gray, futuristic interior of the building, they will see sketches by Jules Verne and Albert Robida of futuristic machines, as well as older sketches by Leonardo da Vinci. There are also posters for numerous original Tomorrowland attractions from Disneyland. They will descend a ramp into the basement, and soon, they will enter one of two rooms by cast members.​
In the rooms, there are curtains hiding something. Guests will stand in front of it (but not too close) and wait. A voice from overhead (Meryl Streep) will welcome the guests, also announcing their “special speaker” being behind the curtains. The curtains rise after that, and when they do, the guests will see an audio-animatronic Walt Disney, based off of his real life figure. Reusing archival voice footage of him, Walt will talk about his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow as a slideshow of photos for the unbuilt community is projected on the wall behind Walt. This includes a picture of the city, drawings of the vehicles used in it, as well as a map of where it would’ve been in Florida. Streep's voice thanks Walt for his presentation and then the two of them invite the guests to come and see a possible future.

The doors near the curtain open up and guests exit the room with Walt bidding them farewell. Guests enter into the loading station, where they board the “Wonders of Tomorrow.” These are trackless ride vehicles with looks based off of Spaceship Earth’s time machines. The mentioned name of the vehicle is on the side of the vehicle, as well as several numbers referencing important historical dates (ex: 12-05-01 referencing Walt’s birthday, 10-01-82 referencing Epcot’s opening.) The vehicles also feature four screens, two in the front and two in the back, making sure that guests in both the front and back of the vehicle can interact with it.​
The vehicles depart from the station and move down a star-lit hallway on the left. While it does this, Streep’s voice comes to the vehicles.

Streep: “Welcome, people of the present, to the future. You are about to view a possible future where humanity has strongly progressed in technology, discovery, and more. Along the way, we will see how we can make this future together, but first, let’s learn a little about you.”

With the screen, guests will type in their name and home country and their preferred living standards (small town or big city, one job or many jobs, warm or cold, etc.), and once those are filled out, they will sit back. They get ten seconds to answer each question to keep the ride going.

At the end of the tunnel, Streep’s voice will come again.

Streep: “Now that we have that taken care of, we will now take a glimpse of the future. First of all, we shall see the cities of tomorrow.”

The vehicles will pass through a door that opens and closes as they enter. On the other side, they split up and go down one of three hallways, seeing three different things. On the hallway furthest to the left, they see a futuristic city with monorails, stacked highways, and towering buildings. Streep comments on this as “a hopeful society where urban problems that Walt had found solutions for are finally solved.”

On the hallway furthest to the right, they see a simple high-tech town with a futuristic design, which Streep comments on as “a place where old and new come together as one and make the perfect living places.”

On the hallway in the middle, they see a suburban area with futuristic houses that are all solar powered and connected to each other via power lines, which Streep comments on as “a society where our resources are well-used and essential to everyday life.”

The vehicles then reunite in a hallway and go through another door.
Streep: “And how is our colonization of unforgiving landscapes? Let us see that now.”

When passing through here, the vehicles split up again and go down three different hallways. The one furthest left shows a jungle area devoid of huge technology, featuring solar panels, natural resource-based items, and healthy energy solutions, such as windmills and water mills. Streep comments on this as “a place where people are using their natural world to live a better life.”

The one furthest right shows a vivid desert area that has farming and agriculture within it, as well as some flowers and trees. While passing by a techy farmhouse, Streep comments how humanity found a way to “make even the most unforgiving landscapes something worth living in.”

The one in the middle shows an arctic area, where a high-tech village is seen. Streep comments on this by saying how humanity is able “to finally find life in the most extreme of all the biomes in the world.”

The vehicles then reunite again and go towards a rocket-ship. When going into the cockpit, they all get in the middle, where windows show a high-tech city all around. They have really entered an elevator that takes them to the top of the east tower. As the elevator moves upward (but not too fast), the windows show the rocket going up out of the city, through the sky, and into outer space. They stop at a space station and the door opens up.

The vehicles leave the rocket and go through the space station. As they do, they cross over the bridge that connects the east tower to the west. During this part of the ride, the vehicles will split up and go through one of three different hallways. The one furthest to the left shows colonization of Mars, with people living there. Streep comments that humanity has moved on to colonize the furthest reaches of space, thus expanding their life to other planets.

In the hallway furthest to the right, guests will see a base on the moon, which features numerous robots examining the surface. Streep comments how technology has advanced so far that machines could see the universe for humans.

In the hallway in the middle, vehicles see a satellite orbiting the world, spreading signals everywhere. Streep comments how the whole world is connected via satellite transmissions and we know more than we ever did.

After this, the vehicles will enter the west tower and go into another rocket, this time going down. The elevator slowly moves down, with windows showing the scene changing from space to sky, and then, it splashes into the ocean. Once at the bottom of the ocean, they go into an ocean base and press forward.

Within the ocean base, the vehicles split up again down one of three hallways. The hallway furthest to the right shows robots picking up trash in the ocean, with Streep noting how people have finally found solutions for the garbage problem in the world.

In the hallway furthest to the right, guests will see an underwater building with fish swimming around it. Streep comments that this is “a new type of aquarium where people can see fish without removing them from their natural habitats.”

The hallway in the middle shows a dark trench where deep-sea submarines are exploring. Streep comments that people are “embracing the unknown and going deep under the sea to find out what alien world lives there.”

The vehicles reunite and then go down another hallway of lights, where Streep’s voice comes again.

Streep: “Now listen here. We’re not going to get this future unless we work to get it. We need to start developing these amazing things that we have seen, or otherwise, the problems that we have will always remain unsolved. If we want a perfect future, we have to build it ourselves. Speaking of which, we’ve come up with many different futures for you.”

The screens will then list three different futures that were created by the guest questions from earlier. Guests will select one of the three futures, which usually depict something that they had seen on the ride. After this, there will be a short video showing them in their future (although their faces are not used like they are in Spaceship Earth.) Afterwards, Streep will give a final speech,

Streep: “We hope that you have enjoyed this journey to the future and hope that you return. You might have a different view of the future next time, we’ll see.”

After this, the vehicles will arrive at the unloading station. Here, guests will get off and take a conveyor belt over to Project Tomorrow, where they can furtherly expand on their future.​

I may have constantly mispelled the name of Meryl Streap, but I don't know.

By the way, the towers seen above are based off of a real building in Malaysia.

Tomorrow, we shall see the robotics pavilion.


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Let us now head on over to the Robotics Pavilion and see what is there.

22 - Robotics Pavilion: Big Hero 6: Battle for San Fransokyo

Any Height
Come to the Robotics Pavilion, sponsored by Krei Laboratories, where some new technology from the high-tech city of San Fransokyo is being displayed.​
The backstory of the ride ties in with the events of the film. Following their defeat of Robert Callaghan/Yokai, Hiro Hamada and his friends continue their heroics as Big Hero 6, protecting the city of San Fransokyo against many threats. Their heroic actions have caught the attention of famous industrialist Alastair Krei, who’s been wondering who these mysterious heroes are. In the film, they had stopped Callaghan from completely destroying his company, and for this, he wanted to thank them as well as find them and have them demonstrate their technologies.

Krei took much interest in the San Fransokyo Tech College, where Callaghan had served as a professor. He noticed some fame coming to the school, where they had been funding several projects led by a prodigy named Hiro Hamada, brother of the late Tadashi Hamada. Impressed by these technological wonders being created by the school, Krei asked Hiro and his friends if they would like to show some of their technologies off at his expo in Future City. They accepted this and went with him to Future City, where they would be showcasing many of their tech, including Tadashi’s inflatable healthcare robot, Baymax.

However, there is something else that Krei would like to present. Following the aftermath of Callaghan’s failed revenge plot, Krei decided that he would never let anything like that happen again. Inspired by the Microbot technology that Callaghan used (which he had stolen from Hiro), Krei created a bunch of robots, calling them “Defenderbots,” hoping that they could fend off another great threat. However, trusting too much in this technology may be just another one of Krei’s mistakes.​
At the back of the park is the Krei Expo Center, which has a futuristic design to it. Guests go through a Japanese-style garden, which includes a koi pond and a zen garden. before going into the main doors. In there, they find a bunch of Krei technology, including robotic arms and vacuum cleaners that strangely resemble Roombas. Also on display are the Defenderbots, which are split into three models but are all painted silver. There are humanoid robots with lasers attached to their arms, crab-like robots with big claws, and insect-like robots with a cannon on their abdomen.

After going through the showcase, they will go down a hallway with advertisements for San Fransokyo, the previously mentioned city’s tech college, as well as Krei Laboratories. Guests then wait outside a room with a tour guide, who will take them on a tour of the showcase.​

The door will open and the tour guide takes them into the room, which they announce is the experimenting room. Guests look through a window (which is really a screen) into the lab within the room, where Hiro, Honey Melon, Wasabi, Go-Go, and Fred are working on a new machine, which is an oven that bakes food by voice command (a small reference to the Carousel of Progress.) During this, they notice the guests and greet them. Hiro welcomes them to the expo and tells them about what they are making, something that will revolutionize the daily life of those who cook, and then they proceed to tell what it is. While using a blowtorch, Fred burns himself, which alerts Baymax. He springs to life and then walks into the room. Hiro presents Baymax to them, and then the robot manages to heal Fred’s burn injury. Hiro then proceeds to show them a new invention behind curtains, which is a perfected version of the portal that was used in the first film. This is linked to one in San Fransokyo, where Krei is currently running his company while they handle the expo.

Just as they are about to show more tech, Baymax gets an incoming message from Alastair Krei. On his belly, he projects a video message, where Krei is panicked. He explains that a virus has taken over the Defenderbots and they are running amok over the city. He then advises them to keep the expo intact before a humanoid Defenderbot destroys his camera and brings a sudden end to his call. Knowing of this danger, Hiro tells everyone to suit up, but then Wasabi asks what the guests will do while they’re away. Fred then has an idea to allow the guests to come along in “one of the new defense machines” to help them deal with the robot attack. Although Hiro is reluctant to do it at first, he does admit that they need an extra hand. Hiro commands the tour guide to open up a portal to San Fransokyo, and they do that. The doors open up and reveal a portal, which the guests will step through.

On the other side is the loading area, where guests are put in a high-tech laboratory. There, they board a red, box-shaped vehicle with two guns and a seat (similar to the new Spider-Man ride at DCA.) These face towards a window (which is actually a screen that shows the ride’s events). There is also a screen that will keep track of points during the ride. Once in, guests will sit down and wait for their door to close.​
Once doors are closed, the vehicle will begin to move. The guns then charge up. Hiro’s voice will come from overhead, telling guests how to use them.

Defenderbots appear in all shapes and sizes and go around on screen projections. As the vehicle moves, guests will fire at the Defenderbots and blast them apart. With each robot destroyed, they will gain points. Crabs get five points, insects get ten points, and humanoids get twenty points.

While going through the labs, guests will battle with the Defenderbots, who cause ruckus all around. During this, Wasabi cuts through some rubble with his laser arms and allows some scientists to escape. Honey Lemon traps some humanoid Defenderbots in one of her chemical bubbles, allowing guests to shoot them easier. Go-Go then comes in on her wheels and informs the team that there are even more Defenderbots outside and notes how it is like “an apocalypse” out there.

Making a turn, the vehicles leave the labs and go out into a garden. Fred surrounds some Defenderbots with fire, but then he is carried away by a swarm of insect Defenderbots. Luckily, he is rescued by Honey Lemon, who breaks his fall with a bubble. He thanks her for this and they go on. While going through a Japanese temple, Baymax is seen battling with Defenderbots. He karate chops numerous robots and then shoots his rocket fist to allow guests to get out of the temple, even though Hiro says how using the door could’ve been easier.​
Guests then emerge in the streets of San Fransokyo, which have broken out into chaos with thousands of Defenderbots all around. Fred and Wasabi battle Defenderbots on a runaway cable car, telling guests to give them a hand. Guests then shoot on the cable car, and with the Defenderbots cleared, the two of them help rescue civilians before the cable car drives off and explodes. Passing by the Lucky Cat, Aunt Cass is seen with her cat, observing the conflict happening all around. She wonders if Hiro knows about this and also wonders if he is okay.

The vehicles then pass through a tunnel and go to the harbor. There, they battle more Defender- bots and witness a battle between the robots and Big Hero 6. Go-Go slices a humanoid Defender- bot in half, and then Hiro and Baymax fly by while being chased by a swarm of insect robots. Hiro says how Krei had really messed up this time before Fred scatters the swarm with his fire breathing. While passing through a cargo place, Fred is informed by Wasabi via intercom that his dad’s mansion is under attack. With this, he rushes off to stop them, with the vehicles following close behind.

After passing through another tunnel, they end up near the mansion, which is being besieged by Defenderbots. Fred saves his butler, Healthcliff, from some crab Defenderbots and then says hello to his father (Stan Lee), who tells him to keep up the good work. The vehicles continue into the gardens, attacking the Defenderbots while they are trying to get away with one of the statues (which strangely resembles Prince Hans from Frozen.)

Soon, Hiro and Baymax fly by and inform the guests that Krei is being held captive at the top of the city hall, and then he tells them to “check out something cool.” The vehicles begin to fly over the city, and as they do, they battle on rooftops and blimps with Big Hero 6. Honey Lemon is seen jumping around, throwing bubbles everywhere, while Fred is jumping and breathing fire. The vehicles then go to the top of the city hall, where Krei is about to be dropped off by some Humanoids. Hiro and Baymax save him and also informs the guests that the only way to stop the virus is to download a cure into the big mainframe, which he had hid in the San Fransokyo tech college.

The vehicles fly to the tech college and go inside. There, they rescue students from Defenderbots. Meanwhile, Hiro downloads a cure chip from inside Tadashi’s lab, and then he goes running off with the rest of the team. The team is suddenly surrounded by Defenderbots, where the vehicles stop and clear the robots. After that, Hiro rushes to the mainframe computer and places the chip inside the mainframe computer. WIth this, all of the Defenderbots stop attacking and instead fix things that they had caused. The guns turn off and pass through the lab, where Big Hero 6 and Krei thank them for their help. Krei admits that his new Defenderbots “have a few bugs,” and that he should upgrade them to not receive such viruses. Baymax waves goodbye to the guests as they pass through another portal. Once back at the Krei Expo, guests see their score, which is listed below:​

0-100: Robo Bait
100-1,000: Prodigy
1,000-10,000: Intermediate
10,000-100,000: Master
100,000-1,000,000: Expert
1,000,000 and above: Big Hero

When returning to the Expo, guests will get off their vehicle and take a hallway. This will take them to the robotics lab, where they can experiment with robotics and more.

23 - Robotics Pavilion: The Robotics Exhibits

Any Height​
After saving San Fransokyo from the rogue Defenderbots, guests will return to the Krei Expo to further explore the world of robotics. Here, they can virtually design their own robots, code and program robots, and even see how robots are evolving. Plus, Baymax has an interactive exhibit where guests can learn how to be healthier in their eating, exercise, and daily habits.

Come back tomorrow as we head to the Force Pavilion and travel to a Galaxy Far, Far Away.​


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We shall now go to the last pavilion in Future City South, the Force Pavilion.

24 - Force Pavilion: Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Must be 40 in
Embark on a randomized journey through a galaxy far, far away on this space voyage inspired by the blockbuster series, now including sequences from all nine episodes.​
When guests step into the Force Pavilion, they are supposed to feel as if they have been teleported to a city within the Star Wars galaxy (Coruscant, perhaps?). There is a small barrier between this and the other pavilions to further immerse guests in the area. The building can be seen at the back of the pavilion, looking a little bit like the Parisian version of the queue minus the X-Wing in the front.

The interior of the queue is almost identical to the others with its airport-like feel with posters advertising planets and flights. On a big screen are weather forecasts, advertisements for the Star Tours travel company, and flight statuses. Droids, Mon Calamari Officers, and other characters from the galaxy are all around, interacting with the guests and with each other. Meanwhile, C-3P0 and R2-D2 are tinkering on a Starspeeder 1000. The big difference between this version and all of its others is that there are no references to the original Star Tours. RX-24 is absent from the queue (but don’t worry, he will still be seen at Galaxy’s Edge as the Cantina DJ.) On the luggage are references to the other Star Wars films, with a few references to The Mandalorian Disney+ series. These can be seen and heard as guests see droids going through luggage in the cargo bay.

After going through the bay, guests are taken back to one of six theaters, where they wait outside. They are given 3-D glasses by flight crew members, who instruct them to remain outside until they are ready.

On a video screen, C-3P0 is tasked to prepare the Starspeeder 1000 for the captain, which he reluctantly accepts. While working on the controls, he gets trapped in the cockpit, noting how it’ll take longer than he thought. After this, a droid named Aly San San will give a safety spiel before letting the guests onto the Starspeeder.

When the doors open, guests will board the starspeeder, a big motion simulator, and place their belongings under their seats. Inside is a big screen and smaller screens on the left and right. Then, they strap themselves in and put on their 3-D glasses.​

The lights dim and the simulator moves up with C-3P0 unready to take off. He complains to R2-D2 (who is on top of the ship) about the misunderstanding, but is ignored as it begins its flight.

The big screen opens up and reveals C-3P0 up front, as well as the screen itself. As the ship begins to move, C-3P0 protests how he is not the captain, but then as the ship begins to leave the terminal, they are caught in trouble in one of six sequences, the last two of which were added to the mix:​

  1. The Starspeeder will be caught by Imperial stormtroopers and Darth Vader, who are searching for a rebel spy (where someone random in the audience would be chosen.) C-3P0 tries to escape, but Vader keeps them in check with a force hold. Luckily, C-3P0 is able to make him let go by firing at him, which Vader responds to by deflecting the lasers with his lightsaber. The Starspeeder makes a quick retreat backwards while being chased by TIE Fighters, and after narrowly escaping, the starspeeder makes the jump to hyperspace.​
  2. This is a modified version of the previous example with Kylo Ren replacing Darth Vader and First Order stormtroopers replacing the Imperial stormtroopers.​
  3. The Starspeeder is intercepted by an Imperial Probe Droid, which detects the rebel spy on board. At the same time, Han Solo (a de-aged version of actor Harrison Ford) would be under arrest by stormtroopers, but would shoot them off. He would escape on the Millenium Falcon and leave the hangar with the Starspeeder in hot pursuit. After some maneuvers, the Falcon escapes and the Starspeeder shoots down some TIE Fighters as well as a Star Destroyer before making the jump to hyperspace, even though C-3P0 protests against it.​
  4. This is another version of the previous sequence with the First Order instead of the Empire and Rey replacing Han Solo.​
  5. The Starspeeder is caught in the tractor beam of a Star Destroyer while leaving the terminal. On board, an Imperial officer (who appears on the small screens) will point out the presence of a rebel spy onboard. However, before it could be brought into the bay, Luke Skywalker would shoot the tractor beam with his X-Wing. This would allow the Starspeeder to escape into an asteroid field, but after almost getting eaten by a giant asteroid worm (similar to how the Falcon got eaten by one in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back), it jumps to hyperspace.​
  6. While leaving the terminal, the Starspeeder is intercepted by the Slave I. Boba Fett would appear on the screens and scan for the presence of a rebel spy. C-3P0 denies there being any rebel spies, but Fett denies this and fires at the ship. Luckily, R2 fires the guns at the Slave I, but then Fett comes out and tries to shoot the Starspeeder down himself. C-3P0 runs into him and knocks Fett down before leaving the Hangar and making the jump to hyperspace, even though C-3P0 shows some regret for it.​

After emerging from hyperspace, the Starspeeder enters one of seven sequences, the last two of which were added for this experience:

  1. The Starspeeder nearly crashes on Hoth, but then navigates through a battle. A rebel pilot would tell them off for being in the battle between the snowspeeders and the AT-ATs (as seen in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back). Later on, the Starspeeder is shot by an AT-AT and crash-lands onto a cliff. The Starspeeder eventually falls down the cliff and goes through the icy canyon like a luge, smashing through the snow. At the last second, R2 re-engages the thrusters and they fly off the planet.​
  2. The Starspeeder arrives in Tatooine and is pulled into the Bonta Eve Classic Podrace (the race seen in Episode I: The Phantom Menace). During the podrace, Sebulba’s dirty playing causes Ratts Tyerell’s podracer to crash, which then causes the Starspeeder to get stuck between Teemto Pagalies' podracer. This makes the Starspeeder go faster. Sebulba eventually throws a tool at the Starspeeder’s windshield, but the Starspeeder is able to pass Sebulba and takes the lead in first place. After crossing the finish line, the Starspeeder flies over the crowd and goes into space.​
  3. The Starspeeder arrives in Jakku and goes through the graveyard of giants, where it follows the Falcon as it is being chased by TIE Fighters (as seen in Episode VII: The Force Awakens). Finn will contact the ship, asking what they are doing there. The Falcon accidentally shoots down the Starspeeder, making it crash through the remains of a ruined Star Destroyer. C-3P0 suggests staying in there, but then scavengers take the Star Tours logo off of the ship. With this, C-3P0 pilots the Starspeeder out of the Star Destroyer and heads into space.​
  4. The Starspeeder goes to Kashyyyk, where clones are attacking (as seen in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith). They follow speeder bikes chasing Chewbacca and a wookie warrior on an ornithopter through the forest. During the chase, a scout trooper is hit by a tree branch and falls, and then Chewbacca falls off his vehicle and hits the Starspeeder’s windshield. The Starspeeder goes through the wookie villages while the Kashyyyk blue bird creature flies by and a single wookie swings around while doing the Tarzan yell. Afterwards, the Starspeeder goes out into space.​
  5. The Starspeeder goes past Endor to the ocean moon of Kef Bir (as seen in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker). They crash in the water and surf the waves for a little while before being thrust into the remains of the Second Death Star. After an encounter with the Dianoga, the Starspeeder escapes and goes out into space.​
  6. The Starspeeder goes to Endor and goes through the forests (as seen in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi). There, they get involved in a chase between scout troopers on speeder bikes as well as Wicket in a stolen bike. They eventually move into an open battlefield where the ewoks are fighting the Imperial forces. The Starspeeder is hit by rocks being thrown by ewoks and then gets struck by an AT-ST. After crashing into the grass, C-3P0 panics as the AT-ST gets closer, fearing that they’ve reached their doom. However, the AT-ST is then crushed by two logs used as hammers by the ewoks. R2 quickly repairs the ship and it takes off, going out into space.​
  7. The Starspeeder ends up in Geonosis (seen in Episode II: Attack of the Clones), where it goes through the asteroid field while following Jango Fett’s Slave I ship. It shoots off sonic bombs, but the Starspeeder is able to dodge them all. It then proceeds down to the planet surface, where the Republic army, aided by the Clone Army and the Jedi, are in a battle with the Separatists. Obi-Wan Kenobi asks what they are doing there, which C-3P0 replies by saying “I don’t know.” After getting lost in the canyons, the Starspeeder hits the bug-like Geonosians (which they wipe off the windshield) and then nearly crashes into a droid factory. While taking off into space, they battle some Trade Federation ships before escaping into space.​

After these sequences, C-3P0 will get a call from Yoda, Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Mace Windu, BB-8, Maz Katana, Lando Calirissian, Poe Dameron, or Padme Amidala, who inform them of an event that they need to take care of. They send coordinates to R2-D2, and they follow them to one of six locations (all of the ones in the existing Star Tours minus the Boba Fett one on the Death Star, which is replaced by an alternate Death Star sequence, as well as a new one):​

  1. The Starspeeder arrives around Naboo amidst the Trade Federation occupation (as seen in Episode I: The Phantom Menace). Naboo Starfighters try to take the Starspeeder to the hangar bay, but they are shot down by Vulture Droids. After being shot down as well, the Starspeeder plummets into the ocean, where it goes deep into the seas and comes to the Gungan city of Otah Gunga. They hit Jar Jar Binks and then wipe him off, going deeper into the ocean. The Gungans order the Starspeeder to follow the Gungan Bongo through the core of the planet, but in the process, they encounter several sea monsters, including the opee sea killer, which is then eaten by a sando aqua monster, which is then eaten by a colo claw fish. The guide escapes, but the fish tries to eat the Starspeeder. Luckily, it escapes and exits the ocean, landing in a hangar bay and hitting a Naboo Starfighter, either breaking the windshield or bending the tail. The pit droid then storms off angrily as the window closes.​
  2. The Starspeeder arrives above Coruscant, which is in the middle of a battle between the Republic and the Separatists (as seen at the beginning of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith). The CIS forces are piloting droid tri-fighter while battling vulture droids, seeking to bring down the Republic’s clone trooper ARC-170 starfighters. The vulture droids fire a missile that launches Buzz Droids onto the windshield, but R2 gets it off with an electric shock. However, the stabilizers were badly damaged and so the Starspeeder plummets down into the city. After several traffic misses, the Starspeeder navigates through the city and lands on a pad, hitting a droid before almost hitting a fuel tanker.​
  3. The Starspeeder arrives on Crait (as seen in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi). Upon their arrival, TIE Fighters pursue them. C-3P0 leads the ship into a salt cave, where they escape from the TIE Fighters and then blast out of the mine. They are pulled into a conflict between the Resistance and the First Order, during which an old speeder gets red salt all over the windshield, but R2 wipes it clean. Poe Dameron orders the Starspeeder to help them out, which C-3P0 accepts. General Hux appears on the small screens and questions their presence, and then he orders his fleet to attack them. The Starspeeder then destroys an AT-M7 before making the jump to lightspeed. They end up landing on Batuu, where they view the Falcon and other things before the window closes.​
  4. The Starspeeder goes through the red cloud and winds up in Exegol (as seen in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker). On the planet's atmosphere, the Starspeeder aids the Resistance, led by General Poe Dameron, against the Final Order. The Starspeeder successfully helps them defeat the enemy and then returns to the Star Tours terminal. Upon landing, the captain of the ship is seen running towards the ship in anger as the window closes.​
  5. In an alternate Death Star sequence, the Starspeeder goes through the moons of Yavin (as seen in Episode IV: A New Hope). The Death Star comes close, and the Starspeeder follows the X-Wing squadron to the space station. They attack the defenses when going through the trench, but then they are chased by Darth Vader and his TIE Fighter squadron. Luckily, the ship is saved by the Falcon. Following Luke’s X-Wing, the ship launches a bomb into the open porthole, and as the Death Star explodes, the ship returns to Yavin IV. When landing there, they barely hit a pit droid but otherwise land safely.​
  6. The Starspeeder goes to Starkiller Base (as seen in Episode VII: The Force Awakens.) After chasing the Falcon through the forests, it emerges in the mountains with Poe Dameron’s squadron. They lead an assault on the Thermal Oscillator, but their attacks don’t work. After some combat in the air with the Star Destroyers, they return to the surface after a hole gets blown in the oscillator. Following Poe Dameron, the ship goes through the snowy area and through a trench, going around inside and blowing things up. After narrowly escaping an explosion, the ship flies off of the planet and lands on a Mon Calamari cruiser, with C-3P0 noting how he’d be lucky to never be involved in anything that dangerous ever again as the window closes.​

After the flight, C-3P0 thanks them for flying with Star Tours. Aly San San gives an exit spiel and the doors open. Afterwards, guests grab their belongings and take a hallway out.​

Unlike the previous Star Wars attractions, which exit into a gift shop, this exits into the Star Wars Launch Bay. Here, they can see the Building of a Galaxy film, get some gifts, or meet some Star Wars characters.​

25 - Force Pavilion: Star Wars Launch Bay

Any Height
Following their adventures in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, guests can further explore a galaxy far, far away in a place resembling the Jedi Archives. In this place, guests can see props and costumes borrowed from Lucasfilm, take some quizzes on the Star Wars universe, and go through three meeting facilities. The “light side” facility takes place in a rebel base and gives guests the opportunity to meet Chewbacca, Rey, and the droids (R2-D2, C-3P0, and BB-8). The “dark side” facility is set in an Imperial base and gives guests the chance to meet Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and Captain Phasma. There is also a “scoundrel” facility, which is set in a recreation of the Nevarro streets and gives guests the chance to meet Boba Fett (as he appeared in the original trilogy), the Mandalorian, and Grogu. Located near the Launch Bay is the Cargo Bay and the theater, where a documentary film plays.​

26 - Force Pavilion: Star Wars: The Building of a Galaxy

Any Height​
Located at the back of the Launch Bay is a theater where guests can come in and watch a fifteen- minute documentary film telling the story of the making of the Skywalker Saga. This includes interviews with creator George Lucas, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, as well as directors, actors, and more. This tells the full story, from the original trilogy to the prequel trilogy to the sequel trilogy.

Tomorrow, we shall see more of the Force Pavilion by seeing Battle for the Galaxy as well as its semi-educational exhibit, the Jedi Tempe.​


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Here is the second part of the Force Pavilion, which contains a permanent Hyperspace Mountain called Battle for the Galaxy as well as the interactive Jedi Temple Exhibit.

27 - Force Pavilion: Star Wars: Battle for the Galaxy

Must be 40 in​
Prepare for a thrilling roller coaster ride through the galaxy on a heroic mission to defeat the Galactic Empire!
Seven years have passed since Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and with the collapse of the Empire, the New Republic has taken form. However, the remains of the Empire are still lurking in the shadows and hoping to bring down the forming Republic. With this in mind, the rebellion has not yet disbanded.

With Leia busy putting the New Republic together, Admiral Ackbar has taken control of the rebellion and is using it to take down the remnants of the Empire. Located near an old Jedi temple on Coruscant, Ackbar has set up a new base, where he is looking for recruits to help take down the Empire once and for all.​
Guests walk in through a garden in the Jedi temple. All around are statues of Jedi masters, covered in vines from years of neglect and abandonment. Later, they go into a hallway and walk down it, seeing old artifacts on display. This is a mix of many Jedi temples, especially the one in the prequel trilogy, even though there are some references to the original trilogy around the place. (For example, there are shipments to Cloud City, X-wing pilot helmets, and even some holographic images of rebel pilots.)​
After walking through the halls of the temple, guests will step into a hologram room. Guests wait behind some bars and look at the hologram, waiting for something to happen. A rebel admiral will wait in the room with them, and then they will welcome them. Once everyone is inside, they will close the door and then turn on the holographic message. After this, Admiral Ackbar will appear holographically in the room.

Ackbar: “Greetings, new recruits. I am Ackbar, leader of the Rebellion. We are working to destroy the remains of the Galactic Empire so that the New Republic can grow. We have detected some Imperial activity over the desert planet of Jakku, where numerous Star Destroyers have been sighted. Your mission is to go and infiltrate the Imperial forces so we can take them down. Now, since you’re all just new recruits, you will be taking some new starships that will take you to Jakku, but be warned. The Empire may be expecting us. Nein Numb and James Dameron will be leading the assault, and hopefully, it will go fine. Now get to the cockpits and may the force be with you.”

The rebel commander agrees with him as the message ends. Then, the door opens up and he lets them into the hangar bay.

The Hangar Bay is full of ships from all across Star Wars. This includes X-Wings, Republic fighters, Naboo Starfighters, and even some Snowspeeders. Guests walk past all of these as they walk towards the coasters. Guests eventually get towards the furthest end, where their starships are boarded. Modeled after Star Wars spaceships, these are two connected carts that both hold six people each, with three rows on each cart. Once guests get on, a safety spiel is given and guests tuck their belongings into a pouch.​
The vehicles begin to move and go through a tunnel, which gives the light of day as they descend. Soon, the light becomes space as they ascend a lift, and as they ascend, music plays and rebel pilots say “gold leader, stepping by,” “red leader, Standing by,” and the like.

Then, at the top of the lift, the coaster goes down and goes through a lightspeed tunnel. As they accelerate, they come out of the tunnel. However, the Star Destroyers are all facing their direction.

Pilot: “Why are they all facing us?”

Ackbar: “They’ve been expecting us! It’s a trap!”

Much to Ackbar’s dismay, the Empire has been waiting all along. A TIE Fighter approaches, but the coaster quickly turns and dips. All around, a dogfight happens between the X-Wings and TIE Fighters and red and green lights blast back and forth. In the distance, a TIE Fighter blows up, signaling a big drop as well as a sharp turn to the right.

Pilot: “Take fire to the Star Destroyers!”

At the command of the pilot, the coasters fly over a Star Destroyer and fire at the cannons. As the cannons fire, they go out of the reach of the ships and see an X-Wing blow up. The ship goes up, but then goes down when it comes across a TIE FIghter.

Pilot 2: “Wait, what’s that over there?”

People look over the atmosphere of Jakku and see a Death Star-like structure. Surprised by this, Ackbar gives orders.

Ackbar: “Another Death Star? How can this be?”

Pilot 2: “What do we do?”

Ackbar: “Take fire at it!”

The ships then go towards the station, but they have to dodge fires from TIE Fighters and X-Wings. However, they get there eventually and go into the interior of it (similar to how the Falcon went into the second Death Star in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.) The ship dodges TIE Fighters and heads to the core. There, X-Wings fire at the core and then make a sudden turn around. At full speed, it exits the Death Star and goes back into the battlefield. A big Star Destroyer comes into view, and the ship shoots a missile at it. This blows up the Star Destroyer, causing it to plummet into Jakku’s surface. (this explains how the wrecked battleships in Episode VII: The Force Awakens got there.)

Ackbar: “We did it! We took them down! Let’s get back to the base!”

The ships go through a second lightspeed tunnel and then exit back into the city of Coruscant. It heads into the Temple, and when it goes through the hangar, Ackbar gives one last saying:

Ackbar: “Congratulations, new recruits. The New Republic owes you a lot. Now if you excuse me, I’m heading into retirement.”

Soon, the ships will return to the hangar and unload guests. They gather their stuff as an exit spiel is given.​
Guests take a secret passage into the Jedi Temple, where they can further explore the mystery and science behind the force, which I hope will make the pavilion fit in the educational theming of Future City.​

28 - Force Pavilion: The Jedi Temple

Any Height
After their defeat of the Galactic Empire, guests can come to the Jedi Temple and explore its mysteries. Here, they can learn of the science and lore behind the force, as well as some notes from George Lucas furtherly explaining things. Guests can also see the Jedi Archives, where they can learn more about the Jedi and the Sith. Outside, younglings can train with Jedi Masters, using the force and facing Sith Lords later on.

And that concludes the pavilions of Future City South. Join us tomorrow as we look at dining, shopping, and entertainment in the area.​


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Let's finish our tour of Future City South with the amenities of the area.​


K - Cool Wash

Located just outside of Test Track, this is a place to grab a snack or a quick meal. This gives a garage-like design and futuristic atmosphere that guests can eat in.​

L - Animator’s Palate

Inside the Animation Pavilion is an inspiring setting that makes guests feel like they’ve entered the mind of a Disney animator. All around are sketches from Disney and Pixar films as well as animation and art-based things. There are also screens where characters interact with guests. (This is like a similar restaurant found on certain Disney Cruise Ships.) (Reservation Required.)​
Mozzarella Sticks………………………………………………………………………………3.00
Chicken-fried Steak……………………………………………………………………………5.25
Country-fried Steak…………………………………………………………………………….5.15
Country-fried Chicken…………………………………………………………………………5.30
BBQ Chicken…………………………………………………………………………………..5.25
Tenderloin Steak……………………………………………………………………………….5.45
Hand-sliced Turkey…………………………………………………………………………….5.30
Cesar Salad…………………………………………………………………………………..…5.15
Fruit Salad……………………………………………………………………………………...5.25
Vegetable Salad………………………………………………………………………………...5.00
Kids Meals:
Chicken Nuggets……………………………………………………………………………….3.50
Mac & Cheese……………………………………………………………………………….....3.45
Chocolate Mousse……………………………………………………………………………...8.15
Lemon Cake……………………………………………………………………………………8.25
Chocolate Cake………………………………………………………………………………...8.25
Red Velvet Cake………………………………………………………………………………..8.25
Ice Cream………………………………………………………………………………………8.15
Mickey Bars……………………………………………………………………………………8.15

M - Bites and Pieces

A small snack stand is located just outside of Spaceship Earth. There, guests can get small snacks and desserts for when they are on the go.​

N - Tomorrow Cookers

Located between the Carousel of Progress and the Towers of the Earth, this building offers a fast food restaurant where people can get some food or just a small snack. Inside the building is concept art for Walt’s original vision of EPCOT, as well as a detailed map on the floor, something guests might miss if they don’t look down. With its good selection of foods, this will certainly be giving people a taste of their future.​

O - Refuel Station

Near the Krei Expo is a snack stand where guests can get desserts and drinks to recharge their batteries before their next adventure. This includes Japanese shaved ice, Baymax ice cream, and even some mickey bars.​

P - Lunching Pad

Located near Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, this restaurant is where guests can sit down and be immersed in a galactic atmosphere with the presence of droids, ships, and aliens near the table (think of Rainforest Cafe, but Star Wars and set in a hangar bay.) Here, guests can feast on an array of intergalactic food and listen to the sounds all around them. (Reservation required.)​

Q - Sarlaac Snacks

Near the Jedi Temple is a snack stand where guests can eat Star Wars-inspired snacks, from Bantha milk to Wookie Cookies and even some BB-8 ice cream.​


R - Pit Stop Shop

Located at the exits to the Chevrolet Design Studio is a gift shop selling Test Track-themed souvenirs as well as other car stuff. This includes things from Disney*Pixar’s Cars.​

S - Cartoon Curiosities

Towards the exits to the Animation Pavilion is a gift shop selling souvenirs themed to the biggest names in Disney animation. This includes Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Pixar, and more, all which can be found in this shop.​

T - Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Behind the Carousel of Progress is a gift shop that sells souvenirs themed to the Communications Pavilion. This includes the three major attractions in the area as well as souvenirs based on the educational aspects of the park, which pay homage to the original Epcot Center.​

U - Robo Stuff

At the exit to the Krei Expo is a gift shop selling Krei gear as well as souvenirs based off of Big Hero 6. Guests can also get their own robotics kits, where they can build their own miniature robots.​

V - Cargo Bay

After exploring the Launch Bay, guests can head to this gift shop for everything Star Wars. This includes toys, costumes, apparel, and more. This also features advertisements for Star Tours, showing their several locations, which now include Batuu.​

W - Jedi Temple Traders

In the Jedi Temple are lost treasures of the Jedi, which are being sold to the new generation of Jedi coming in. This includes Jedi and rebel-themed souvenirs, as well as more Star Wars gear.​


Character experiences include Lightning McQueen, Mater, Red, Cruz, and Boost in Engineering, Disney animated characters in Animation, Baymax in Robotics, and Chewbacca, Rey, C-3P0, R2-D2, BB-8, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Captain Phasma, Boba Fett, the Mandalorian, and Grogu (who is an animatronic like BB-8) in Force.​
Baymax’s exercise tutorial plays in the Robotics Pavilion, giving a guided workout to participants.
Trials of the Jedi Temple is a stage show in the Force Pavilion where younglings train with a Jedi master, using the force, lightsaber fighting, and even confronting Sith lords.
And so concludes Future City South. We will soon head to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which is an extension of the Force Pavilion in a way.​


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It is now time to go to a Galaxy Far, Far Away......



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away……..

It is a time of conflict in the galaxy. Having taken over the First Order as Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren seeks to destroy the remaining Resistance forces, which are secretly growing in corners of the galaxy.

One such corner of the galaxy is the remote petrified spire planet of Batuu. This is home to a spaceport known as Black Spire Outpost. Once a port in the lightspeed age that has been lost with the invention of hyperspace travel, the village is now a den for scoundrels and thieves who want to stay out of the galaxy’s conflicts. With this scoundrelous reputation, the Resistance saw this as a good place to rebuild in silence.

However, rumors spread fast, and in not too long of time, word got to the First Order that there were rebel forces hiding out there. Ren sent some of his forces to Batuu to seek out the Resistance and put an end to it, but little do they know that something bigger lies on the planet. An ancient Jedi temple is rumored to be there, lost in time following the fall of the Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars. It is said that the temple houses a great weapon that could do much damage if it falls into the wrong hands…..

29 - Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Must be 40 in
Embark on a thrilling mission for the Resistance that has to be seen to be believed! This immersive attraction would combine several ride systems, including trackless, motion simulator, and others to create an unforgettable experience.​
A few months have passed since the Battle of Crait. After almost being completely destroyed, the Resistance is rebuilding itself on small corners of the galaxy. One such place is Batuu, where they are under protection by the scoundrels and smugglers who lurk there. In the meantime, Leia is on the faraway planet of Pacara, organizing the Resistance as it rebuilds itself.

However, word has gotten to the First Order that there is a Resistance base located on Batuu. Wanting to destroy the Resistance once and for all, Kylo Ren has ordered a star fleet to the planet, hoping to find the remains of the Resistance and snuff them out.

Guests are new recruits for the Resistance, and they have been assigned on a new mission. However, the threat of the First Order might put this mission in jeopardy.​
Located in the eastern part of the area is a small Resistance base next to some ruined starships. Guests go around through the base, passing X-Wings and turrets all around. Going through the base, guests see computers, maps, and other things set up by the Resistance.​
After going past lots of equipment, guests will go inside a small room where BB-8 is as well as a hologram. BB-8 plays a message from Rey, who gives guests their mission. General Leia is awaiting them on the planet of Pacara, and the guests will take a shuttle to meet her there. A Mon Calamari (the species that Ackbar is) named Lieutenant Bek, Nein Numb, and Poe Dameron will be leading the transport. They appear on small video screens to greet the guests, and then everyone bids adieu to the guests as the doors open.

Guests pass by Poe’s X-Wing and approach the shuttle. Once they are on, they hold on as the shuttle takes off. Numb and Bek pilot the ship while Poe, alongside a squadron of X-Wings, guard the ship. Bek speaks to the guests, but it is cut off when the squadron is attacked by a star destroyer. On a screen appears a First Order officer, who reveals that they have caught them in a tractor beam and are pulling them forward. When Bek asks who is leading this, General Hux comes in and announces that they will be taking the people onboard the ship and interrogating them.

The shuttle doors open and reveal that the guests are in the hangar bay of a Star Destroyer, where TIE Fighters, Stormtroopers, and Officers stand around. They lead the guests down hallways and into one of several interrogation cells. In there, Hux and Kylo Ren are seen overhead, discussing the interrogation of the guests. They temporarily leave the room, and while they do, the wall catches aflame and opens up. Resistance members led by Finn (who is disguised as a stormtrooper) bring the guests into a room where they board one of two eight-person First Order Fleet Transports with an R5 droid commandeering it.​
Finn gives a video instruction on how to exit the Star Destroyer, giving a map to the escape pods. After this, the transports leave the loading station and go down a hallway, where two empty transports come into the room. Bek gives them directions through the radio of the transport. After almost being spotted by a probe droid, the transports move back and proceed down a hallway, where two stormtroopers spot them. The transports are about to board lifts, but the stormtroopers attack, forcing them to take a detour through a large room with AT-AT Walkers. The stormtroopers enter the room and close the exit to it, but Finn shows up and blasts at them. The transports enter one of two lifts and go up, even though Finn was trying to make it go down. After leaving the lifts, they are spotted by an AT-AT pilot and almost blasted, but they escape just in time.

In the next room, the transports enter the bridge, where Hux and Ren are, discussing the current situation. Suddenly, a fleet of Resistance ships show up and attack the Star Destroyer. Ren looks down and notices the transports. They go to escape, but Ren jumps down and ignites his lightsaber as he approaches the transports. The transports then retreat into two lifts, getting inside before Ren can get to them. As the lift descends, Ren’s lightsaber cuts through the ceiling. Luckily, they get out before he can finish. After navigating past three firing cannons, they encounter Ren again. To prevent them from escaping, Ren uses the force to keep them in place and demands that they tell him where the Resistance Base is, but before guests can answer, a TIE Fighter crashes into the bridge, making Ren fall down as well as debris fall over him. If this sequence doesn’t work, an alternate sequence comes where Ren comes after them in a TIE Fighter but is shot down by an X-Wing.

The transports then proceed to enter the escape pods, where the motion simulator part of the ride takes place. Following the release of two other escape pods, the escape pod suddenly drops and carefully glides back to Batuu. It crashes through the destroyed starship from earlier. Once this has happened, transports exit through the wreckage and pass by Bek’s escape pod, which has crashed in the same place. He thanks them for their help and admits that even though they didn’t get to their mission, they still helped them out a ton. After stopping at an unloading station, guests go outside and into the planet’s area once more.

Come tomorrow as we see what else is on Batuu, such as Smuggler's Run (which I have conflict over since Mission: SPACE is also in the park and it's similar), and a new experience exclusive to the park, Star Wars: Hidden Secrets.​


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Let's see what other experiences await in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.....​

30 - Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

Must be 38 in

I’ve had some debate on whether or not to include this as it exists within the same park as Mission: SPACE. However, I feel like this is different enough to include, being less intense, more likely to have guests fail, and more random every time.

With the Resistance running low on resources, they’ve turned to desperate measures to gain them. The group on Batuu have found help in a rogue transport man named Hondo Ohnaka, who runs Ohnaka Transport Solutions. Although negotiations for help with him were smooth, Hondo seemed interested in having the Millenium Falcon at his use. This idea intrigued him and he refused to help them unless they allowed him to use the Falcon. Despite some debate over whether or not this was a good idea, Chewbacca, the owner of the ship, gave him full permission to use it as long as their new recruits got to fly it and not Ohnaka.

In return, Ohnaka has been able to locate some resources on the Falcon’s home planet of Corelia (seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story.) The only downside is that it’s under occupation by the First Order, who are harvesting the resource of coaxium for themselves. With this in mind, he decided to have Chewbacca go with them so they could have a stronger chance of acquiring their resources, since Chewbacca has had some experience with dealing with the First Order.​

Guests walk in through the entrance to the Ohnoka Transport Solutions station and go around a life-size Millennium Falcon. After going through several other rooms, they come into the engine room, where Hondo Ohnaka and his droid explain what the guests are doing there. The Falcon comes into the hangar bay and he has a brief conversation with Chewbacca before letting guests onto the ship.

Guests walk on a ramp to the ship, where they hang out in the control room of the Falcon while a cast member gives them the jobs. There are three jobs: pilots to fly the ship, gunners to shoot, and engineers to repair the damaged ship. Once one of five cockpits are brought in (using the same style as the Carousel of Progress), groups of six will go into the cockpit and sit down. Pilots are up front, the one moving the ship left and right being seated on the left while the one moving the ship up and down is seated on the right, gunners are behind them, and engineers are behind them.​

Taking off from Batuu, the ship flies over Black Spire Outpost before the pilots send it into Hyperspace to Corelia. Once on that planet, they chase a train as well as some TIE FIghters and try to contain coaxium from the train. After four minutes, the ship will blow up the train no matter how much coaxium they got and go back to Batuu.

The ride’s outcomes depend on the performance of its crew members. Riders who finish the job quicker are forced to get more cargo or go through an asteroid field. How much coaxium is collected also determines how Ohnaka sends them off. The better they do, the more he says. If the ship is severely damaged during the flight, the exit hall of the ride will have broken lighting and all. If the ship is too banged up then some may face trouble when going to the local cantina.​

31 - Star Wars: Hidden Secrets

Must be 40 in
During the ancient times, Jedi masters built a temple there. Throughout the centuries, they were tasked with guarding the Jedi Order’s greatest weapons. The most powerful of these weapons was the Whitesaber, a lightsaber built with a white blade that was said to be the strongest lightsaber ever created. For centuries, this weapon was well-guarded, but then with the Rise of the Galactic Empire, the Jedi were purged and the temple had to be abandoned to protect it.

Now it has been fifty years since the purge and the temple has been located again. A young Jedi named Rey has been looking for it, using the notes of her late master Luke Skywalker to find it. With the saber, she believes that she could turn the tides of the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order.

However, Kylo Ren has discovered this as well. Having gone down to Batuu himself to hunt Rey and finally destroy the Jedi, Ren had discovered Luke’s notes, which she accidentally left behind in a cantina. Following these notes, Ren hopes to find the temple and the Whitesaber before Rey does, believing that its power will make him invincible.

Like the other two experiences in the land, guests are placed in the role as Resistance recruits who are aiding Rey in finding the temple.​

Located west of Black Spire Outpost is a dense forest where the temple is hidden. However, rather than walking up to the temple, guests go to some surrounding ruins. There, they will see Jedi statues and artifacts that have crumbled over the centuries. Eventually, they will enter the ruins and see ancient mosaics, old writings on the wall, as well as holocrons sitting on a shelf.

Eventually, guests will go down a ramp, and as they do, they see more. Jedi starfighters are seen in a hangar bay, which they walk through as they go into a small room located at the end of the hangar.​

Guests enter one of two rooms. There, they meet R2-D2, who is sitting against a decaying statue of a jedi master. Once everyone is in, R2 plays a video message from Rey, where she explains what they are doing there. She also tells the legend of the Whitesaber and how it could help them in the conflict against the First Order. After the holographic message ends, a Resistance member opens the door and allows guests to come forward.

Once guests come out, they are loaded onto speeders (which are rusty and gray to look like they were salvaged ship parts). The speeders are all commandeered by an R2 Astromech Droid. These use a similar ride system to Test Track, but are modified to look like they’re floating, slowly moving up and down to create this illusion. Guests get on and then sit down, getting ready for this adventure.​

When the speeders first take off, Rey’s voice comes from the speakers, giving them directions into the temple. The speeders follow a trail, but on the way, some Stormtroopers are spotted, making the speeders speed up a little. As the speeders speed, they see Kylo Ren’s advanced TIE Fighter. Rey warns the speeders to be careful, not knowing what they will expect, and then they go near the temple. The door opens and closes as they enter.

The first room that is entered is an old observatory with a holographic map of the galaxy on the ceiling. Also up there are some red-shining planets, which mean that the planet no longer exists (Alderaan, Hosnian Prime). Guests then pass through a hallway full of mirrors, some eerie whispers coming down the hallway as they go. At the end of the hallway is a broken droid, which wakes up as guests approach and turns around, restoring electricity to the temple.

The guests meet with Rey in the next room, but before she can say anything, some guns come down and start firing. Rey instructs them to hurry down the hall, lasers and lights giving the illusion that blasters are firing at the speeders. Speeders quickly turn left at the end of the hallway, right before a pool of eels. They careen through the side, but illusions make it look like the wall is shrinking with them. Also, the bridge is out in front of them. With no other way out, the droids blast a hole in the wall and the speeder goes in.

After going through the darkness, Rey appears again under a spotlight. However, a red lightsaber cuts through the wall behind her and the wall falls down. Kylo Ren steps forth, holding his lightsaber and demanding to know where the Whitesaber is in the temple. Unlike Ren’s appearance in Rise of the Resistance, he does not wear his helmet. Rey, who has no lightsaber at this point, jumps up to a balcony above, Ren pursuing her. Rey commands the Speeders to proceed through the next tunnel, which they do.

As they go through the tunnel, the lights flicker up and down. A bunch of force fields guard a door, which deactivates and opens. Rey tells them that she lowered the shields and that they should go in while she’s keeping Ren busy. Inside the room, guests are surrounded by shelves with force fields containing lost relics. At the end of the hallway, however, is a lightsaber stuck in a rock. It is surrounded by numerous force fields, and although Rey advises against it, the droids shoot at the control panel. Instead of lowering the fields, however, it causes the temple to shake. The floor falls down and they descend into a dungeon containing broken battle droids. Some of them spring to life and start firing at the speeders, but they luckily escape. The speeders go out into a hallway, where a mirror shows a bunch of water coming down. Speeders make a quick exit to the right and into the next scene.

Rey gets out from under debris in a cavern-like room. Also down there is Kylo Ren, who is holding the Whitesaber. He explains how he got it (through cutting my way through) and attacks. Rey, however, is able to push him back with the force. Rey tells the speeders to get out of there, which they respond to by going through a hallway. The speeders go speeding through, making it look faster than it is really going via screens. At the end of the hallway is daylight. The Speeders come out through an aqueduct and go into the forest, stormtroopers firing at them from all places. However, the Stormtroopers are forced into retreat when Resistance forces show up.

Speeders proceed to head back through the ruins. Rey is seen again as well as a Resistance captain. He asks if she found the Whitesaber, which she answers with “yes.” She then pulls out the shattered artifact, which was snapped in two as the temple collapsed. She does admit that it was better off broken than in the wrong hands. She sees the guests and thanks them for help as the speeders return to the ruins. There, the guests disembark and head back to Black Spire Outpost.

Join us tomorrow as we see the dining, shopping, and entertainment in Galaxy's Edge.​


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Let's see the dining, shopping, and entertainment in Black Spire Outpost.​


X - Kat Saka’s Kettle

Located in the bazaar of Black Spire Outpost, this stall sells delicious treats from across the galaxy. Here, guests can get amazing snacks, including the Galactic Mix.​

Y - Ronto Roasters

At the edge of the bazaar is a droid-roasted meat stand. Here, guests can try some exotic meats, including Ronto and chicken wraps, and even vegetarians can take the Rotno-less garden wrap. This is a nice place to sit down and have a cooked meal.​

Z - Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Near Ohnaka Transport Solutions is a docking bay where a chef named Strono “Cookie” Tuggs is selling food. Here, guests can sit down and eat some galactic grub and eat inside the working hangar bay. They can also eat outside, where they can eat in the ancient marketplace.​

AA - Oga’s Cantina

Come into this rustic cantina where smugglers and scoundrels alike mix and mingle. This is where guests can help themselves to exotic foods as well as unusual drinks (without alcohol, that is.) In the cantina, they may also spot RX-24, the droid pilot from the original Star Tours attraction, as the DJ. (Reservation required)​
Hyperspace Plate: Ribs, Green Beans, Mac & Cheese, Turkey, Chicken Nuggets, Biscuits, Ice Cream…………………………………………………………………………………………10.00
Garden Mix: Salad, Green Beans, Fruit, Organic Cake………………………………………10.00
Smuggler’s Savory: Steak, Mac & Cheese, Fish, Cheeses, Potatoes, Ham, Chocolate Cake..10.00
Oga’s Choice: Mashed Potatoes, Turkey, Apple Slices, Chicken Tenders, Turkey, Corn, Chocolate Pudding……………………………………………………………………………10.00


AB - Resistance Supply

Located near the Resistance Base is a small gift shop selling Resistance souvenirs, as well as souvenirs of the Light Side (Jedi, Republic, Rebellion, Resistance). This includes helmets, small lightsabers, and other things to show allegiance to the bold Resistance.​

AC - Toydarian Toymaker

For those seeking for Toys across the galaxy, look no further. It can be found in this small shop in the bazaar, ranging from action figures to legos and even more.​

AD - Creature Stall

For those wanting to find a creature, come and find it here. This is where creatures from across the galaxy are being sold as pets, including porgs, monkey-lizards, small wampas, small banthas, and even some miniature rathtars.​

AE - Black Spire Outfitters

Within the bazaar is a grand collection of outfits for those travelers wanting to see the galaxy’s best selections. Here, they can take some clothing and fit right in with the locals, as well as purchase some costumes.​

AF - Jewels of Bith

If anyone is seeking the best jewelry in the galaxy, they will find it in this shop. Located just outside of Ronto Roasters in the bazaar, this offers necklaces, bracelets and other great jewelry from all over.​

AG - Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

Within the center of the outpost is an antique shop selling things from all over the galaxy. This includes already-built lightsaber models, holocrons, and other ancient treasures from the Star Wars galaxy.​

AH - Savi’s Workshop – Hand-built Lightsabers

Within an old workshop, guests can put together their own lightsabers. This includes jedi (blue, purple, green, and yellow) and sith (red) lightsabers. This involves choosing tips, blades, and kyber crystals, and it is sure to be a unique experience. (Reservation required.)​

AI - Droid Depot

Within a separate workshop, there is a place where droids are constructed. This features two models of astromech droids: BB and R units. Guests can come in and construct the droids themselves, picking out their heads, bodies and three chips (scoundrel, Resistance, or First Order.) Once they have built the droid, they can bring it to life and control it with a remote control.​

AJ - First Order Cargo

Nearby Kylo Ren’s shuttle is a base where followers of the First Order, as well as others saluting the Dark Side (Sith, Separatists, Empire, First Order) can stock up on their supplies.​


Musicians and merchants walk around to create a further sense of immersion while Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers, Rey, and Resistance soldiers walk around too.

Join us tomorrow as we go across the waters to Wild Island.​


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Let's get in touch with nature on Wild Island.



Imagine a world where nature comes together, where people unite to protect the natural world, and where the beauty and magic of the living world comes to life. This is Wild Island, a land across the rivers where nature lives. (This is not really an island, but the large river dividing the area from the rest of the park makes it look like an island.)

Crossing a bridge between the Sea and Space pavilion or a bridge from Galaxy’s Edge, guests will find themselves on the island. This area is pretty big for many reasons, the largest of which is to accommodate all of the animals. This also is to further immerse guests in the culture of the countries visited.

There are two regions visited on this island: a West African village called Harambe and a South Asian village called Kabakur. There is also a conservative area connecting the two areas, which features animals from all over the world.

Many experiences await in this area. This includes animal shows, acrobat shows, a safari, a thrilling roller coaster, and most importantly, chances to see live animals up close. This is basically a smaller version of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but with this, there is lots of diversity, and hopefully, things to inspire guests to protect the living world.

The reason why this isn’t a real island is so that the animal exhibits can be easily hidden and nobody has to worry about keeping it within the boundaries of a river. There is a hospital and a backstage area to care for the animals as well as the animals of the Sea Pavilion. This area would close earlier than the rest of the park so that the animals can be treated after a long day.​


32 - Kilimanjaro Safaris

Any Height
Gather your safari group and come to the Harambe Wildlife preserve, where an exciting trip through the world of animals awaits. This is the largest attraction at the Disneytopia resort (even though it is not as big as the original Animal Kingdom attraction).​

Guests walk through a traditional African village, looking at tapestries of animals on their way. As they do, they also see some names to the animals in both Swahili and English (surprisingly, the names of some Lion King characters are Swahili for what animal they are.) Soon, guests will go into a more modern building and look at billboards explaining the conservative efforts of Disney to breed these animals here to educate guests of them, some which will stay and others which will return to the wild.

Afterwards, guests will board their safari vehicle. They are captained by a safari guide, who gives them educational facts and answers guest questions throughout the ride. Up above the guests are charts showing the animals, which they can read and spot the animals for themselves.
The vehicle goes along a dirt and water trail throughout a large African savanna. During the ride, guests may see different animals (they move, by the way), but they will always see some animals. The areas are crafted with much deception, making it look like a big, open field when in reality, boundaries are made to keep the predators away from their prey. At the back of the savanna is a hospital station for sick or injured animals to recover. This signals the turn-around point for the safari where the jeep starts going back to the station. Once back at the station, the driver will bid them farewell as the guests return to the village.

(Sorry if I didn’t go into too much detail for this one. It’s a little tricky since animals move so I can’t tell you what to expect and where.)​

33 - Pride Lands Discovery Trails

Any Height​
Named after the lands seen in The Lion King, this is an area where guests can see the Circle of Life by seeing some of its inhabitants. This includes gorillas, rhinos, and monkeys. As they go through, they can read signs telling about the animals.

Tomorrow, we shall see what else is on Wild Island.​


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Allow us to see what other things can be found on Wild Island.​

34 - Rami Jungle Trek

Any Height​
In the ruins of a Mughal temple is a place where animals have come in. Here, guests can come in and see tigers, bats, birds, gibbons, and water buffaloes on a jungle trek. They may also feel immersed in the Indian temple environment.​

35 - Journey to the Secret Caves

Must be 44 in

For generations, there have been legends about a mythical cave located somewhere in the jungles of India. It is believed that the spirits of nature reside in this cave, and whoever opens the door to the spirit realm can see it. However, it is believed that the way to it is dangerous and that the residence of it is cursed. Bad things have happened to those who have gone looking for it, whether it be an injury or death or complete disappearance.

The closest person ever to finding it was a British officer named Edmond Smith. In 1885, he led an expedition into the Indian jungle, following clues and searching for it. It is believed that he found an ancient mine train system that went into a mountain. Despite some warnings that the mountain may have been cursed, he went in there, but he never came out. Whatever happened to Smith and his expedition party have been wondered about to this very day.

Now, new explorers are looking for the cave, led by two brave explorers, Dr. Dabeet Mjave, the Indian zoologist, and Professor Jane Samson, the American historian. Together, the duo of explorers and their expedition team hope to find the secret cave, following the path of Edmond Smith to get there. However, it could be possible that some legends are true, as the curse may prevent anyone from getting into the caves.​

Guests walk into an old railway station with several things that build the backstory. Inside the station are photographs of Edmond Smith and his ill-fated expedition as well as more recent photos of Dr. Mjave and Professor Samson. Society of Explorers and Adventurers references can also be found around the station as well.

After passing through the station, guests travel through a Hindu temple as well as a natural study center, further explaining the backstory through Hindu myth and the power of nature, and this is confirmed in a small museum that guests can read more on the legend of the secret caves. Guests then come into a room where an old television explains the full backstory with Mjave and Samson telling guests what they are about to do. They explain that they will contact them throughout speakers and cameras placed on their trains, making them able to see what is going on and communicate with them.

After this briefing, guests go to the load station. There, they board a weather-beaten train (fashioned after the old railroad trains of British India.) Guests get on the train, tuck their belongings in a pouch, and pull down their lap bars.​

Dr. Mjave: “Are we ready?”

Professor Samson: “I think so. Let’s begin.”

With these words, the train begins to move. It goes down a small hill, and then goes through the jungle. Similar to the beginning of Expedition Everest, the train goes up and down a lot of hills before approaching a new location.

Dr. Mjave: “Professor, look at that!”

With this, a big mountain comes into view, one with jungle growing on the top of it. Carved into it is a giant elephant statue dating back to ancient times.

Professor Samson: “Wow, that’s incredible.”

Dr. Mjave: “I know. It’s a beautiful sight.”

The train moves slow as it approaches this wonder. They move close to a lake and go past it. Then, it moves through the jungle and stumbles upon a deserted camp, overgrown with weeds and decaying in age.

Professor Samson: “What is this?”

Dr. Mjave: “This must be Edmond Smith’s old camp. Sure, it hasn’t aged well, but aside from that, it’s just like he left it.”

Professor Samson: “Look! There’s a cavern right there.”

The train starts to move towards a cavern carved into the flesh of the mountain. As it goes in, it begins to ascend a lift.

Dr. Mjave: “It looks like he was digging a mine into the mountain, trying to get to the cave that way.”

Professor Samson: “Well, his journal does claim that the caves were in an elephant-marked place, so perhaps this is it.”

At the top of the lift, the train begins to descend down a curvy mine. It keeps on going until it reaches the end of the mine, where there is nothing but a big wall of stone. Nearby is a lever, which is believed to be for the railroad.

Professor Samson: “What’s this? The track ends here?”

Dr. Mjave: “This must be where Smith was stopped in his track.”

Just then, there is some dark purple light going around on the cavern walls as well as an unearthly hissing noise.

Dr. Mjave: “What is that?”

Professor Samson: “Could it possibly be? No, it can’t.”

Dr. Mjave: “The curse is real!”

Without warning, the lever suddenly switches itself and the train begins to go backwards, but instead of going down the path it originally went down, it goes down an alternate route that makes a big drop and goes into a waterfall area. Down there, the dark purple light is around the whole cave, and the hissing grows louder.

Professor Samson: “What is this place?”

Dr. Mjave: “I don’t know, but it can’t be good.”

Just then, an unearthly voice comes from overhead:

Voice: “You will never see daylight again, trespassers.”

Suddenly, the train goes forward again, but instead of going back through the waterfall, it goes down a nearby path that takes them deeper into the cave. As they do, the train goes up and down constantly before turning into a lit cavern where the voices echo. It then makes a sudden turn into a second cave, which is lined with diamonds and jewels.

Dr. Mjave: “Wow, this is beautiful.”

Professor Samson: “Really does better for a deadly cave, doesn’t it.”

Voice: “Oh, I’m not done with you yet!”

Just then, the train starts to head towards a pit of lava. As if it is being possessed by a supernatural being, the train doesn’t stop but slowly moves towards the lava.

Professor Samson: “We have to do something or else these guys are toast!”

Dr. Mjave: “I know what to do!”

Professor Samson: “Yeah? What is it?”

Dr. Mjave: “Release the bombs!”

Just then, the train stops as some bombs are supposedly dropped off. With some ticking as a warning, the bombs explode and the train drops into a dark cave. Once it has fallen, the train moves quicker through the darkness. Suddenly, there is light.

Dr. Mjave: “What is that?”

As the light grows, guests can see the spirits of animals dancing around on the cavern walls. As they do, the walls are covered in vines and leaves as ancient Indian music fills the cave.

Professor Samson: “Have we made it?”

Dr. Mjave: “I don’t know. Is the curse playing tricks on us?”

Second voice: “Not many people have made it past the curse, but you guys have, and for that, you see the caves. Now, watch as nature comes to life all around you.”

The remainder of the scene contains animals running on the walls, trees growing, and water rushing. After that, it will go towards the gate.

Dr. Mjave: “Is that what I think it is? The gate?”

Second voice: “Yes, travelers. This is the gate. You may now look behind it and see nature at its best.”

The gate then opens up and guests see a bunch of animals of India and all over the world running around. With it, the trees and plants light up and move in rhythm with each other.

Professor Samson: “Wow, now this is something.”

Dr. Mjave: “This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.”

Second voice: “It is. Nature is a beauty as long as it is protected. Now, the spirits shall forgive your trespassing if you do one thing.”

Dr. Mjave: “And what is that?”

Second voice: “Protect this world and its life as much as you can. Nature is the beauty of the earth, yet people are disrespecting and neglecting it these days.”

Both Mjave and Samson: “We will, and I’m sure these travelers will too.”

Second voice: “Thank you. Now, you shall be returned safely to your station, and enjoy your lives, and remember your oath.”

Dr. Mjave: “I’m sure they will.”

With this, the train goes back into daylight and through the jungle. Within a few seconds, it returns to the station, where guests gather their belongings and disembark.​

Guests will go by a baggage room and see the pictures taken of them during the ride, which were taken as they were going backwards. Guests also exit through a trading post, where they can buy merchandise themed to the attraction and more.​

36 - Wild Island Wildlife Trails

Any Height
Between the African and Asian areas are a series of trails going around to view animals from all over, including Australia, the Americas, and Europe. Here, otters, alligators, possums, and more can be found. Guests can even see the conservation area, where they can learn about habitats, protection of the natural world, and how to be healthier for the environment.

Join us tomorrow as we see the dining, shopping, and entertainment on Wild Island.​


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Let's see what else is on Wild Island, but first, let's look at some concept art for this area and Galaxy's Edge.

This is for Galaxy's Edge. In the center is the Millenium Falcon against a rocky landscape. On the left is the Resistance Base while on the right is Kylo Ren's shuttle. If you look closely, you can see a Star Destroyer flying overhead and droid tracks in the ground.​
In the center, you have Journey to the Secret Cave. On the right is a savanna area with giraffes while on the left is an Indian village with a tiger.

Now with that taken care of, let's look at dining, shopping, and entertainment on Wild Island.

AK - Pizzafari

At the edge of the safari village is a nice place where families can eat some pizza and pasta in an exotic setting. With images of animals and African paintings on the wall, guests will feel immersed in an African setting where they can walk on the wild side.​

AL - Zuri’s Traditional African

In the village of Harambe is a tavern where guests can snack on uniquely African cuisine. With tribal music and artifacts from pre-colonial times, this will make guests feel as if they are in the old African world. (Reservation Required.)​
Assorted breads………………………………………………………………………………...2.30
African Salads………………………………………………………………………………….2.30
Spit-roasted Herb Chicken…………………………………………………………………..…4.50
Moroccan-spiced Beef…………………………………………………………………………5.00
Cape Malay Green Curry Shrimp……………………………………………………………...4.45
Berber-marinated Pork…………………………………………………………………………4.55
Jasmine Rice…………………………………………………………………………………...3.00
Roasted Potatoes……………………………………………………………………………….3.00
Green Beans with Carrots and Peas……………………………………………………………3.00
Handmade Mac and Cheese……………………………………………………………………3.00
Durban Curry…………………………………………………………………………………..3.00
Animal-inspired Mini Desserts………………………………………………………………...8.00
Chocolate Mousse…………………………………………………………………………..….7.45

AM - Safari Snacks

Located as the African area transitions into the trails area, this snack stand serves small snacks to hungry travelers. There, they can find pretzels, ice cream, and even healthy things like fruit, vegetables, and bread.​

AN - Kabakur Food Court

In the Asian village is a deluxe restaurant where guests can come in and feast on an all-Asian cuisine. This includes Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Tibetan, and even some Indonesian, as well as some American for the kids. (Reservation required.)​

AO - Kabakur Ice Cream Truck

Near the entrance of the village is an ice cream truck that sells ice cream to weary travelers. Here, guests can take ice cream treats for a hot day, and even find some tables nearby to sit down and eat at.​

AP - Hungry Tiger

Within an abandoned British railway station is a restaurant where guests can eat up on barbeque food, from pork to beef to chicken. There are even occasional exotic meats for those brave enough to try. As they eat, guests can look out the window and see some tigers lurking in the nearby ruins (this overviews Rami Jungle Trek.)​


AQ - Rafiki’s Traders

Within the village is a small gift shop selling things based off of the classic animated film, The Lion King. Here, guests can find a whole collection of souvenirs themed to the film, including apparel, toys, mugs, and more.​

AR - Harambe Souvenirs

Take a stroll down the marketplace of Harambe and catch sight of some interesting souvenirs. This includes Tribal African crafts, Disney stuff, and even a few surprises.​

AS - Lost Cave Confections

After their thrilling journey through the Secret Caves, guests will find this small shop outside the train station. Once a luggage station for the Royal British Navy during the Raj, this is now a trading post for Indian villagers. This features several souvenirs themed to the ride, as well as some other Indian and South Asian souvenirs.​


Festival of the Lion King

With an updated version of the Animal Kingdom show, this amazing acrobat and puppetry event retells the story with several feats, actors, animatronics, and even some audience participation (all they do is make noises. They don’t really participate in the show.) This features several songs from the film, as well as some use of Hans Zimmer’s original score.​

Wings of Flight

This is a free-flying bird show located in Kabukur, where birds fly and guests can see them. Featured in the show are avian biologists to further educate the guests on the birds, and trainers to teach them tricks.

Join us tomorrow to see the entertainment that Neo World has to offer.​


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Now here's the entertainment and seasonal events in the park.

Park-wide Entertainment


Reflections of the Earth
In a twenty minute water show spanning the river between Future City and Wild Island (the bridges are drawbridges to let the boats through), ships will come down with color and light. Adding to this is an unforgettable score as well as a look at the many places in the world. (This show is just water and light, as fireworks would startle the animals on Wild Island.)​
  • Opening
  • Oceania
  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • U.S. and Canada
  • Finale

Seasonal Events


Neo World Flower and Garden Festival (Mid-March to early May)
As spring has sprung, so has a bunch of flowers at Neo World. Future City (both North and South) and Wild Island are transformed into flowery wonderlands filled with hedges shaped like Disney characters (it’s different every year, but the Force pavilion always has Star Wars hedges, Sea pavilion always has Finding Nemo hedges, and the Animation pavilion always has Mickey Mouse hedges.) But there’s more to that.​

  • Special foods are sold in the restaurants.​
  • The Land Pavilion and Wild Island Trails feature flower exhibits and teach how flowers and gardens are important to our everyday world.​
  • Art of flowers and gardens are displayed throughout Future City and Wild Island.​


Season of the Force (Late May through early September)
During the summertime, Star Wars is celebrated in the park, with great experiences in Future City South and Galaxy’s Edge. This features some experiences that are impressive, most impressive.​

  • March of the First Order: Watch as a grand stormtrooper admiral leads its troops from the Force Pavilion to Black Spire Outpost (it wouldn’t be Captain Phasma since she is dead by the time that Galaxy’s Edge is set in, which is shortly after the events of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.)​
  • Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away: In a stage show celebrating the saga, catch some famous characters. This includes the droids, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Rey, and others.​
  • Star Wars Nights: On select nights throughout the summer, guests are allowed to go into Future City and Galaxy’s Edge after dark and take part in a special Star Wars event. This involves special food inspired by the films, many character opportunities, as well as fourteen attractions that are open for the event for people to ride (Soarin, Searider, TRON, Mission: SPACE, Runaway Railway, Big Hero 6, Spaceship Earth, Towers of the Earth, Test Track, Star Tours, Battle for the Galaxy, Smuggler’s Run, Hidden Secrets, and Rise of the Resistance.)​
  • Reflections of the Galaxy: In a reimagined version of Reflections of the Earth, guests can see a show recreating the Skywalker Saga in light and color, with scenes from all nine episodes. Despite some sound effects and music, the show is supposed to be tame so that the Wild Island animals are not disturbed.​


Holidays at Neo World (Mid-November to Early January)
During the Holiday season, Neo World celebrates with several festive traditions. This includes a bunch of festive touches added to the park.​

  • Snowmen are placed all around Future City, taking the forms of Disney characters.​
  • In the Harambe area of Wild Island, Kwanzaa is celebrated.​
  • In the Kabakur area of Wild Island, Diwali is celebrated.​
  • Christmas bands play in the plaza.​
  • Reflections of the Season: During the nighttime, a show plays, which tells a story of holiday traditions and how humanity has connected with them, with appearances by Disney characters as well.​

And that's all of Neo World. I know that it's not as big as Magic World nor has much to do, but it is a park.​


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We now look at the last of the three parks, and by far the biggest and most ambitious one, Adventure World.

Adventure World

For those who seek adventure, this is the place for them. Here, guests can go on many adventures, around the world, through space and time, to other planets, through their favorite movies and TV shows, and even through their own imagination. Tonally inspired by Tokyo Disneysea, this park celebrates the spirit of adventure through nine different areas – Adventure Outpost, Asian Gulf, California Coast, Discoveryland, European Harbor, Mermaid Kingdom, Pandora: The World of Avatar, Pixar Pier, and World Bay. This park also contains a big back- story that ties it all together, a story that begins at the turn of the twentieth century and continues into the future!​

Size: Approx 320 Acres
This is just twenty acres larger than Epcot. The design of the park is inspired by the World Showcase with all the areas circling a lagoon in the center.

Park Map

I would like to have this park digitally remade using the details in this document.

Welcome to a land of adventure made up of several realities. Here, we shall explore the nine lands within the park, lands of ambition and imagination.

It all begins in World Bay, which recreates the city of London, England in the Edwardian Era. The ‘world’ in the name comes from the power that Great Britain held in the world at the time as well as the presence of a World’s Fair in the area.

Going counterclockwise around the park, we first come to the California Coast, where the surf and sun of Malibu and the calm village life of San Francisco meet the glamor and glitz of Hollywood. North of that is European Harbor, a wondrous tour of the most impressive cities in Europe. Located in the cracks of that area are Discoveryland, a world of the future with ideas taken from visionaries throughout time, and Mermaid Kingdom, a voyage to the land of mermaids.

Further around the lagoon is Pixar Pier, a quaint Victorian boardwalk where the movies and shorts of Pixar Animation Studios come alive. Within the corner is the mysterious land of Adventure Outpost, where supernatural forces lurk inside Ancient Egyptian ruins. We then travel to a world beyond belief on Pandora: The World of Avatar. Finally, we explore the lands of China and Kumandra in the exotic Asian Gulf, home to the towering Kunlun.
Park Backstory:

A long time ago, there was a man named Phileas Fogg. He was a dreamer, an inventor, and most importantly, an adventurer. During his early career, he accomplished many feats, the most important of them being able to travel around the world in only 80 days back in 1872. Throughout his travels, Fogg met an author named Jules Verne, who would tell his story in book form. However, Fogg’s greatest ambition was to find the legendary treasure of Yen Su, a great Chinese conqueror who gained treasures from all over the world in his lifetime and placed it somewhere amidst the lost mountains, supposedly Kunlun.

However, in 1910, while sailing throughout the world on his voyages, Fogg discovered something unusual. Amidst the seas were a magical current that connected parts of the world as well as places from throughout time and space. One such area he discovered was the realm of Discoveryland, where all of the ideas of Jules Verne and other authors like him had been realized and made into a reality. Inspired to share this discovery with the world, he put together a team of explorers upon his return to London. He dubbed the group “The Grand Adventure Society.” As well as exploring the world, they would also explore the mysterious current that took them to other worlds and times. He even started a part of the club for younger explorers called the Wilderness Explorers.

Fogg passed away in 1921, just three years after the Great War. It is unclear if he ever found the treasure, but most sources say that he failed. At least by the time he died, they had discovered a lost realm known as Kumandra, a realm divided by pride and mistrust, as well as a place for mermaids within the seas. Fogg was succeeded by his apprentice, Alfred Nobleman, who would take part in investigations of mysterious activity in Egypt while leading a life as a film director. Following his sudden disappearance in 1939, he was succeeded by Alberta Johnson, the first female leader of the group. Her discoveries included a boardwalk world where the characters of Pixar animation studios, then a group founded by Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, were making an amusement park of their own, naming it Pixar Pier. Following her death in 1997, she was succeeded by Jeff Cotton, who discovered mysteries in Europe as well as Asia, and as of now, he is the current head of the society. His biggest achievement was the discovery of time travel, going to a future where a moon called Pandora was ransacked of its resources by a group called the RDA, but they were stopped by the natives of the planet. Cotton had interfered with the events thereof and created the Alpha Centauri Expeditions to get people to Pandora as well as help them revive the damaged planet.

However, Cotton’s most ambitious project is yet unfolding. He has been working with scientists from Discoveryland and has proposed an idea to link all these places throughout time and space in a single place called “Adventure World.” With the help of an imaginative mouse named Mickey, they were able to do this. Together, they were able to link Edwardian London, 1970s California locations (including San Francisco, Malibu, and Hollywood), Discoveryland, the Mermaid location, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Venice, Pixar Pier, 1930s Egypt, Pandora, Kumandra, and China all together around the currents of time, thus creating Adventure World. By doing this, Cotton was able to meet his predecessors as well as send a new generation of explorers through all of the places that they’ve seen. While Mickey harnesses the power of imagination to keep the world together, the Society is once again at work, looking for the lost treasure of Yen Su. Luckily, they've been close to discovering the lost treasure, somewhere in the mountains of Kunlun.

Guests take on the role of the new generation of explorers, going around these worlds connected through the currents of time and living their own adventures. Plus, together, maybe they will be able to see the power of imagination and find the lost treasure.

Tomorrow, we shall take a look at World Bay, the entrance to the park where all adventures begin.​

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